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Unknownwatcher's RP log

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by unknownwatcher, Jun 18, 2014.

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    I've been getting more and more into RPing as of late. I decided to make a thread of my own and post my RP's on here. Let's start this off with an RP between me and TheCrimsonRisk

    Ortha(unknownwatcher) vs Linara(TheCrimsonRisk)

    The story here is that there's a bounty on Ortha who is my OC dragonkin character but she did nothing wrong. All she wanted was meds and other supplies but the town got scared of her and chased her out. Then, they placed a bounty on her in which Linara(TCR's BoK character) decides to claim for herself. Linara is a capable swordswoman, surely she has a chance against a dragonkin right? well, read on to find out :)

    [21:23] * Linara wanders into the cave where the suspect was last seen...
    [21:25] <Linara> I enter cautiously, not wanting to alert whoever might be here. The townsfolk didn't provide much information. All I know is that they were in a near panic. I had to do whatever I could to help them. My steps are light and careful.

    [21:26] * Ortha is next to well lit fire cooking what looks like a chicken
    [21:27] <Ortha> I'm wondering how am I going to enter towns looking like this. I start to think that I need a disguise. I take the chicken and place a huge bite into it, chomping loudly

    [21:29] <Linara> The light and the noise give away my quarry's position. I take a deep breath and step out from around the corner. My weapon is already drawn. I step forward allowing the light of the fire illuminate me.

    [21:31] * Ortha sees a girl claded in pink with her sword drawn and Ortha can't help but to smile
    [21:32] <Ortha> I greet the woman asking her if she's after my bounty and if she is then just head back because many have already tried. I then pick up my mace and shield

    [21:34] <Linara> Linara immediately moved into a combat position. Ortha got a good view of the swordswoman's lithe body stretched and extended in her tight pink leotard, gloves and boots.
    [21:34] <Linara> "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

    [21:39] * Ortha gets up with her shield and mace in hand. Ortha's armor, that covered everywhere except her abdomen, was shining bright due to the fire. standing at 5'7, Ortha looked pretty athletic
    [21:40] <Ortha> "I warned you but just like the others, you won't listen. Oh well, have a kiss"
    [21:40] * Ortha shoots a tiny flame at linara

    [21:43] <Linara> I wasn't sure what to expect and I freeze for a second at the sight of you. I've never seen one such as you before.
    [21:43] <Linara> The hesitation almost costs me dearly.
    [21:44] <Linara> "Yeeep!" I just manage to dodge out of the way, bumping clumsily against the side of the cave wall. "Geez...'a kiss', huh? Sorry, we just met!"
    [21:44] <Linara> I lunge forward looking to drive the flat of my blade against your wrist to disarm you!

    [21:46] <Ortha> I laugh at your reply. Then I saw you lunging at me so I attempted to block your attack with my shield.

    [21:47] <Linara> My sword clangs off your shield, but I'm not deterred. I aim another strike at your legs.

    [21:48] <Ortha> I attempt to jump away from the attack and I swing at you with my mace

    [21:49] <Linara> You're faster than I thought! I lean as far back as I can, the mace passing right over my face and clipping a few hairs from my head!
    [21:49] <Linara> "Hey! Watch what you're doing with that thing!"
    [21:49] <Linara> With a graceful spin, I fire a backhand sword swing at the side of your body.

    [21:52] <Ortha> I tried dodging but the sword manage to clip me on the side. apparently, it hit my exposed area.
    [21:52] * Ortha examines the cut
    [21:53] <Ortha> "not bad, but...."
    [21:53] * Ortha fires a bigger flame at Linara

    [21:54] <Linara> I'm too close to dodge, but if I don't do something I'm toast! I raise my sword up in desperation.
    [21:54] <Linara> The flame is split in half sending two separate streams to each side of me. It's not a direct hit, but the heat alone is unbelievable! Within seconds, I can feel myself sweating profusely.
    [21:55] <Linara> I fall to a knee leaning on my sword for support. *Just...need a moment to recover...*

    [21:56] <Ortha> I see you leaning on your sword and I took this opportunity to try and bash you with my shield in an attempt to knock you down
    [21:57] <Ortha> "take this bounty hunter!"

    [21:57] <Linara> The shield bash connects and I fall backwards. My sword skitters away well out of reach.
    [21:57] <Linara> "Oh no!"
    [21:58] <Linara> I look up at you, trying to get into position to roll away.

    [22:00] <Ortha> I try to grab you on the foot and drag you away from your weapon. I then swing at your leg with my mace. However, instead of sharp blades coming out of it, it's replaced with round bumps.
    [22:00] <Ortha> "you asked for this!"

    [22:01] <Linara> "AAAAAH!" I cry out in pain as the hard weapon collides with my soft skin. I curl up, clutching at my damaged knee. "Ooooh..."

    [22:01] <Ortha> "hehe, this is gonna be fun. I'll use you as an example my dear"
    [22:02] * Ortha then swings at the leg again and again and again

    [22:04] <Linara> "Ah! Aaah! Aaah!" Each strike draws a yelp from me until my leg is numb. It only hurts when I try and move it. I don't know if something is broken or just badly bruised, but I can't get free! I roll onto my stomach and try to kick at you with my other leg.

    [22:06] <Ortha> Your kick was surprisingly strong enough to knock my mace out of my hands. Perhaps I got too carried away? no matter, I try to pick you up by the back of your hair as I also drop my shield

    [22:08] <Linara> It hurts to even try to stand. I'm hopping on one leg, clawing at your hand. "Let...let me go!" There is an unmistakeable tone of fear in my voice.

    [22:09] <Ortha> "hahaha, I hear the fear in your voice pink one but you will learn your lesson as will that town."
    [22:10] * Ortha then grabs Linara with both and and raises her into the air
    [22:10] <Ortha> "I want to be left alone!"
    [22:11] <Ortha> I then slam your back against my knee. I imagine it hurts real bad, especially with a strength of a dragonkin

    [22:13] <Linara> We looked to be about the same size...we're nowhere near the same strength. Your hands dig into my body and I'm lifted against my will. Before I can do anything, you drop me with a nasty backbreaker!
    [22:14] <Linara> "Nnnnngggkk---*" The spinal trauma cuts my voice off. My beautiful body bends awkwardly in the hold.

    [22:14] <Ortha> "how about another my dear?"
    [22:15] <Ortha> I raise you up again and slam you on my knee once more but harder!

    [22:19] <Linara> "Not another, please!"
    [22:19] <Linara> *CRACK*
    [22:20] <Linara> Now both my legs are numb. So is most of my lower body. Thankfully, the feeling returns even though it means the pain from the backbreakers are coursing through my entire body from my toes all the way to my neck.
    [22:21] <Linara> I hang off your leg, twitching. "...nnnnhhh..."

    [22:21] <Ortha> "heh, I would do another to you but I want you to feel the pain that's to come"
    [22:23] <Ortha> I knock you off my leg and make you lie on your stomach. I then sit on your back and attempted to wrap my hands under your neck and pull back

    [22:24] <Linara> My hand moves to massage my wounded back in the brief time I have to lie down. "W...wait...I..."
    [22:25] <Linara> Before I can finish, I feel your full weight on me. It already hurts to breathe and that's making things so much worse. My neck is yanked back. It's useless for me to fight your superhuman grip.
    [22:26] <Linara> "Nooooo..." I moan, completely helpless.

    [22:27] <Ortha> "all I wanted was supplies from there. I wasn't hurting anyone! but no, they chased me out like a dog!"
    [22:27] <Ortha> I pull you back harder as I talk. you can feel my anger as I pull you back.
    [22:28] <Ortha> "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT IT'S LIKE FOR ME!?"

    [22:31] <Linara> I want to scream, but the hold is cutting off my air supply.
    [22:31] <Linara> The only sounds you get from me are the creaking and groaning of my aching bones.

    [22:32] <Ortha> getting bored of using the current hold, I slam your head to the ground
    [22:33] <Ortha> I then pick up your body and have you face me
    [22:33] <Ortha> "no kisses, right? How about a hug?"
    [22:33] <Ortha> As I say that, I wrap my arms around you, we are at face level as I attempt to squeeze the air out of ya

    [22:35] <Linara> I'm in such a daze that my pretty face is scrunched up in a look of exhaustion and confusion as I face you. "Wha..."
    [22:35] <Linara> Even so, there's no mistaking the feeling of your arms coiling around my mid-section. I slap at your arms weakly to try and signal a submission, but it's too late. The first squeeze causes my head to shoot back and my mouth to hang open...
    [22:36] <Linara> "N...noo...d...don't cr...crush meeeeee..."

    [22:37] <Ortha> "did you know that an average dragonkin could literally squeeze a person like yourself in half?" I asked you seductively and as I talk you can feel my sweet breath on you
    [22:38] <Ortha> "don't worry, I have no intention of killing you. I just want you to suffer"
    [22:38] <Ortha> I then squeeze you some more trying to squeeze more air out

    [22:39] <Linara> Your words terrify me. I can't stop the tears from forming at the corners of my eyes. *S...s...squeeze...in half...?*
    [22:40] <Linara> The power of the hug nearly causes me to burst from my skintight clothing. My breasts bulge outward and the back of my leotard is wedged in between my luscious ass cheeks now. I'm fading fast, but not fast enough.
    [22:41] <Linara> "Hurrrrrrts..."

