Wonder Woman: The order of Kronos episode 3


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"So, how do I look?" inquired Wonder Woman with a sly, devilish grin as Steve tried hard to concentrate on the road. They were in his large pick-up truck modified with extra space on the back.

"Is that a trick question?" Steve said smiling. Wonder Woman wore a sheer purple one-piece cocktail evening dress. After spending nearly half the day nude, her golden Tiara found its place on her head again. Her silver bracelets adorned her forearms and her golden belt tugged at her shapely waist holding her lasso in tow.

There slits to the sides of the dress that allowed her muscular legs to peer through and her star-shaped red earrings swayed to the motion of the vehicle. They were headed to a top secret military base along the scenic route west of the isolated sands with nothing but harsh white desert stretching out for miles.

"All I know is it's good to have some clothes back on" Wonder Woman quipped as they both laughed.

"About the flying tent?" She quizzed him and smiled when she caught him staring at her legs.

"Huh?...Oh yeah!" Steve said startled, snapping himself out of his trance. "The order of Kronos! The challenge of the gods."

"Kronos? As in the mythical beast of time from the Greek legends?" Wonder Woman's voice had a hint of pessimism.

"Well...actually he is a lot more than that. It is said that if a warrior answers his challenge and defeats his two lords, he will grant them one final match and if the warrior happens to win, he or she can will the order to do their bidding!" Steve spoke with a monotone plain voice.

"I see..." Wonder Woman said staring out at the sands around them.

"You don't sound convinced" Steve said smiling a little. "The brute you fought back in the hotel was the second lord, Alkabira. The man of strength and reason..."
"Which means the first one at the marketplace was Khadae, the lord of deception" She completed his thoughts. "Yeah I know the legend"

"And you still doubt it?" Steve asked with a shrug. "The flying tent was nothing, it was just a means..."

"To call out to me, to see if I was worthy" She completed his sentence smiling.

"See! You already know the legend. What more is there to doubt about it?" Steve shrugged and quickly bought his hands back on the steering wheel.

"Oh...I am not doubting it! I am just wondering about something!" said Wonder Woman with a worried look on her face.

"What" Steve looked at her worried face.

"If I have defeated the two lords, why hasn't Kronos come forward yet? According to the legends he should appear as soon as the second lord falls!" Wonder Woman raised her brow.

"You mean..." Steve's face now flashed with worry.

Seemingly right on cue, they felt a impact on the back of the pickup truck as it shook and almost careened off into the desert. Steve wrestled control of the veichle and put it on its path.

They both stared at each other and quietly turned their head around. In the back of the pickup truck, Alkabira stood, now without his trench coat. His large body was scarred from head to toe and completely ashen in color. On his left forearm was a black burn mark, where Wonder Woman had zapped him with the stray wire.

His large muscular body made the pickup look tiny by comparison.

"Okay! Right! Diana you take the wheels while I go and deal with this idiot" Steve spurted out without thinking and found Wonder Woman silently staring at him in disgust.

"Uh..right!" He said embarrassed. "You do what you have to do!"

"Gee...thanks!" Wonder Woman said sarcastically as she removed her heels. She opened the door and in one swift move flipped around to the back. She stood and stared at her opponent, now completely free of his clothes wearing only a small white trunk.

"God dammit!" She quipped "I just wore this dress for the first time"

The two of them met in a test of strength, their muscles straining against each other. Something was different about him now, he was no longer as powerful as he was. The man that had shot her up through three floors of the hotel was now buckling under her pressure.

"Check it out!" She gloated as Steve heard her voice reach the front of the truck. "He isn't as strong as before" He was reduced to one knee and then the next as Wonder Woman laughed at his plight.

"Who's the bitch now?" Steve heard her saying and egged her on.

"Well Steve, looks like I got this under..." before she could finish her sentence, fiery pain shot up through her vagina as she looked down to see the Alkabira's fist embedded in her crotch.

"Awwww!" She screamed as she held on to her womanhood.

His large feet collided against her chest sending Wonder Woman flying back into the enclosed cab in the front, denting the steel a little. Before she could even move, Alkabira was on her raining stinging body blows that connected everywhere forcing her to cover up and defend.

She found a small opening after ducking a punch to her head and replied with a hard fist that snapped his head sideways. She followed up with a kick but the large man caught it. He grabbed her second leg, picking her up on his shoulders and power bombing her hard on the steel of the open cargo area.

The truck swayed from the impact as Steve struggled with the controls.

He looked back to see Wonder Woman flying towards him and swayed out of the way as her head broke through the small viewing glass and they stared at each other. Stuck there, she was helpless as Alkabira sent his large fists into her crotch as her head swayed in rhythm with the impacts.

She saw Steve looking at her with a glint in his eye and schoolboy grin.

"You...are...enjoying...ahhh...ufff...this...aren't...oooooh....YOUUUU?" She said wincing in pain as punches and kicks pounded her vagina.

Steve just shrugged with a stupid goofy smile still on his face.

"For...fucks...sake...ahhhh....ouch....ooooh..." She said grimacing through the pain.

Alkabira finally dislodged her head from the glass and sent her flying, her back colliding against the tailgate breaking it open. She looked down to see her dress now torn from the bottom.

"You went commando?" Steve quipped as looked back to see Wonder Woman stand up. The only remnants of her dress was the glittery fabric that covered her upper body, she had nothing on from the waist down.

"The colonel isn't going to like this!" He said grinning.

