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Feb 6, 2014
I've got some advices for you guys in order to increase the chances that your outfit or clothing requests are fulfilled. I insist, this doesn't guarantee the success of your request. The following statements aren't mandataroy but, as a modder myself, I think I am sufficiently qualified to give you some tips.

Read the Requesting Rules

If you don't follow the rules :
  • you will be "more or less mistreat" by a moderator ;
  • there is no chance that your request will be fulfilled ;
  • a cute little kitten will die somewhere and it will be entirely your fault.
Find the best reference image

You found a proper reference where we can see the side profil of the character, like a character sheet.
Example :

One problem here : this image is too small. As a modder I want to be able to zoom one every details.

How to get this same image but with a better resolution ? Use the google's reverse image search !
On google image look at the tiny camera on the right of the search bar :

Here you can past an existing image's url or upload the image from your computer (or the easiest way : drag and drop the image) :

When I drag and drop my reference image I get this result. You can see the actual size of my image (720x565) and you can search for all the others size of this same image :

Here you can find the exact same image but with a better resolution :

This isn't perfect but this is still way better than the previous resolution.

So remember, when you have a nice reference, try to find a better resolution.

Give more details with other references

You are searching for a specific character outfits but you can't find a proper reference image. Example :

I'm very interested by the detailed fold on her sleeves but this isn't a side view and the resolution is quite low. Well, this isn't the only picture of a detailed folded short sleeves in the world ! I can search for others reference image with similar detailed. Like this one :

This is still not a perfect picture, but at least I've got a side view of a detailed short sleeve.

Beware ! You still need to provide reference image of your original outfit request. By providing additional references image not directly relevant you'll need to be very cautious in the presentation of your request. So please, specify that is an additional picture providing details about a very specific part of the costume.
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