    [22:42] <Ortha> I start swinging you around gently while holding on to you enjoying putting the squeeze on your petite body

    [22:44] <Linara> As you swing me around, my body slumps forward. My head rests against your chest now, bumping against it occasionally. I tell myself to hang in there, to be strong...
    [22:44] <Linara> *CRUNCH*
    [22:45] <Linara> Another squeeze forces the tears from my eyes. Without realizing it, I'm now pathetically sobbing against you.

    [22:46] <Ortha> I hear you sobbing as I swing you around and, as if I was showing mercy, I let you go
    [22:46] <Ortha> "are you done now or do you want more?" I asked you in a no nonsense tone

    [22:49] <Linara> "Ooof!"
    [22:49] <Linara> I tumble to the ground, an awkward heap of limbs. Everything hurts. I want to just roll over and pass out. But the villagers gave me a mission. I'm honour bound to complete it.
    [22:50] <Linara> Pushing myself onto my hands and knees, I crawl towards you. I reach up, taking hold of whatever I can grab to try and pull myself up.
    [22:50] <Linara> "I...can't...unngh..."

    [22:51] <Ortha> I roll my eyes at you as you try to come back at me.
    [22:51] <Ortha> "let me help you"
    [22:52] <Ortha> I then grab the back of your hair, raise you a bit, and I knee you in the groin area

    [22:53] <Linara> My eyes open wide in shock. I stare right at you in a silent plea for mercy. My knees knock together and my hands move to protect my vulnerable pussy. Any strength I had left is drained once more.

    [22:54] <Ortha> I then throw you against the wall and as I did that, I went to pick up my mace
    [22:54] <Ortha> "I guess you want another beating then"

    [22:56] <Linara> I hit the wall hard and nearly fall on my face again. This is a nightmare. If only...*Yes!* By the grace of Sol, I've landed near my sword. I grab the hilt and...
    [22:56] <Linara> ...and I can barely lift it. I'm laying on my side, barely able to lift the weapon even a few inches from the ground.
    [22:57] <Linara> "St...stop...right there..."

    [22:57] <Ortha> I pick up the mace as i hear you telling me to stop
    [22:58] <Ortha> I walk towards you and attempted to kick the sword away again

    [22:59] <Linara> My hopes are dashed as my weapon is kicked even farther away than before. I look up to you, tears streaming down my face. "Y...you can't do this..."

    [23:00] <Ortha> As I looked at you, my face was one of remorse. I almost felt bad for beating you down the way I did and I offered you my hand
    [23:00] <Ortha> "you did bring this to yourself my dear"

    [23:02] <Linara> In a last ditch attempt to subdue you, I ball up my fist and drive it into your chin. I'm clearly not thinking straight. My muscles are weakened, I have almost no base to stand on...I doubt a kitten would be hurt by my attack.

    [23:03] <Ortha> The punch did not even flinch me as the look of remorse turned to anger
    [23:03] <Ortha> "stupid human!"
    [23:08] <Ortha> I then grabbed linara and placed her face in between my breasts. despite my armor, her face fit in there just fine.

    [23:09] <Linara> I immediately try to cry out as my oxygen is cut off. I can't see or do anything in this position. Were it not for your armor, I'd surely be completely suffocated by now. My hands beat against your sides in protest

    [23:11] <Ortha> I then try to press you harder against my armor in an attempt to suffocate you more efficently

    [23:12] <Linara> My protest gradually dies down...my breathing slows...my chest bobs up and down hypnotically...
    [23:12] <Linara> "...mmmmh...mmmmuuuuh..."

    [23:13] <Ortha> I continue to hold your head inside my chest as I ponder how am I going to stop these attacks on me
    [23:13] <Ortha> then, I smiled.
    [23:14] <Ortha> "believe it or not, today's your lucky day girl"
    [23:14] <Ortha> I pressed your face even harder against my chest

    [23:15] <Linara> My body goes completely limp and I slump down in your hold. Warm drool falls from my face onto your chest. My eyes roll to the back of my head.

    [23:16] <Ortha> I then let go of you body and I examined your pulse to see that I didn't kill you
    [23:17] <Ortha> I then went and grabbed your sword

    [23:20] <Linara> I lay on the floor trembling. "Please...please..." It's all I can think to say. I hear the sound of steel scraping against stone and immediately tense up.

    [23:20] <Ortha> I then raise you sword and I cut my own hand with it.
    [23:21] <Ortha> "yes, this will do nicely. You slain a dragonkin today. You will get your bounty and I get to live in peace"
    [23:22] <Ortha> I threw the sword next to you and I also rip off a claw and throw it next to you
    [23:23] <Ortha> " Take that and never bother me again, understood?"
    [23:23] <Ortha> I then head back to the fire to resume eating my dinner
    [23:24] <Ortha> "ha, you never interrupt a dragonkin's meal. we have blood suger problems after all"

    [23:27] <Linara> I stumble out of the cave with my blood drenched sword and the gifted trophy. In truth, I have no proper recollection of what just happened and am more than happy to accept the recollection that you suggested. Regardless, I know that I must have been incredibly lucky on this day...

    [23:29] <Ortha> As I finished up my meal, I decided to use my bedsheets and make them into a hooded robe. yes, I can travel freely like this. I then went out of the cave and followed the woman back into town disguised to insure they get their trophy.
    [23:30] <Ortha> I'm confident there will be no more attacks on me from this town anymore
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    this was a two day rp between me and PrinceofPain. He wanted a villainess who could go toe to toe with star virgin. I think we did a great job with that :)

    Racheal(me) vs Star Virgin(PrinceofPain)

    [20:49] <Racheal> A terrorist only known as Racheal is set to assassinate an important figure who is trying to stop two warring countries from fighting each other but something stops her
    [20:49] <Racheal> "Star Virgin!"

    [20:51] <Star_Virgin> "Reacheal. I knew that you would try something to call the attention. Surrender now or be prepared to face me."
    [20:52] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin asume her fight stance.

    [20:52] <Racheal> panicing, Racheal attempts to punch Star Virgin in the face
    [20:52] <Racheal> "you won't stop me!"

    [20:55] <Star_Virgin> Using her reflexes, Star Virgin easily avoid the punch, turning her head.
    [20:56] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin makes a quick movement and goes to the Racheal back.

    [20:56] <Racheal> "wh-where did you go!?"
    [20:57] * Racheal looks around and finally looks behind her. Star Virgin's speed was incredible! It had Racheal a bit scared
    [20:57] <Racheal> "N-Nooo....."

    [20:58] <Star_Virgin> "one more time. Surrender!!! I don´t want to hurt you."

    [20:58] * Racheal raises her hands in defeat "you win...I give"
    [20:59] * Racheal decides that surrendering would be better than the alternative. She knew Star virgin was way more powerful than her

    [21:00] <Star_Virgin> " You made the correct choice."
    [21:01] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin using her super strength, holds Racheal´s hands to make sure that she will not try anything stupid.
    [21:02] <Star_Virgin> Finally, the heroine delivery Racheal to the police officers.
    [21:03] <Star_Virgin> "Now, you will pay or your crimes Racheal. I hope you pass a good time at the jail."

    [21:05] * Racheal racheal does not reply back to Star Virgin and is dragged to her cell
    [21:05] <Racheal> "this sucks......I could of been rich after that hit but SHE stopped me........."
    [21:06] * Racheal was stiring with anger in her cell for days which turned to weeks, then months......

    [21:09] <Star_Virgin> One day, a military comes to visit Racheal, he takes a chair and sit in front of her cell. He see that the dangerous woman is a little stirred.
    [21:10] <Star_Virgin> "Calm down Racheal."

    [21:12] * Racheal seemingly calms down but inside she still holds on to her anger. Curious as to why a military officier wants to visit her she asks "why did you want to see me?"

    [21:13] <Star_Virgin> He takes some papers and start to read.
    [21:17] <Star_Virgin> "Racheal, you was accused for many murderes, terrorism, you also are a drug dealer, you sold top secret informations after invade military systems..."
    [21:19] <Star_Virgin> "And other things that would take my whole time today if I read. Look??? I don´t know the reason for you still alive. To be honest, for me you would be goingo to the eletric chair, but, I think that our president wants you alive a little more."

    [21:21] <Racheal> "wants me alive?"
    [21:21] * Racheal ponders and then smirks
    [21:21] <Racheal> "if he wants info on any of my 'friends' then it will cost him."
    [21:22] <Racheal> "first of all, I want immunity from my current crimes..."

    [21:24] <Star_Virgin> "Shut up. You are not in position to make demands."
    [21:27] <Star_Virgin> " I am here to present a proposal for you. You tell "Yes" or "No", nothing less, nothing more. If you accept, maybe our president pay more attention to your situation and you can be transfered for a normal prison or just pass years and not the rest of your life arrested. What do you say???"

    [21:29] * Racheal thinks for a minute
    [21:29] <Racheal> "yes"

    [21:30] <Star_Virgin> "Good girl."
    [21:32] <Star_Virgin> "First of all, I must say that you will be transfered for a cell specialy requested for me. As we don´t trust you, we don´t want you opening your mouth for other prisioners and now I will explain everything for you..."
    [21:35] <Star_Virgin> "From this moment, you make part of a top secret project, so secret the we didn´t gave a name or published the spendings."
    [21:38] <Star_Virgin> "Our country is having a lot of spendings and many human casualities. Our president is worried about this and instructed me for find a solution. After a reserch we finally developed a special armor."
    [21:41] <Star_Virgin> "here, you take your part. We want that you be the person who will test this armor, your profile shows that you are the best for this job."
    [21:41] <Star_Virgin> "Until now, any question???"

