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Deviant Art turned totally corrupt, just like many other platforms, changed their TOS, and banned snuff and other kinds of 'violence against women', gore, and so on. Fuckers.
Believe me, I've seen this shit nearly everywhere, it's a side effect of Woke Culture, keeps getting into pop culture, companies, new media, then forces them to bend to it's will, slowly, but it works. Now we're having people just be censored and silenced just for having a different opinion or for criticizing this insanity. But that's because they've been given too much ground. Give an inch and they try to take a couple miles. There was a time when I didn't give a shit abut politics, now I have to. Glad I can sometimes escape it by coming here or by getting myself lost in a Videogame or fictional world. World's slowly falling into Woke madness, and I don't know if we'll ever escape. Luckily Japan hasn't embraced it, that's why Pixiv is kind of a good alternative to Deviantart, and Anime's a good alternative to Western media. Kind of funny that DEVIANT (something questionable and often inappropriate) Art has bent the knee like many others. Anyway, have a good day my friend.