Wonder Woman: The order of Kronos episode 4


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The sands around them disappeared as Wonder Woman and Steve found themselves slowly surrounded by darkness. A new world around them stuttered and formed like the thrashing glow of a broken light.

They saw a vast expanse of nothingness, a void of black as far as the eye could see. Stars and planets circled around them as they slowly found ground materializing beneath them. White pale, marble rose up from the darkness in a circular pattern and joined together to form a floor.

Six pillars rose from beneath, as tall as the Amazon herself. Between them electricity sparked, then fire before finally three lines of rope appeared and entangled itself around the pillars. They found themselves standing in an ancient ring, surrounded by the universe and facing down the four handed demon in front of them.

"Quite the view huh?" Quipped Wonder Woman.

Steve on the other hand was staring at her glorious nude body. Immaculately muscled and glistening from sweat. Little beads of sweat broke free from her face and made their way down to her bare breasts before rolling onto her chiseled torso and bathing in the golden glow of her belt.

Her Tiara glowed bright golden and the little cuts on her cheeks had begun healing. Her red chest slowly turned its natural wheatish color, the cuts and bruises on her body now closed and fully healed. Steve saw before him the perfect nude goddess, her star-shaped earrings shining like little trinkets.

Her golden lasso shimmered with bright light and the crevices of her muscles contracted and flexed, holding their shape once more. The silver bracelets on her forearms sparkled dull grey.

"Yeah...what a view!" Steve said staring wide-eyed at her.

Wonder Woman laughed and blew a kiss towards Steve's starstruck gaze.

"Charming!" Kronos spoke in a deep menacing voice. The two arms from around his waist cracked their knuckles, while the two from his upper back lumbered up his neck. "What do you say you send this lover-boy here back to where he came from, so that you and I can get down to business?" His beastly face cracked a sinister smile as his eyes glowed blood red.

"Listen here pal..." Steve began before he looked at the sight of the 11 foot tall monster before him and slowly backed away.

Wonder Woman smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "He stays!" She said in a stern voice.

Kronos laughed at her meek attempts of intimidation. "Very well!" He bellowed. He conjured up a holding cell that formed over the arena. Black void from the universe bent and reshaped into large Iron bars as Steve found his body levitating and in the center as the Iron bars swirled around him.

They shaped themselves into an Iron cage with Steve locked inside.

"I always did say you were a catch!" Wonder Woman quipped as Steve let out a hearty laugh.

The humor was lost on Kronos who looked impatient to start the fight and let out a bored growl.

Wonder Woman and Kronos walked to the center of the ring and circled each other waiting for the other to strike. When it became clear that no one would take initiative, they both rushed at each other. Wonder Woman met two of his hands with hers, interlocking her fingers with his as they tried to press the advantage. The two free arms of Kronos threw his large size fists at her face, which she ducked and avoided.

The four pronged demon was taking a toll on her as she found herself on one knee straining under enormous pressure. She was still ducking and weaving out of his punches when one finally connected and snapped her head right.

Pressing his advantage, Kronos picked her up and squeezed her in a tight bearhug while his two free arms rained punches on her face from above. The first one struck her left eye leaving a fist shaped bruise around her eyelids, the second bruised her left cheek while the third connected with her nose bloodying it.

Changing tactics, he dangled her in the air by her black mane, while another arm went to work on her stomach, punching relentlessly with sadistic glee. Yet another arm worked her face over even more, till blood ran freely from her nostrils and the side of her lips. The fourth arms began punching her vagina hard.

All Wonder Woman could manage were meek moans and grunts as she bore the brunt of a four pronged attack on her body.

"Come on Diana! You can do it, I know you can!" Steve screamed from above as Kronos changed tactics and landed heavy hits on both her breasts.

He let her go and witnessed the aftermath of her carnage, pleased with himself. Wonder Woman lay spread eagle on the floor. A small trail of blood ran unchecked from a gash in her forehead while it flowed like a crimson river from her nostrils. Her bruised left eye squinted as her attacker lifted her up by the hair.

"You know!" The monster gleamed as he sent her face-first into one of the marble pillars. "I prefer fighting women!" He barked as he rubbed her face against the pillar while unleashing fury on her lower back with two more of his arms. "You know why?" He said as he held the side of her face against the pillar. "You have more targets for me to attack!" A sadistic grin formed on his face as two of his arms let rip with stinging punches on her clit, while one held her there pressing her face against the pillar.
The one free arm he had concentrated on mauling and raking her magnificent breasts leaving finger marks all over her sore globes. "Unhf! Agh! Aah! Uff!" She grunted again and again as all his attacks found their target. She wasn't even five minutes into the fight and she was being slaughtered.