    [21:42] <Racheal> "Two questions actually.one, what's the risk? you wouldn't have someone like me being considered to use this armor unless there's a major risk to it."
    [21:43] <Racheal> "two, I'm assuming if this works out, I'll be working for the US of A correct?"

    [21:44] <Star_Virgin> "Yes. you will working for a while."
    [21:47] <Star_Virgin> "The main risk is the moment when the armor will be connected to your brain, considering that your body will be able to make efforts that would kill any person, the user of the armor needs to adjust the brain and the body for use the armor. We can prepare your body, but, not your brain."

    [21:48] <Racheal> "...I see. well, I already said yes and I have no real choice do I?"
    [21:48] <Racheal> "when do we begin?"
    [21:49] * Racheal didn't really care if there was a risk. It was power and she wanted it, badly.

    [21:50] <Star_Virgin> "No. Now that you know, you don´t have choice, if you don´t continue, I would kill you right here, right now."
    [21:51] <Star_Virgin> "We will begin in one week."

    [21:52] <Racheal> "excellent, I'll be waiting"
    [21:53] <Racheal> during the week, Racheal worked out both physcially and mentally preparing for her experiment
    [21:53] <Racheal> then it was time and Racheal eagerly awaited to be taken to the site.

    [21:56] <Star_Virgin> " Well Well Well, I see that you are prepared for the tests. Come with me???"
    [21:57] <Star_Virgin> The military puts shackles and handcuffs her.
    [21:58] <Star_Virgin> "Racheal, now I must cover your eyes, our base is secret and nobody can even imagine about the place."
    [21:59] <Star_Virgin> Moments latter they arrive in the laboratory. Many persons working on the armor. They are just waiting Racheal.
    [22:00] <Star_Virgin> "It´s beatiful, don´t you think so??? This armor will be the future of our army."

    [22:02] * Racheal gives an agreeing nod as the shackles and blindfold are placed on her. Today was the day, the day that she would gain the power to get revenge
    [22:02] <Racheal> when she arrived on the base, her blindfold was roved and she could see the armor.
    [22:02] <Racheal> "ooohoho, it looks precious. can't wait to try it on!"

    [22:04] <Star_Virgin> "Neither I."
    [22:04] <Star_Virgin> "As you cooperate with our project I will explain everything that you will control."
    [22:10] <Star_Virgin> "The helmet has a sight that provides x-ray vision, a special software that can make a read of the battle, showing for you your enemies and calculating their moves, you will be able to have almost a preview of the moves, knowing the speed and an immediate forecast of where the attacks will hit or even the damage."
    [22:12] <Star_Virgin> "The arms will give you overhuman strenght you will be able to carry ton, break the most hard metals or even give a great punch."
    [22:13] <Star_Virgin> "The hands are equiped with a power generator that can launch laser beams, electrocute or manipulate the energy, creating a energy whip that can lash, cut or just tie"
    [22:14] <Star_Virgin> "The boots can give you super speed and a propulsion that almost make you fly."
    [22:17] <Star_Virgin> "Finally, the breastplate, the breast plate provides the ultimate protection for your vital parts, it is so solid that can endure ton in one impact, shots from the most powerful weapons and a force fild that can repel almost anything that comes to you."
    [22:18] <Star_Virgin> "Just something more about the helmet. The Helmet makes you able to invade systems by wi-fi connection."
    [22:18] <Star_Virgin> "That´s it."

    [22:21] <Racheal> "tell me, can I fight superheroes in this...if they ever were a threat to the USA?"
    [22:22] <Racheal> "can I take on star virgin?"

    [22:24] <Star_Virgin> "To be honest, the creation of this armor is for protection. Star Virgin always help us, but, we don´t know her real intentions, we created this armor for protection from our normal enemies or even Star Virgin."

    [22:24] <Racheal> "I see..."
    [22:25] * Racheal hid the joy she was experiencing. she had been given a weapon that can defeat Star Virgin
    [22:25] <Racheal> "well, let's get started shall we?"

    [22:27] <Star_Virgin> "Sure"
    [22:28] <Star_Virgin> "Racheal receives a drug that puts her for sleep."
    [22:29] <Star_Virgin> Some days after the installation procedures finished. The scientists turns on the armor.

    [22:31] * Racheal is placed is a sleepy disposition. during her time sleeping, she dreamed of the power thar armor can produce
    [22:34] * Racheal then wakes up to find she's in the power armor!
    [22:35] <Racheal> "ohhhh....yeeessssss"

    [22:35] <Star_Virgin> "Racheal, can you hear me???"

    [22:36] <Racheal> "yes, I can!"
    [22:37] * Racheal feels connected to the armor, like it's already to respond to her commands. no, it's like the armor is naturally apart of her body
    [22:37] <Racheal> "ready for a test run?"

    [22:44] <Star_Virgin> "Yes. Are you ready???"

    [22:45] <Racheal> "....yes"

    [22:48] <Star_Virgin> "Prepare the field!!!"
    [22:53] <Star_Virgin> Guns, iron walls, obstacles, iron balls. Everything to test the armor.

    [22:57] * Racheal used the armor at it's full potential. she used her helmet to determine where the guns would fire and she avoided the gunfire. any bullet that manage to hit her was blocked by her force feild. she then used her whip to destroy each gun. The obstacles she crushed with her strength or jumped over with the help of her boots
    [22:58] <Racheal> "yes, this will be great. now, I shall defeat Star Virgin" Racheal said out loud not caring who heard

    [22:59] <Star_Virgin> "Stop now."
    [23:00] <Star_Virgin> "You have a bomb inside of the armor, if you make anything that we don´t order. We will detonate."

    [23:03] <Racheal> "haha, go ahead and try. I deactivated the bomb as soon as I did this training course!"
    [23:04] * Racheal walks up to the officer and prepares to kill the group

    [23:12] <Star_Virgin> "Detonate the bomb!!!"

    [23:14] <Racheal> the bomb does not detonate and Racheal goes to work, crushing, choking people with her whip, until it was just her and the officer
    [23:14] <Racheal> "The test was a success. here's a thank you!"
    [23:15] * Racheal wraps her whip around the officer, slowly choking the air out of him
    [23:15] <Racheal> "I'm enjoying this hehehehe"

    [23:18] <Star_Virgin> "SSSSStooop..."
    [23:19] <Star_Virgin> The officer press the button for detonation again and again.
    [23:19] <Star_Virgin> "What happened???"

    [23:20] <Racheal> "me and this armor are more intuned then you thought we'd be"
    [23:20] * Racheal then kisses the officer on the lips and sucks out the air leaving his mouth
    [23:20] <Racheal> "goodbye"

    [23:22] <Star_Virgin> The officer activate the alarm. Soon the soldiers surround the villain.
    [23:22] <Star_Virgin> "Stop right there."

    [23:24] * Racheal drops the officer and jumps over the soldiers and fires her laser beams at the group

    [23:25] <Star_Virgin> Some soldiers were killed and other hurted.
    [23:26] <Star_Virgin> More soldiers comes, but, everyone of them was killed or Racheal just k.o them.
    [23:27] <Star_Virgin> The base is destroyed, bodies, walls broken, marks of shots, everything is destroyed.

    [23:28] <Racheal> "ahhhh, this was terriffic! Now, time to hunt my prey!"
    [23:29] * Racheal goes off to find and defeat Star Virgin

    [23:31] <Star_Virgin> At the other side of the city, Gizelle Willians is traning hard, she must keep a good shape for fight against the most powerful enemies that she can find.
    [23:31] <Star_Virgin> She makes a little pause and turns on the tv.
    [23:34] <Star_Virgin> "Breaking News!!!: Some minutes ago, a kind of military base was totally destroyed. The informations that we have until now is that something gone wrong during a test for a new weapon. Many soldiers are dead and much more are hurted. We have some images of the security cameras."
    [23:35] <Star_Virgin> "The video shows a woman wearing some kind of armor. She is unstoppable and crush anything on her way."
    [23:36] <Star_Virgin> "Oh no!!! This is terrible. Nobody knows the things that creature can do."
    [23:36] <Star_Virgin> "It´s time for a friend comes to the action."
    [23:37] <Star_Virgin> "Power of the Stars I need you!!!"
    [23:37] <Star_Virgin> In few seconds Gizelle was transformed into Star Virgin, a Superheroine who wears a red bikini and red boots.
    [23:38] <Star_Virgin> "I will find that monster and put an end on that destruction."

    [23:39] * Racheal starts to rampage on the streets. blasting cars, whipping people, and just hurting anyone she can find
    [23:40] <Racheal> "come on out star virgin!"

    [23:41] <Star_Virgin> During her flight, Star Virgin see a black smoke and decide to take a closer look.
    [23:42] <Star_Virgin> When she approaches, she see the monster of the tv.
    [23:42] <Star_Virgin> "Hey you!!!"

