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UFC Womens Uniform Request

Discussion in 'SDT Requests' started by harkonnen, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. harkonnen

    harkonnen Potential Patron

    Aug 25, 2015
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    UFC just got new uniforms and I thought it would be rad to get those in here. The Champions uniform doesnt have a good picture yet. Its basically black and grey with gold letters for the fighters name. But yeah. I attached a few photos in the link below.

    There is a white uniform and a black uniform. So when they fight one person is in white and the other in black. The coloring of the letters is based on what country they are from. Just a little background if it helps.

    Hoping to get a white and a black version of this uniform. As well as gloves with blue tape and red tape. As far as the letters on the sports bra Im not to picky.

    Lastly... LOL... There are two other .swf mods I have found on here called HardBod.swf and Muscular_Her.swf. If whoever is so awesome to take on this challenge wants to make a uniform that fits these body types as well... Youll forever be in my debt.

    Note: Uniform 5 is from The Ultimate Fighter. If whoever is up to making more than the new Reebok uniforms this would be sweet too. Image is titles 'Uniform 5' and 'Uniform 5-2'

    Also references were a bit hard to come by seeing as these uniforms are new and any photo is usually an action shot. If you need more reference let me know.

  2. stuntcock

    stuntcock Staff Member Moderator

    Jun 5, 2012
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    If anyone out there is interested in working on this request, then I'd suggest using sby's allAlphaSlidersV5 mod. Instead of setting up separate colored shapes (or layers) and publishing two distinct files, you could simply assign the fills as Top.RGB1 (for the main bra color) and Top.RGB2 (for the "UFC" lettering) and then allow the user to fine-tune the sliders. As a minor "bonus" feature: the user could set the Top.RGB2 alpha slider to zero in order to hide the UFC lettering, thus making the costume more generic (applicable to a wider range of characters and scenarios).

    You could, of course, also provide "preset" charcodes for the black and white variants of the costume.

    The shoulders and ribcage of the two mods are very similar, so the bra is not a problem (if it fits Hardbody and includes a few mm of "fabric thickness" then it will also fit Muscular). The biggest headache would be breast slider support, because it's tricky to create a sports bra whose bottom edge will move or reshape itself to fit neatly into the inframammary crease. It's especially difficult in this case, because we can't rely on simple Flash tweens (they work fine when the front of the chest is smooth, but these mods add muscle mass to the ribcage which makes it "bumpy").

    The buttocks and thighs of the two mods are dissimilar in shape. Custom work would be needed to fit the shorts onto each body variant. A modder could get clever by drawing the actual "content" once and then appying different Masks for the various leg types, but then the shading would look weird and you'd conceal the underlying muscle definition. SDT clothing does not "stretch" to fit the curves of the body; it is essentially "painted onto" the body template. In a sense, you're asking the modder to repeat this painting work three times.

    Suggestion: pick one body type (normal, hardbody, or muscular) which the mod ought to target. Don't ask the modder to do extra work just because you can't make up your mind.

    Suggestion: assume that the costume will not support the breast slider and choose a breast size (such as breasts:49) which the mod ought to target. The basic question is "do you you a realistic hardbody or a comic-book physique?"

    You're definitely going to need more references; the angle on these images is probably OK (depending on the modder's skill and creativity) but the resolution is very low and the lighting is uneven. Also - many of the images show the left side of the girl's body; right-side shots are more useful to modders.

    Try to find a few different images of the gloves. Remember that the gloves must be drawn/traced in each of the positions available for the SDT girl's hands (clenched behind her back, flat against thighs, curled around the penis). An abundance of reference imagery would be useful.

    When you refer to mod files, it's polite to include links.
    • perhaps there are new SDT users who are interested in the "tough girls" idea but don't know where to look.
    • any modder who wants to work on your request will need those SWF files. You can save them the trouble of searching.
    • in some cases, there may be multiple versions or revisions of a file floating around, all of which share the same filename. You can eliminate any ambiguity by providing a direct link.
    • the request may linger for a while before seeing any attention. The authors of those mods may rename their files, and you yourself may stop visiting the forum. If you've included links then there's less risk of confusion if/when someone picks up the request in the future.
    • linking to the author's work is a simple way of showing recognition and gratitude for the work that they've done.

    The Muscular mod was made by Dante but it's not listed on his Loader imports page. You might want to contact him directly and ask about it. It may be a simple error of omission ... but it's possible that he has an improved/updated version and so he doesn't want people using the old mod file anymore.

    The Hardbody mod was made by Happa.
  3. harkonnen

    harkonnen Potential Patron

    Aug 25, 2015
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    Firstly thank you very much for the in depth response. Secondly I want to apologize for not linking Dante and Happa. I did a quick search with no results. I should have taken a little more time to link the source material. Ill be sure to do so moving forward.

    I understand its much more work to create the clothing for the different body types. Id easily prefer the "hardbod"physique for this project if we were to go with one.

    If the breasts cant support the slider feature then lets target size 50.

    I will search for as many more references of the uniforms and the gloves. Ill do my best to find high res quality for these. The updated references will be found in the original posts link.

    If anyone has any questions Id be more than happy to help or assist in this project in any way that I can.

    I have attached quite a few more references. The action shots may even cover the glove reference issue.
    NOTE1 - They have different styled shorts they can wear. Some here are more like track/running shorts. The uniform I would be looking for is the spandex variety.
    NOTE2 - Some of the fighters are layering their sports bras and shorts. Not looking to include these. Specifically in these pictures is a green sports bra and grey shorts on two different fighters.