Bored, he picked her up over his head using two of his arms and bought her down back-first onto his knee. "Ahhh!" Wonder Woman cried as she felt her body bend around his boulder sized legs. He grabbed her neck with one of his arms and used the other on her feet to bend her around in an unnatural U-shape around his leg.
The two free arms he had went to work on her torso first, bruising and reddening it before he devoted one of them to lay down hard chops across her chest. His three fingered limbs left their impression on Wonder Woman's chest, while he used his other free arms to punch her crotch.

"Diana! Come on, snap of it! C'mon you can take this four-armed freak!" Steve cried from the cage.

"Oh...uff..aah..ungh..I...am...just...aah...ouch...crap...bidding...my...aah...TIME!" She grunted bearing the pain of an all out assault on her body.
Kronos let Wonder woman fall from his knee face-first on the hard marble floor. Planting his pudgy feet on her lower back, he used two of his arms to pull her upper body towards him while one of his other arms raked her back with his fingernails. His last free arm lodged its fingers into her mouth and stretched her upper body toward him even further.

"Come on Diana! Don't pass out! This guy's nothing! I know you can fight this" Steve screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Thiambiddingumftime" She warbled jibberish with Kronos' fingers in her mouth, trails of spit flying everywhere.

"What was that?" Steve said confused.

"I Shaiiid Shuuuph uph!" Diana bellowed.

"You are going to have to speak clearly" He said.

"Shuth UPPPPP!!!" She screamed losing her patience.

"Oh..." Steve said as he shrugged. "That's what I thought!"

Below him Kronos let Wonder Woman slump face-first to the floor one more time. He grabbed her by the waist and lifted it upward so that her shapely buttocks pointed toward his face. She was on her knees when she felt his pudgy little feet make contact with the side of her face, planting it to the floor.

He kept his foot on her face while grabbing her arms with two of his and pulling them back towards him. She felt him grab a handful of her crotch with one of his arms and squeeze hard, while his fourth limb rained forearms on her shapely back.

"That is...uh...inventive!" Steve said softly as he saw Wonder Woman on her knees, the side of her face pinned to the floor by Kronos' feet, her upper body arched downward. Two of Kronos' arms pulled her arms back towards him, while one grabbed her vagina and squeezed hard.

"I....HEARD...THAT!!" Wonder Woman grunted through the pain as Steve looked away embarrassed.

Tiring of their excessive banter, Kronos let Wonder Woman slump to the floor again. She lie there face down on the floor, her breath made the few stray hair strands around her lips ebb and floor in sync with her breathing.

"Ungh!" She grimaced as Kronos pulled her by the hair to her feet.

Steve saw Wonder Woman's body being flung to one corner, her back colliding hard against the marble pillar. Her vision was blurry and she stood unsteady, her feet uncoordinated and clumsy.

Her vision cleared when she felt a large fist impact her toned abs bending her body over. In one swift move, Kronos jumped and landed behind her, grinning at the pillar between their them. He grabbed Wonder Woman's arms and bent them back, wrapping them around the pillar. With two more of his arms, he did the same to her legs.
Wonder Woman felt pain shoot across her appendages as they bent and twisted conforming to the circular shape of the pillar.

"Well this guy knows his moves huh?" Steve quipped genuinely admiring Kronos' inventiveness.

"Not...helping...Steve!" Wonder Woman moaned in pain as she felt like her limbs would detach any instant from her body.

Kronos let go of her and she slumped to the floor face-first again before Kronos flipped her around and stomped her hard in the abs. He picked her up by the hair and smashed her head against each of the six pillars one by one.

When he was done, blood poured from a cut to the left side of her forehead. She stood with her back to one of the pillars, Wonder Woman's body covered in dried blood and dirt. She had cuts and bruises all over and her chest was as hot red.

She squinted through fist shaped bruise over her left eyelid as another fist made contact, then another and one more before Kronos picked up the pace and fired all four of his arms into her stomach.

When he was done, Wonder Woman was on her knees again.

"Diana! Watch out for the...!" Steve yelled. Wonder Woman felt one of the large marble pillars shatter across her back. "Ahhhhh!" She yelled as she arched her body upwards and rolled around clutching her back.
Wonder Woman felt herself being lifted up by her throat, her feet dangling in the air. Kronos choke-slammed her hard into the marble floor and for a second Wonder Woman was out.

"You don't start a fight to lose it!"

She lay spread eagle on her back as she slowly opened her eyes, Wonder Woman felt time slow down again. A large fist drew a trail of blood from her mouth as her head spun around. At the same time, another one of Kronos' blows landed on her stomach while another fist invaded her snatch.

"Come on Diana! I know you can do it! Come on!" She could hear Steve yelling as Kronos pulled her up to her feet. She stood there groggy and disorientated, her arms limp by her side. Her face bent down in anguish and pain.