    [23:44] <Racheal> "hello star virgin, remember me?"
    [23:44] * Racheal beckons Star Virgin to come after her

    [23:45] <Star_Virgin> "I remember you!!! Racheal!!! I tought you was arrested. What are you doing wearing this armor???"

    [23:48] <Racheal> "funny thing actually, the military gave me this armor and I thanked them by testing it out on them!"
    [23:49] * Racheal fires at laser blast at star virgin

    [23:49] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin is scared, but, she has time to avoid the beam.
    [23:50] <Star_Virgin> One more time she use her speed to go to backwards of Racheal.

    [23:51] * Racheal helmet tracked Star Virgin and determined where she was heading
    [23:51] <Racheal> "not this time, Star Virgin!"
    [23:52] * Racheal turns around and punches star virgin

    [23:53] <Star_Virgin> The punch hits hard the heroine´s face. She never felt that kind of strenght, it was like she was hitted by a train.
    [23:54] <Star_Virgin> The heroine is sent backwards and fall sitting, but, she still in the fight and try to kick Racheal on her face.

    [23:55] <Racheal> once again, the helmet tracked star virgin's movement and Racheal anticipated the kick and grabbed her leg
    [23:55] <Racheal> "hehehe, too slow"
    [23:56] * Racheal starts to squeeze down on Star Virgin's ankle

    [23:57] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin falls and try to break free her ankle, but, Racheal has an impressive strenght, the heroine is scared.
    [23:58] <Star_Virgin> "How can this be possible??? I used to be stronger than her."

    [23:59] <Racheal> "science is a great thing. I used to be scare of you but now..."
    [23:59] * Racheal uses her leg to throw her into a bus
    [23:59] <Racheal> "you will be scared of me!"
    [23:59] * Racheal readies her whip

    [00:01] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin´s body crushes the bus. The heroine is injuried and can´t get up, the pain is terrible.
    [00:01] <Star_Virgin> "nO. How can this be possible??? I can´t lose this fight."

    [00:02] * Racheal lashes at Star Virgin with her whip violently
    [00:02] <Racheal> "I hope this hurts!"

    [00:03] <Star_Virgin> waaaaaap!!!
    [00:03] <Star_Virgin> "UUUUUUUUUOOOOOAAAAHHHH"
    [00:04] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin screams, as she feels the whip on her back, it was hot and leaves her a mark on her back.

    [00:05] * Racheal walks over to her and wraps the whip around her neck
    [00:06] <Racheal> "I'm going to wrangle you like cattle"
    [00:06] * Racheal tightens down on the whip

    [00:07] <Star_Virgin> "Oooouuuh oh... no no no"
    [00:08] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin tries to remove the whip, but is too tight and is choking her.

    [00:10] * Racheal starts to drag Star Virgin around and notices onlookers gathering
    [00:10] <Racheal> "who wants Star Virgin's bra?"
    [00:10] * Racheal tries to remove star virgin's bra

    [00:11] <Star_Virgin> "No. Stop."
    [00:14] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin tries to resist, but, Racheal is too strong and slowly is striping Star Virgin´s bra. The heroine´s small niples slowly are exposed.. Until the bra is almost out, now Racheal has the opportunity to humiliate our dear heroine as never before.

    [00:15] <Racheal> "hahaha, look at you now"
    [00:15] * Racheal throws the bra to a guy in the crowd
    [00:16] * Racheal then picks up Star Virgin and ties her up with the whip. it's queezing everything around her chest

    [00:17] <Star_Virgin> "YEAAAAAUHHH"
    [00:18] <Star_Virgin> The heroine in topless, feel a great pain, the heat and the preasure that comes from the whip are making her suffer as never before.
    [00:19] <Star_Virgin> Slowly, the heroine is becoming weak and she fall on her knees right in front of Racheal. Star Virgin makes an effort, but, can´t get up.

    [00:20] * Racheal kicks star virgin down and jumps up in the air only to land on Star Virgin's chest
    [00:23] * Racheal then picks ST up again and fires an laser blast at her

    [00:25] <Star_Virgin> The heroine staggers, kneels and finally falls at the feet of the villain.
    [00:25] <Star_Virgin> The impact on her breats makes her suffer a lot.
    [00:27] <Star_Virgin> The beam was a terrible impact that explodes and made her body so hot that a smoke comes from her chest.

    [00:28] <Racheal> 'I want you to beg for mercy Star Virgin and to tell these people that I'm better than you"
    [00:29] * Racheal pulls Star Virgin by her hair and raises her off the groud

    [00:30] <Star_Virgin> "No... Nooooo... never. I must keep fighting."

    [00:31] <Racheal> "hahaha, then I'll punish you some more"
    [00:32] <Racheal> with her free hand, Racheal punishes ST's abs with her punches. each punch harder than the next.

    [00:32] <Star_Virgin> "OOOFFF"
    [00:32] <Star_Virgin> "uuuuhu"
    [00:32] <Star_Virgin> "AAAAAHAAAOUUU
    [00:33] <Star_Virgin> OOOOOUUUHHHH"
    [00:33] <Star_Virgin> UUUUHOAAAHA"
    [00:35] <Star_Virgin> All the persons who came to watch Star Virgin defeating another villian, can hear her screams, they are scared for see that punishment. Some are scared and others are really enjoying that. They take pictures and others are filming.

    [00:36] <Racheal> "hahaha, i already have fans it seems. looks like this little outing of ours is going on youtube. that's good, i want the world to remember this forever!"
    [00:36] <Racheal> "oh, and this!"
    [00:37] * Racheal wraps her arms around Star Virgin and performs a reverse bearhug on her
    [00:37] <Racheal> "get a good view of your hero everybody"

    [00:38] <Star_Virgin> It´s like her body was being crushed by 2 iron walls. Star Virgin is suffering a great pain.
    [00:39] <Star_Virgin> "MUUUUOOOAAAHHH"
    [00:39] <Star_Virgin> "OOOOOOUUUH"
    [00:39] <Star_Virgin> Her body is limpe and weak. She see the faces of everybody there, she feels sad, because she is desapointing that persons.

    [00:44] <Racheal> "well, looks like you failed."
    [00:44] * Racheal throws her body to the ground and stomps on her back
    [00:45] <Racheal> 'I would kill you but then fun would be over and I don't want that just yet"
    [00:45] * Racheal kicks Star Virgin*in the crotch area

    [00:46] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin feels more power leaving her as she rolls in pain.
    [00:47] <Star_Virgin> "No... I can´t show her that I am becoming weak, she can´t know about my weak points."

    [00:48] <Racheal> "hehe, I like crotch hitting, let's try that again!"
    [00:48] * Racheal kicks ST in the crotch again

    [00:49] <Star_Virgin> "OOOOOOOOOOUUUH"
    [00:49] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin squirms in pain and is getting even more weak.

    [00:50] * Racheal picks up ST and dares her to punch her in the face
    [00:50] <Racheal> "come on, hit me here!"

    [00:52] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin is stagger, her moves are weak and slow, she tries a punch, but, her hand just touch the helmet.

    [00:53] <Racheal> "awwww, you can't fight me any more? hahahaaha"
    [00:53] * Racheal lashes at Star Virgin multiple times with the whip with the final one wrapping around her throat and dragging her close to Racheal

    [00:54] <Star_Virgin> " ooouuuh aaaah uho uuuuoooaaaha"
    [00:55] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin now is dragged and is totally under Racheal´s mercy.

    [00:55] <Racheal> "let's finish this shall we?"
    [00:56] * Racheal then places Star Virgin in a chokehold crushing what fight she had left

    [00:56] <Star_Virgin> "noooo"
    [00:57] <Star_Virgin> The heroine is struggling, but, is useless, she is too weak to resist that punishment.

    [00:58] <Racheal> "goodnight Star Virgin but don't worry because you will wake up in my home or in your case, hell!"
    [00:58] * Racheal continues to choke Star Virgin til she's unconcious

    [01:00] <Star_Virgin> "no...ooo...o"
    [01:01] <Star_Virgin> "The heroine is getting unconcious. Her last vision is the persons who are scared for see the beloved heroine topless and defeated.

    [01:02] <Racheal> "hehehe, I see my prey is asleep. now, let's take you home so I can......punish you some more"
    [01:02] * Racheal grabs star virgin and flys off

    [01:03] <Star_Virgin> The persons are looking each other trying to imagine what will be happen to the fallen heroine.

    [19:39] <racheal> somewhere, 20 miles away from the city they fought in, Racheal drags an uncouncious star virgin into her underground lair. The lair doesn't look like much, it's dingy and low tech compared to her armor. there, Racheal brought Star virgin to an interrogation room andchained her to a wall.
    [19:39] <racheal> "wakey, wakey, my little prisoner"
    [19:39] * racheal throws a bucket of cold water at Star Virgin to wake her up

    [19:43] <Star_Virgin> The cold water wets Star Virgin´s face she scares, she is coughing as if drowning, the fallen girl wake up slowly.
    [19:43] <Star_Virgin> "oooohhhh...oooooooohhh...aaaaah"
    [19:44] <Star_Virgin> "Wha...what happened??? Where am I???"

    [19:46] <racheal> 'welcome to my temporary hideout my little trophy"
    [19:47] * racheal is sitting right next to a pair of charged up stun rods
    [19:47] <racheal> "you got very weak in our fight, I want to know why....."
    [19:47] <racheal> "you can do this the easy way or hard way. Either is fine by me" Racheal said with a smirk

    [19:49] <Star_Virgin> Weak??? I don´t know what you want to say. I fought with all my powers.
    [19:51] <Star_Virgin> Thinking for herself: "Oh god, I hope she has not noticed about my foible.