"Shut up and drive!" He heard her yell and concentrated on the road again.

Wonder Woman got up and took her fight stance as the Alkabira lunged for her again. Their arms met in a test of strength in the middle. As the big brute tried to knee her in the crotch again, she blocked it with her legs and sent a knee of her own crashing into his pelvis with a laugh.

Wonder Woman stood there with her knee buried where his phallus was supposed to be, shocked to find that there was nothing there. "You got to be kidding me!" She said before she felt his rough hands grab her crotch and squeeze hard.

Without letting go, he grabbed her by the throat and picked her up in the air over his head.

Steve felt tremors of impact on the top of his enclosed cabin before Wonder Womans head finally burst through the steel and they stared at each other again.
"Under control huh?" Steve said with a small grin as Wonder Woman gritted her teeth and tilted her head sideways with a cute smile before being violently dislodged and thrown to the back again.

She landed with a thud and soon found herself at the mercy of hard stomps in her abs. Alkabira's large feet testing her chiseled torso.

Steve looked back to see the brute picking her body up and sending her crotch first into the railing.

"Ooooh...that has gotta hurt!" He said while holding on to his own family jewels.

Wonder Woman sat there with her eyes tearing up from the pain.

"What is with you and my crotch?" She grimaced.

The brute placed a hand on her firm ass and another on the back of her head. She realised what he was about to do.

"No...no...no...no...no...no...no...!" She pleaded as the Alkabira sent her careening across the railing.

Heat and pain shot through her crotch as it was dragged across the length of the railing before colliding chest first in the unforgiving steel of the cabin.

Alkabira let her fall down to the back inside the open cargo area. She got up to her feet and shook off the cobwebs and rubbed her sore clit before taking a fighting stance again. He was still too fast for her as he pounced and tore off the remainder of her clothing leaving only her ornaments on her.

He grabbed her hair and sent her head first into the railing and watched as she fell to her knees, her arms holding to the railing for support. He flipped her over bending her back on the railing, her topless upper body dangling over from the side and sent a thunderous chop across her tits.

"Great....ufff....ahhhh....if...ahhh....unhhhh...ungh...it isn't...my...crotch...ahhhh...its...my...TITSSSS!!" She said grimacing in pain by the hundreds of quick chops as his abnormally large hands reddened her chest.

"Diana? I hate to break it to you but we will be at the base in a short while!" Steve watched as the beautiful Amazon bore the brunt of more ferocious chops to her chest. Alkabira finally stopped and let her slump to the floor, coughing and out of breath.

"A...little busy here...darling!" Wonder Woman said grunting through the pain in her chest, "Buy...me...some more time"

Steve nodded and proceeded to take the longer route.

Meanwhile, the Alkabira had torn off the side of the cargo area in the back. "Great! What does he want to do now?" She thought. Wonder Woman lay in the back nude once again. Her Tiara, bracelets, earrings and golden belt with the lasso was all that she had on her body.

She felt the brutes rough hands grab her hair and throw her to the side. He positioned her body near the moving tires of the vehicle and grabbed her hair again. "Crap this is going to hurt!" She thought.

Wonder Woman's upper body dangled from the edge of the pickup and her face collided against the moving tires. He held her there by her hair and she felt each and every tread of the big tyres cut across her beautiful skin, opening up small lines of cuts across both her cheeks.

Satisfied, Alkabira threw her back inside and watched as she lay breathing heavily, her chest weaving in the rhythm of her breaths. He motioned her to get up and signaled for a test of strength.

Wonder Woman did as she was told and took her fighting stance. As he rushed towards her, she sidestepped left and tripped him over to his face. She grabbed his head and ran it along the sides of the metal railing and kneed him hard in the chest.

She grabbed the passenger side door of the truck and ripped it from the frame. She beat him black and blue with it, his ashen skin slowly turning blood red until he finally stopped moving and she collapsed on the floor exhausted.

Wonder Woman watched as Alkabira's body slowly turned to sand and withered away. She had finally defeated him.

She felt the momentum of the car halt and come to a dead stop as she lost her balance and fell out of the vehicle. She sprang up to see a figure emerging in front of them, faint at first and as if from a mirage before it began slowly taking shape. It was a large 11 foot beast with a body as black as the knight.

Its chest puffed proudly as it walked towards her. Its large legs looked like two boulders and four arms jutted outward from his upper body. Two of them extruding from his large upper back and two just below the lower-back at the waist. He wore nothing but a small lion cloth.

Its face had an unnaturally long jawline, ending just above his chest. It was bald and had glowing red eyes.

"DIANA!" It bellowed with thunderous roar as Wonder Woman saw the sharp teeth in his mouth, four of them like fangs of a vampire. "The princess of the Amazons!"


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wow! that was fast, do you have this done already or...? regardless this was very well done action scene and do love the personality of wonder woman that you put on her very playful and a little bit cocky, very good job!!


Casual Client
wow! that was fast, do you have this done already or...? regardless this was very well done action scene and do love the personality of wonder woman that you put on her very playful and a little bit cocky, very good job!!
Hi man! Thank you again for the kind words. Lol! no i don't have it written out and i normally don't work this fast but this story came easy for some reason unlike the other ones i normally struggle with :)


Avid Affiliate
Hi man! Thank you again for the kind words. Lol! no i don't have it written out and i normally don't work this fast but this story came easy for some reason unlike the other ones i normally struggle with :)
i see.. well still is impressive