She did nothing about the punch that spun her head around to the left or the one that hit hard in her abs. Kronos grabbed her by the chin and lifted her up in the air.
"So Diana! Queen of the Amazons!" He bellowed as he held her body limp in the air. "Do you yield?"

He was shocked to see Wonder Woman grin and slowly start to laugh. "You...don't...get to beat an Amazon that easy!"

She wrapped her feet across the length of his arm and with all her might twisted and broke it. Kronos let her go and fell to his knees in pain as one of his useless limbs dangled above him.

He saw Wonder Woman rushing toward him and swung a wild punch at her. She ducked and slid under her feet. Now behind him, he kicked him in the depression behind his knee bringing him down to one leg. She climbed up on top of his back and grabbed one of his upper arms twisting and bending it.

She finally heard the bone crack and buckle as another one of Kronos' arms lay limp above his head.

"All right! Yeah!" Steve yelled.

Wonder Woman felt the back of Kronos' head strike her face and bloody her nose even more. She fell down to the floor.

"Uh-oh! Here we go again!" Steve muttered as Kronos spread her legs apart wide and drove a fist into her crotch.

"Son-of-a-bitch really likes your pussy eh?" Steve said shrugging but shut up at the sight of Wonder Woman's teary, bloodshot eyes staring angrily at him.
Kronos grabbed her by one of her legs, picked her up above his head and slammed her face first to the other side of the floor. Without letting go, he spun her around over his head faster and faster before sending her crashing headfirst into a pillar.

Kronos grunted and slowly walked over to the downed Amazon face-first on the floor. Two of the arms above his head were now limp and useless. Wonder Woman slowly stirred and got up to her knees before she felt the impact of one of his send shock waves through her jaw.

She blocked an incoming punch and mustering her power, punched him square on his elbow breaking another one of his arms. Kronos fell to the floor in pain, three of his arms now useless.

The last thing he saw before the void consumed him was her feet colliding with his face.

Diana and Steve found themselves in a vortex as the Galaxy spun around them. They saw countless lifetime's pass and reform, different realities cascading and speeding through a tunnel being sucked in to a singular point in the universe.

The planets and stars around them collapsed and broke till there was nothing left but a small ball of energy. It ebbed and glowed with brilliant white light.

"Diana! Princess of the Amazons!" Spoke the being of light. "You have proven yourself worthy! You may now command the Order of Kronos in battle!"

Steve smiled and hugged Diana, kissing her on her soft lips. "You did it! I knew you could!"

Diana smiled back exhausted and weary from her battles but a wave of excitement rose up and crashed in the pit of her stomach as she approached the celestial in front of her.

She bowed her head and bent one of her knees to the ground as the light circled her. "To you I grant Khadae, embrace him in your bracelets for he will deceive your opponents in battle. On your belt will live Alkabira, his might bolstering your strength when need be and on your Tiara will stay Kronos, the master of time"

Wonder Woman's ornaments glowed bright golden. They slowly reshaped with etchings of the faces of the three lords she faced in battle.

"Rise Amazon! Stride fierce and Stride true!" The Celestial bellowed as Diana and Steve embraced again.

"And Please..." they heard the celestial say as they looked at the ball of energy in front of them and smiled with anticipation.

"Wear more clothes next time!"

There was awkward silence for a few seconds before Wonder Woman exploded with rage.

"OH...FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!!" She yelled and rushed toward the sphere as Steve tried to grab her from behind.

"Calm down! Calm down!" He muttered nervously as Wonder Woman was almost upon the Celestial ready to give it a piece of her mind.

"DAMN!!" the Celestial bellowed "This woman can't take a joke!"



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than was a fun ride, and very brutal match, a perfect ending for this story but, let me ask this
What will have happen if Diana yield?


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than was a fun ride, and very brutal match, a perfect ending for this story but, let me ask this
What will have happen if Diana yield?
Honestly? I have no idea :) But If were to guess and the sick fuck that Kronos was, he would probably have had his way with the Amazon. Using her as his personal puppet or something.


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i remember you have this great fic about kazemon, it have a great star, what happen?
Oohh, good to see someone liked my story haha. I'm kinda lazy to translate it to English, i mean i need to fix some mistakes here and there and it such a pain in the ass. Actually, the story already on 14th chapter and i wrote it here. Currently working on 15th chapter after long hiatus because the earthquake here.

Really hoping about it to happen though lol


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Oohh, good to see someone liked my story haha. I'm kinda lazy to translate it to English, i mean i need to fix some mistakes here and there and it such a pain in the ass. Actually, the story already on 14th chapter and i wrote it here. Currently working on 15th chapter after long hiatus because the earthquake here.

Really hoping about it to happen though lol
Ah hope evertying is ok there dude