    [19:51] <racheal> "okay, trophy heroine, the hard way it is"
    [19:52] * racheal picks up the two stun rods and jams them into her chest area
    [19:52] <racheal> "talk!"

    [20:01] <Star_Virgin> UUUUUUOOOOOAAAAHHH!!!
    [20:03] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin is squirming in pain. She is suffering a lot. Much more than she could imagine.
    [20:04] <Star_Virgin> Her breasts being electrocuted makes her weaker and weaker, she would fall, if she would not chained.
    [20:05] <Star_Virgin> "aaaaaaahhh... OOOOUUUUHHHah"
    [20:05] <Star_Virgin> Her head is down.

    [20:05] <racheal> "now, what is your weak point. is it something from my armor?"
    [20:06] * racheal lifts up SV's chin
    [20:06] <racheal> "you know, I'm going to do a whole world a favor and televise this little questioning of ours"
    [20:06] * racheal leaves the room and later comes back with a few cameras
    [20:07] <racheal> "these cameras are hacked into every channel around the US of A. I want everyone to know your weak points."
    [20:08] * racheal throws more water on her to ensure she's awake
    [20:08] <racheal> "now, what's your weak point?"

    [20:10] <Star_Virgin> "Weak point??? I don´t have. You´re wrong."

    [20:14] <racheal> "lying to me and to your adoring fans is just wrong star. I say you deserve 10 lashes!"
    [20:15] * racheal pulls out her whip and whips Star Virgin ten times with the last lash hitting her face
    [20:16] <racheal> "now, are you ready to be truthful?" to the cameras "my money is on no"

    [20:17] <Star_Virgin> AAAAHHH
    [20:17] <Star_Virgin> AAAAHAAAAAAA
    [20:17] <Star_Virgin> OOOOOOUUUUHHH
    [20:18] <Star_Virgin> HUUUUUAAAAAHA
    [20:18] <Star_Virgin> YYYYEEEUUUOOOAAAHHH
    [20:18] <Star_Virgin> HOOOOUUUHHH
    [20:18] <Star_Virgin> UUUUUOOOOAAAHA
    [20:18] <Star_Virgin> AAAAAAHAAAAHAAAA
    [20:18] <Star_Virgin> UUUUUHHHH
    [20:18] <Star_Virgin> YYYYAAAAHHH
    [20:20] <Star_Virgin> Her body is sore. The energy whip makes a great damage on Star Virgin´s pretty body. She is crying in pain, in her weakened situation, this is too much pain for her.

    [20:21] <racheal> "I tell you what. If you don't tell me what I want to know then I'll rampage and massacre a town every hour until I get an answer"

    [20:24] <Star_Virgin> "Nooooooooooo!!! Please, don´t hurt no one else??? I tell you..."
    [20:27] <Star_Virgin> It´s hard to say a well kept secret. Star Virgin knows that tell about her weak points will risk her carrer as superheroine, but, she don´t have choice.
    [20:28] <Star_Virgin> "It´s my breasts, my breasts and my pussy, if you hurt any of these parts of my body, I become weak, I lose my powers and my body become so tired that I can´t even fight."

    [20:29] * racheal let's out a chuckle. then that chuckle turns into hysterical laughter
    [20:29] <racheal> "hear that world?! Her weak points are her breasts and her pussy!"
    [20:30] * racheal continues to laugh but stops laughing. Racheal's face is emotionless as she gets closer to star virgin
    [20:30] * racheal then knees her in the pussy

    [20:32] <Star_Virgin> "UUUUUUUUUUUUUHHH"
    [20:34] <Star_Virgin> Racheal´s knee caused a lot of pain. Star Virgin lose more of her power, her head fall again and her chin is on Racheal´s shoulder.

    [20:35] <racheal> "hahahaha, so it is true. now, everyone knows your secret!"
    [20:36] * racheal punches Star Virgin's breasts

    [20:37] <Star_Virgin> BAAAAHHH!!!
    [20:37] <Star_Virgin> "OOOOOUUUFFF"
    [20:37] <Star_Virgin> "UUUUUUOOOOUUUHHH"
    [20:39] <Star_Virgin> With that powerful impacts, the breasts tremble, Star Virgin life force is leaving her body, she is too weak, she can´t break free or even try, the only thing that she can do is be Racheal´s toy.

    [20:40] * racheal looks at star virgin and pouts
    [20:40] <racheal> "awwww, is this unfair for you? woould you like a chance to fight back?" Racheal asks in a mocking tone

    [20:41] <Star_Virgin> "aaaaahhh... haaaaa...uuuuuuoooouuuhhh"
    [20:42] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin is moaning in pain, her forces left her, a fight could be her end.

    [20:46] <racheal> "hmmmm, I'll make this a fair fight for ya. I won't use my whip or my scanner on ya. what do you say?"

    [20:49] <Star_Virgin> "What are you talking about??? I can´t fight."

    [20:52] <racheal> "oh well, we're fighting anyways! I need to entertain our viewers after all!"
    [20:53] * racheal drags star virgin outside. it's dark out except for a bunch of flood lights surrounding an oval looking arena
    [20:53] <racheal> "here's where we will fight!"
    [20:53] * racheal tosses her into the arena pit

    [20:54] <Star_Virgin> "Ai"
    [20:56] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin fall on 4, she is making an awsome effort to get up, she asume her fight stance, but, her body is limp and she almost don´t have forces to keep herself stand.

    [20:57] * racheal looks at a topless Star virgin and applaudes her zeal
    [20:58] <racheal> "Like a true hero, you are ready to make your final stand"
    [20:58] * racheal brings the cameras to where they are and enters the arena pit
    [20:58] <racheal> "come on, let's hit round 2"

    [21:00] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin walks towards Racheal, her body is limp, weak and tottering.
    [21:01] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin approaches and launch a punch to Racheal´s face.

    [21:02] * racheal grabs Star Virgin and kisses her on the cheek
    [21:02] <racheal> "awww, you got to try harder than that dear"
    [21:02] * racheal then punches Star Virgin in the gut

    [21:03] <Star_Virgin> "UUUUUUOOOOFFF"
    [21:04] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin is bending before her rival.
    [21:04] <Star_Virgin> After she fall on her knees grabing her hurted gut.

    [21:06] * racheal picks up star virgin and wraps her arms around her body placing her in a bearhug
    [21:07] <racheal> "now you are just a rat in my trap!"
    [21:07] * racheal squeezes Star Virgin hard. her breats are being pressed into Racheal's armor very roughly

    [21:09] <Star_Virgin> "AAAAHHH"
    [21:09] <Star_Virgin> "ah"
    [21:10] <Star_Virgin> "OOOOOHHH"
    [21:10] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin´s body is being crushe in Racheal´s arms.
    [21:13] <Star_Virgin> As her breasts are beim pressed, she is suffering both by the pain and by the massive wave of weakness that is spreading throughout her pretty body and limp body. Star Virgin is like a ragdoll, just her fight spirit is in her.

    [21:14] * racheal squeezes harder on Star Virgin
    [21:14] <racheal> "come on, where's that fighting spirit that all superheroes have?"
    [21:15] * racheal then squeezes even harder on her

    [21:16] <Star_Virgin> Every squeeze drains Star Virgin´s life force, she is so weak that she can jus moans in pain, she don´t have strenght enought to resist or try to break free.
    [21:17] <Star_Virgin> Her powers gone, now she is just a ragdoll, a punch bag or a toy for Racheal.

    [21:26] * racheal then slams Star Virgin on the ground like a ragdoll
    [21:26] <racheal> "well, I enjoyed that"
    [21:26] * racheal then grabs star virgin's leg and places her in a single boston crab

    [21:27] <Star_Virgin> Crack crack crack
    [21:27] <Star_Virgin> "AAAAAAAAAHAAAOOO"
    [21:27] <Star_Virgin> "Noooooooooo!!! It hurts!!!"
    [21:28] <Star_Virgin> "aaaaaaaaah"
    [21:29] <Star_Virgin> Is like her leg is being broken in 3 or 4 parts. The pain that she is feeling is torturing her.

    [21:31] * racheal pulls back farther on her leg. It's like she wants to tear it off

    [21:32] <Star_Virgin> "UUUUUUUUUUUUUUOOOOHHHH"
    [21:32] <Star_Virgin> "NOOOOOO!!! Stop??? PLEEEAASE???"

    [21:38] * racheal tightens the grip on her leg. it feels like her bone will break
    [21:38] <racheal> "so, you gonna tap out?"

    [21:39] <Star_Virgin> "No. I never surrender."

    [21:41] <racheal> "then, be broken!"
    [21:41] * racheal pulls back on her leg alot harder. it almosts feels like her leg was popped out of her socket"


    [21:42] * racheal let's go of the hold and wonders how to finish her
    [21:43] <racheal> "hmmm, how should I end you?"
    [21:44] <racheal> "maybe I should leave you here humiliated?"

    [21:45] <Star_Virgin> "OOOOOAAAHHH"
    [21:45] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin is suffering a lot. This is too much pain and humiliation.

    [21:51] <racheal> "I know how to finish this!"
    [21:52] * racheal then picks Star Virgin up by her panties

    [21:53] <Star_Virgin> "ah ah ah oooouh"
    [21:53] <Star_Virgin> "What you gonna do with ne??? "

    [21:56] <racheal> "Time to bear it all Star Virgin!"
    [21:57] * racheal is about to rip off star virgin's panties when she hears a noise from the woods
    [21:57] <racheal> "shit"

    [21:58] <Star_Virgin> "What... what is this noise???"

    [22:01] <racheal> "damn, it's your lucky day Star. you get to be saved haha"
    [22:01] * racheal drops Star Virgin down. her panties were half off of her to where you could see her ass
    [22:02] <racheal> "til next time"
    [22:02] * racheal flys off and as soon as she does a dozen special forces find Star Virgin on the ground beaten"

    [22:04] <Star_Virgin> The hurted and defeated heroine is found almost uncounscious on the ground. The special forces makes the first aid, cover her half naked body and take to a nerby hospital. (yt)

    [22:09] <racheal> "well, how is she docotor?"
    [22:11] <racheal> 'she will need time to recover. Physcially, she will be fine eventually. can't say how well she will be mentally though"
    [22:12] <racheal> two doctors are over Star Virgin's bed, monitoring her vitals. Star Virgin will recover physically but can she live this humiliation down?
    [22:12] <racheal> Two kids are watching the fight between Star Virgin and Racheal
    [22:13] <racheal> "man, Star Virgin got her ass whipped. Is she even really a hero?"
    [22:13] <racheal> many reactions were like this. only time will tell if star virgin can recover her reputation
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    An awsome RP.
    I would like to say thanks for unknownwatcher for be my partner.
    This is one of the best rp´s that I ever participated.
    Thanks unknownwatcher.
  4. wonderfa

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    May 6, 2014
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    Congratulations for princeofpain and unknownwatcher.
    You made a great work guys.
    Star Virgin is a pretty heroine and Racheal is really bad.
    I loved, hope to see more rp´s like this.
  5. Mah

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    May 10, 2013
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    Amazing work guys.
  6. KrOmegan

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    Agree, cool story [​IMG].
    will be more [​IMG]?
  7. unknownwatcher

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    something a bit different....

    This was an RP I did months ago with Raden. I was in a very shit mood and when I get like that I like to do hero RP's. This is part one of two of that RP where my OC, the watcher, saves Tylissa who is a BoK character created by Raden. I may post part two later, we'll see. I want to thank Raden again for this as this two parter RP is something I read over and over whenever I feel like shit. Just a warning, this part doesn't have much ryona in it but alot of ego on my part.

  8. unknownwatcher

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    racheal vs Star Virgin Round 3

    [21:23] * Racheal has invaded a nuclear power plant. holding everyone hostage, she demands that star Virgin comes to the plant to fight her

    [21:26] <Star_Virgin> *Some time passed since Star Virgin was totally dominated by Racheal. She wants a rematch, she needs to recover her honor.
    [21:27] <Star_Virgin> * During her patrol, she receive the notice that Racheal invaded a nuclear base.
    [21:27] <Star_Virgin> Racheal, you committed a big mistake, now I will defeat you and recover my honor.

    [21:29] <Racheal> "not so fast star virgin, you will not lay a finger on me. If you do, the hostages will die!"
    [21:31] <Racheal> "no, you will allow me to beat you and humiliate you once again"

    [21:32] <Star_Virgin> What??? You must be crazy. This is a bluff.

    [21:33] <Racheal> "no bluff my dear punching bag"
    [21:34] * Racheal shows a video of the hostages in a decontamination room. one of the doors next to them leads to the reactor room
    [21:35] <Racheal> "you fight back and that door opens"
    [21:35] * Racheal throws a punch at star virgin's face

    [21:36] <Star_Virgin> ah!!!
    [21:37] <Star_Virgin> *The heroine´s face turn, as the punch hitted her hard. Star Virgin make 2 steps backwards.
    [21:38] <Star_Virgin> Racheal. You are insane, but, I can´t risk human lifes.
    [21:38] <Star_Virgin> All right, you won, you can do anything you want to me.
    [21:39] <Star_Virgin> * As a signal of her surrender, Star Virgin spread her legs, rise her arms and place her hands behind her head.

    [21:40] * Racheal looks at star vigin's spread legs and smirks
    [21:41] <Racheal> "thanks for making it easier for me"
    [21:41] * Racheal launches a kick at Star virgin's crotch!

    [21:42] <Star_Virgin> UUUFFF!!!
    [21:43] <Star_Virgin> *Racheal hitted one of Star Virgin´s weakness. The warrior from the stars curves a little in pain, but, her pride as heroine, don´t allow her to fall.

    [21:46] * Racheal tackles star virgin to the ground and mounts her
    [21:46] <Racheal> "once again, I'm on top!"
    [21:46] * Racheal then starts to punch her face over and over again

    [21:47] <Star_Virgin> oh!!!
    [21:47] <Star_Virgin> AAAHHH!!!
    [21:47] <Star_Virgin> UUUUHHH
    [21:47] <Star_Virgin> OOOOFFF!!!
    [21:48] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin is defenseless, she is just a punch bag for Racheal.

    [21:51] * Racheal then wraps her legs around Star virgin's torso and starts to squeeze the air out of her
    [21:51] <Racheal> "remember, you can't fight back"
    [21:51] * Racheal squeezes on Star Virgin harder

    [21:53] <Star_Virgin> UUUUUUOOOOAAAAaaaHHHH
    [21:53] <Star_Virgin> IIIIHHH
    [21:53] <Star_Virgin> *Just for a second, Star Virgin almost resist, but, Racheal remembered her that she can´t fight back.
    [21:55] <Star_Virgin> *The sight is Star Virgin just allowing Racheal punishing the beautiful heroine´s body.

    [21:56] <Racheal> "that's right, just like the last two times, you are my toy"
    [21:56] <Racheal> "my mother never let me have toys, told me that I tend to break them. let's see if she was right"
    [21:58] * Racheal then wraps her left hand around star virgin's throat and her right hand is punching star virgin's face. Between the bodyscissors, the choking, and the punching, it's makes Racheal squeeze with devious glee
    [21:59] <Racheal> "okay, I'm going to try something else after this"
    [21:59] <Racheal> "something new"

    [22:00] <Star_Virgin> Guuu...aaah
    [22:00] <Star_Virgin> mmmmpppff
    [22:00] <Star_Virgin> oh
    [22:00] <Star_Virgin> ah
    [22:00] <Star_Virgin> ai
    [22:00] <Star_Virgin> aaaaha
    [22:00] <Star_Virgin> uuuuoooh
    [22:01] <Star_Virgin> *The torment is getting worse, Star Virgin is being attacked in many places.
    [22:02] <Star_Virgin> *The pain, the humiliation and the beating that she is receiving are breaking her pride.

    [22:04] * Racheal let's go of Star virgin and wraps an energy whip around her neck and drags her halfway around the console room away from the door controls.
    [22:05] <Racheal> "I want to see if you care about these people."
    [22:06] * Racheal unleashes another whip at the door controls. a computer sounds an alert saying that the reactor door will open in three minutes
    [22:07] <Racheal> "I'm going to allow you to save these people by cancelling the door opening command but the more you move towards the controls, the more pain you will be in by my whip.
    [22:08] <Racheal> "the farther you are, the more voltage you will recieve and we are a far distance to the controls......"

    [22:10] <Star_Virgin> *Star Virgin begins her torturous walk.
    [22:10] <Star_Virgin> aaaaaah
    [22:10] <Star_Virgin> bzzzzzz!!!
    [22:10] <Star_Virgin> AAAAAAAAAAAAIIIHHH!!!
    [22:10] <Star_Virgin> No matter the pain, she must save that people.
    [22:10] <Star_Virgin> zzzzzzzzz
    [22:11] <Star_Virgin> AAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUHHH!!!
    [22:11] <Star_Virgin> AAAAHAAAAAA
    [22:11] <Star_Virgin> *The pain is too much and the heroine fall on 4.

    [22:12] <Racheal> "hahahaha, 2 minutes left star virgin and you aren't even halfway there"
    [22:13] * Racheal plays the sound of the hostages screaming for Star Virgin to help them
    [22:13] <Racheal> "do you want to tell them that you failed them or should I?"

    [22:18] <Star_Virgin> No... Never.
    [22:19] <Star_Virgin> *Making a great effort, Star Virgin stand again.
    [22:20] <Star_Virgin> AAAAAAAHHHHH
    [22:21] <Star_Virgin> UUUUUUOOOHHH
    [22:21] <Star_Virgin> *On 4 again.

    [22:22] <Racheal> "1:30 left star Virgin.....you're almost there hahahahaha"
    [22:23] * Racheal turns up the voltage on her whip

    [22:34] <Star_Virgin> *Suffering a lot, Star Virgin, stand again, walk slowly an fall on her knees.

    [22:36] <Racheal> "30 seconds left....."
    [22:37] * Racheal shakes her head

    [22:42] <Star_Virgin> *Star Virgin crawl towards the control panel.
    [22:42] <Star_Virgin> *The pain is torturing her.
    [22:42] <Star_Virgin> aaaaah
    [22:42] <Star_Virgin> aaaaaah
    [22:43] <Star_Virgin> aaaaaaaaah
    [22:43] <Star_Virgin> *The girl in the red bikini fall again.

    [22:44] <Racheal> *there's 1o seconds on the clock but Star Virgin is near the controls
    [22:44] <Racheal> "come on, be the hero....for once"
    [22:44] * Racheal racheal taunts her as admires her shining armor

    [22:46] <Star_Virgin> *Finally, Star Virgin reaches the button and stop and cancel the door opening.
    [22:47] <Star_Virgin> Good... they... are safe.

    [22:47] <Racheal> before star virgin could relax, Racheal pulls the whip backwards making star virgin come to her
    [22:48] <Racheal> "now, that's good toy. I guess you aren't a useless heroine afterall"
    [22:49] * Racheal knocks Star Virgin on her stomache and jumps in the air.
    [22:50] <Racheal> "wheee!"
    [22:50] * Racheal lands on Star Virgin's back with her knees
    [22:50] <Racheal> "nope, you aren't bouncy. maybe you're bendable?"
    [22:52] <Racheal> while her knees are still on star virgin's back, Racheal wraps her arms around star virgin's neck and legs, turns over, and places Star Virgin in a bow and arrow lock

    [22:52] <Star_Virgin> uuuuu...uuuuhuuuu
    [22:52] <Star_Virgin> ooooo...aaahhh
    [22:52] <Star_Virgin> uf
    [22:52] <Star_Virgin> uf
    [22:52] <Star_Virgin> uf
    [22:54] <Star_Virgin> *A great pain passes through her body, she couldn´t recover of the damage caused by the whip and she already have to endure more pain.
    [22:55] <Star_Virgin> *Star Virgin could resist, but, Racheal´s demand forces her to endure the pain without any resist.

    [22:56] * Racheal uses her legs and arms as leverage to bend star virgin's back farther and farther
    [22:56] <Racheal> "I'm surprised I didn't permanently cripple ya last time star virgin. maybe I can do it this time?"

    [22:57] <Star_Virgin> UUUUUUUUUUUUaaaaaaahhhhaaaaaa
    [22:58] <Star_Virgin> Noooooo never. I will stop you.
    [22:58] <Star_Virgin> I will defeat you.
    [22:59] <Star_Virgin> I am Star Virgin, the warrior from the stars.

    [23:00] <Racheal> "you will do no such thing, the hostages remember? Of course, you could if you didn't care for them but we all know how that will end up"

    [23:01] <Star_Virgin> No. This is not fair. I can´t fight.

    [23:02] <Racheal> "life isn't fair and sometimes it's very short."
    [23:03] * Racheal pulls back harder on star virgin. it seems like Racheal is trying to bend star virgin's back in unnatural ways"

    [23:04] <Star_Virgin> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    [23:04] <Star_Virgin> yaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa
    [23:05] <Star_Virgin> ooooooooooooooooooooooohhh!!!

    [23:06] * Racheal let's go of the hold only to lift Star Virgin over her head and powerslam her to the ground
    [23:07] <Racheal> "just let me know when you give up. If you do that, I will kill the hostages"

    [23:07] <Star_Virgin> No... never give up.

    [23:08] <Racheal> "I thought so"
    [23:08] * Racheal fires an energy blast at Star virgin's torso. the blast seems to be melting away her bra

    [23:10] <Star_Virgin> uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuoooooooaaaaaahhh!!!
    [23:11] <Star_Virgin> *Feeling a great pain on her breasts Star Virgin tries to cover them, but, she feel her powers leaving her. (yt)
    [23:14] * Racheal stops firing her weapon and picks her up by her hair
    [23:15] <Racheal> "I want you to make squeaking noises when I squeeze you, understand. be a good toy and your friends will continue to live"
    [23:15] * Racheal wraps her arms around star virgin and squeezes her in a bearhug

    [23:17] <Star_Virgin> ah
    [23:17] <Star_Virgin> uh
    [23:17] <Star_Virgin> oooh
    [23:17] <Star_Virgin> aha
    [23:17] <Star_Virgin> uuuhuuua
    [23:18] <Star_Virgin> ooouuh
    [23:18] <Star_Virgin> ha
    [23:19] <Star_Virgin> *Star Virgin tries to contain the pain, every squeeze is so strong and she suffer a lot, but, she must obey.
    [23:19] <Star_Virgin> ah
    [23:19] <Star_Virgin> aaaha
    [23:19] <Star_Virgin> oh
    [23:19] <Star_Virgin> uuufff
    [23:20] <Star_Virgin> *The heroine´s body is limp, she don´t make nothing to resist.

    [23:20] <Racheal> "i hear alot of grunts but no squeaks! squeak damn you!"
    [23:21] * Racheal crushes star virgin against her armor.

    [23:24] <Star_Virgin> aaaaah
    [23:24] <Star_Virgin> sssshhhhh
    [23:24] <Star_Virgin> assshhh
    [23:24] <Star_Virgin> shaaa
    [23:24] <Star_Virgin> aaahh
    [23:24] <Star_Virgin> ooouuushh
    [23:24] <Star_Virgin> aaaha
    [23:24] <Star_Virgin> uuuuoooaha
    [23:24] <Star_Virgin> aha
    [23:24] <Star_Virgin> oooouuuuff
    [23:24] <Star_Virgin> haaaa

    [23:25] * Racheal drops star virgin on the floor looking miffed
    [23:25] <Racheal> "that was a shitty performance. for that, you're friends die!"
    [23:26] * Racheal re-activates the door controls. there's three minutes until the reactor door opens

    [23:27] <Star_Virgin> nooooo... stop... please???

    [23:27] <Racheal> "hehehe, nope"
    [23:27] * Racheal whips Star Virgin with her electric whip
    [23:27] <Racheal> "you failed to amuse me so I'm going to break my toys!"
    [23:28] <Racheal> "guess my mother was right. I stilled enjoyed killing her though"

    [23:30] <Star_Virgin> noooo
    [23:31] <Star_Virgin> aaahhh
    [23:31] <Star_Virgin> ooooohh
    [23:31] <Star_Virgin> aaaaaayyyyaha
    [23:31] <Star_Virgin> aaaaauuuuhhh
    [23:31] <Star_Virgin> uuuuoooaaahhh
    [23:31] <Star_Virgin> Nooo... I beg you... don´kill the???

    [23:32] * Racheal headbutts star virgin to shut her up but she accidentally knocks her to the door shut down button

    [23:33] <Star_Virgin> oooooohhh
    [23:33] <Star_Virgin> Star virgin slowly fall on the ground.

    [23:33] * Racheal tries to reactivate the door but it seems that the controls are destroyed
    [23:34] <Racheal> "fuck! this is your fault!"
    [23:34] * Racheal kicks star virgin's face a few times

    [23:35] <Star_Virgin> ah
    [23:35] <Star_Virgin> uhu
    [23:35] <Star_Virgin> aaaaaha
    [23:35] <Star_Virgin> At least, they are safe.

    [23:36] <Racheal> "but you're not, time to die!"
    [23:36] * Racheal charges her energy blasts to maximum but as she's abou to fire something happens
    [23:37] <Racheal> "no, what's this! I'm losing power? NOOOOOO!!!!"

    [23:37] <Star_Virgin> Wha...what is happening???

    [23:37] <Racheal> "why is my suit losing power?"
    [23:38] * Racheal checks the power supply and sees it's running near empty
    [23:38] <Racheal> "oh no!"
    [23:38] <Racheal> "NOT NOW!"

    [23:40] <Star_Virgin> hehehe. I think that we will meet again, hu???

    [23:41] <Racheal> "errr, we will and next time you won't be saved by power failure. I will be back!"
    [23:41] * Racheal stomps on Star Virgin's breasts as she flys off on what little power she has left
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    Another great rp.
  10. unknownwatcher

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    here's an rp I did with princeofpain a little while back using his heroine star virgin and his demoness OC Batra

    [18:58] <batra> *all over the city, people laid broken, buildings on fire, and people are cowaring in fear
    [18:58] <batra> "hahahaha!"
    [18:59] <batra> Batra is hugging a man but it's far from friendly as his energy is being drained somehow
    [18:59] <batra> "mmmm, excellent...."

    [19:02] <Star_Virgin> At the other side of the city, Gizelle Willians is watching the tv, she is horrified, she never seen nothing like that creature before.
    [19:03] <Star_Virgin> "What is that thing??? No matter. I know who can stop that evil being."
    [19:03] <Star_Virgin> "Power of the Stars I need you!!!"
    [19:04] <Star_Virgin> At this moment, Gizelle is transformed into Star Virgin. The heroine wears a red bikini and red boots.
    [19:05] <Star_Virgin> "Now, I will put an end on that creature."
    [19:05] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin flies towards the other side of the city.

    [19:07] * batra spots a news helicopter, flys up to it and flings it to a building by it's tail rotor.
    [19:08] <batra> "look at all of this food! I can feast here all day and then some!"
    [19:08] * batra spots a woman trying to start her car
    [19:08] <batra> "oh no you don't..."
    [19:08] * batra flys towards her

    [19:16] <Star_Virgin> "Stop now!!!"
    [19:17] <Star_Virgin> At this moment, Batra is intercepted, being kicked by a woman."
    [19:18] <Star_Virgin> "I don´t have any idea about who you are, but, I will put an end on this madness."
    [19:19] <Star_Virgin> "I am Star Virgin, the warrior from the Stars."

    [19:20] <batra> *just as batra is about to crush the car, she was kicked in her sides by an unknown woman who then introduced herself
    [19:21] * batra lands on the road and feels the side of her body
    [19:21] <batra> "star virgin you say?"
    [19:21] * batra eyes some civilians and smirks
    [19:21] <batra> "tell me, can you catch?"
    [19:22] <batra> *with great speed, Batra grabbed those civilians and threw them to the air in a great height

    [19:25] <Star_Virgin> "Oh my god!!! The creature has a great strength!!!"
    [19:26] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin flies. She must catch the two civilians before they fall or even hit something.
    [19:27] <Star_Virgin> "Considering that strength, they can by killed if they hit something or fall, I must catch them."
    [19:29] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin approaches of the first one and catch, then she see the other person and this person is going fast against a building.
    [19:30] <Star_Virgin> "Dear god!!!"
    [19:31] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin use her whole speed and catch the woman just in time to avoid the impact.
    [19:31] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin slowly down the civilians.
    [19:32] <Star_Virgin> "Go now, I will take care of that creature, right???"
    [19:32] <Star_Virgin> (Civilian) Thank you Star Virgin.
    [19:33] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin turns her attention to the creature and walks towards to that strange being.

    [19:35] * batra watched as star virgin catches the people in the air. batra's greastest strength was in the fear and suffering of people. It's not just their fear she's feeding off of though as she sensed star virgins fear for the people she promised to protect.
    [19:36] <batra> "I can sense your fear just now......you were afraid that you were going to let those people down weren't you?"
    [19:37] * batra walks towards star virgin smiling
    [19:37] <batra> "well, let's dig further into that fear shall we?"
    [19:38] <batra> *with great speed, Batra charges towards Star Virgin and swipes at her body with her claws

    [19:39] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin is suprised by that awsome speed. She only have time for defend herself using her arms.
    [19:40] <Star_Virgin> "ouch!!!"
    [19:43] <Star_Virgin> The claws made little scratches, but, that scratches are diferent, it hurts and burns like flames.
    [19:43] <Star_Virgin> "What is this???"
    [19:44] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin counter attack with a kick on Batra´s head.

    [19:44] * batra smiles as she watches Star virgin cradle her arm.
    [19:44] <batra> "why, that's a by product of-
    [19:45] <batra> *before she could finish, Batra dodged a kick from Star virgin and counters with a kick of her own

    [19:48] <Star_Virgin> "Who are you??? What is you???"
    [19:49] <Star_Virgin> "How can you be so powerful???"

    [19:50] <batra> "I'm known as Batra, a demoness from another plane of exsistance which is...no longer in existance. oops"
    [19:51] * batra cracks a twisted smile as she remembers her dealings in her old, destroyed world.
    [19:51] <batra> 'suffice to say, it offered me no more food but here.....there's plenty of poor souls to feed off of!"
    [19:52] * batra eyes an construction area with workers high about looking down on the pair
    [19:52] <batra> "let me show you how I get my powers!"
    [19:53] <batra> *with great speed, Batra rushes towards the construction site and destroys the lowest beam
    [19:53] <batra> "better save them...."

    [19:54] <Star_Virgin> "Oh nooo!!!"
    [19:57] <Star_Virgin> Without waste time, Star Virgin flies and sve the workers. After put them in a safe place, she returns to Batra.
    [19:59] <Star_Virgin> "You are insane. A menace, a manace that I will destroy now.

    [20:00] * batra takes off her top as she motions Star Virgin to come after her
    [20:01] <batra> "come on, I'm right here" Batra said with her arms open wide

    [20:02] <Star_Virgin> "What are you doing???"
    [20:02] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin is a confused. Why Batra stripped her top??? Something is not right.
    [20:02] <Star_Virgin> "Here I go!!!"
    [20:03] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin rushes towards Batra and tries to punch her face.

    [20:04] * batra grabs Virgin's hand and then wraps her arms around her waist
    [20:04] <batra> "Now, I will feed on your energy Star Virgin!"
    [20:06] * batra squeezes down on star virgin but it's not the bearhug itself hurting her as it feels like her energy is being zapped away
    [20:07] <batra> "this is one of my favorite things to do to my victims. I would cradle them in my arms while my chest feeds off of thier life force"

    [20:07] <Star_Virgin> "Wha...wha...aat iiiis thiiiissss???"
    [20:08] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin is now feeling herself tired, like is she is being drained, she feels... weak, more and more weak.
    [20:10] <Star_Virgin> The contact with Batra´s breast are making her forces leaving her body and the worst part... she feels Batra stronger more and more.
    [20:10] <Star_Virgin> "What are you doing to me???"

    [20:10] <batra> "don't worry, you will be apart of me...it's glorious!"
    [20:10] * batra then squeezes harder on star virgin
    [20:11] <batra> "you energy will be mine soon...."

    [20:11] <Star_Virgin> "UUUUUOOOOUUUHHH!!!"
    [20:13] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin is trying to break free, but, she is losing her powers every second that Batra´s breasts lean on her body.
    [20:13] <Star_Virgin> "I can´t break free, she is becoming stronger and I am weakening.

    [20:14] <batra> *the onlookers see star virgin losing her battle and they are frightened. some cheer her on regardless of her impossible position
    [20:14] <batra> "here that? they're cheering for you but only because of their own peril"
    [20:15] * batra squeezes down harder on star virgin
    [20:16] <batra> "once I snuff you, I will feast on them as well!"
    [20:17] * batra laughs as she continues squeezing out the energy and breath of star virgin. "I can feel your ribs cracking!"

    [20:17] <Star_Virgin> "aaaahaaaaaahhh!!!"
    [20:17] <Star_Virgin> "oooooouuuuhhhh!!!"
    [20:18] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin´s resistance is useless, the heroine is being drained, she is so weak that she can´t even free herself.

    [20:19] * batra drops star virgin and then mounts her
    [20:20] <batra> "well, look like you have no more fight left in your weakened body but you are still breathing. hmmmm, I'll fix that!"
    [20:20] * batra places her breasts on top of star virgin's face effectively smothering her

    [20:21] <Star_Virgin> "Hmmmmmm!!! Hmmmmmm!!!"
    [20:22] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin is being choked!!! The heroine can´t breath!!!"

    [20:22] <batra> "don't struggle, it's over" Batra said suductively
    [20:23] * batra presses her breasts harder down onto star virgin's face and smiles at everyone watching "who wants to be next?"

    [20:24] <Star_Virgin> "HHHHHMMmmmm hhhhummm"
    [20:24] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin squirms trying to break free.

    [20:25] <batra> "shhhhhhhh, don't fight it......I estimate you only have a minute left before you fall unconcious"

    [20:28] <Star_Virgin> "oooohhhh aaaaahhh!!!"
    [20:29] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin just moans, she has fight spirit, but, no forces for fight.

    [20:30] * batra is about to finish off star virgin but something hits her
    [20:30] <batra> "what, who would...?!"
    [20:31] * batra turns around and sees a kid shooting nerf balls at her
    [20:31] <batra> "you're not afraid?"
    [20:31] * batra releases the hold on star virgin and stalks the kid
    [20:31] <batra> *the kid just stands there continuing to shoot at her with his nerf gun

    [20:32] <Star_Virgin> "Noooo...ooooo. Sssssstop Batra???"

    [20:33] * batra was about to hit the kid but something else hit her. it was a hammer!
    [20:34] <batra> construction worker: hey, you leave them alone! I'm not scared of you
    [20:34] * batra was getting worried. her power relied on the fear of others but somehow they were slowly starting to lse their fear

    [20:36] <Star_Virgin> "Do you see Batra??? You don´t scare them.

    [20:38] <batra> "no, they will fear me!"
    [20:38] * batra rushes towards the kid and holds him hostage
    [20:38] <batra> "I'll kill this kid! I will"
    [20:38] * batra raises her hand ready to slash his throat

    [20:39] <Star_Virgin> "Noooo Batra!!! Don´t do this??? Is just a child."
    [20:40] <Star_Virgin> The people now are worried about the little kid.

    [20:41] * batra is about to kill the kid but his mother comes to save him with a taser
    [20:41] <batra> "ARRUUGHHHHHH!!"
    [20:41] <batra> "no, I'm losing my power. my strength..."
    [20:42] * batra starts to back up as a mob forms
    [20:42] <batra> "no......"

    [20:45] <Star_Virgin> Making a great effort, Star Virgin stands and walks towards Batra and tries to punch her face.

    [20:46] <batra> *the punch connects but it only stings her
    [20:46] <batra> "errgh, not today!"
    [20:47] * batra headbutts star virgin and flys into the sky "I will be back. I have underestimated this city but I will return and I will be feared!"
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    Excelent RP.
    I hope to see another match between them soon.
    Congratulations guys, amazing RP
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    the final fight(?) between batra and star virgin

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    Great rp guys
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    It was a really nice rp
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    star virgin: the slave:
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    kathy the biker vs Angel

    here's an rp between me and baku


    Angel: Baku

    I hope you guys liked it!
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    Very good rp´s
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    Val Kyrie(me) vs Asynja(unrelated)

    This is an rp I did with Unrelated and I really had fun with this one. check it out!