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The temple for noobs...RyonaNoob's Channel

Discussion in 'Videos' started by RyonaNoob, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. RyonaNoob

    RyonaNoob Potential Patron

    Aug 23, 2011
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    Hi first of all sorry for my bad english im not from America and my english is very very bad. Please try to ignore my fails using english

    Hi Im RyonaNoob like my name says im a Noob recording and capturing ryona videos. Im trying to do my best with Ryona videos and looks like here is the place for real ryona sensei. I always liked ryona and mmos are a good resource for ryona videos and for the little amount of mmo ryona videos i decided make Ryona mmo videos

    Here My videos
    Atlantica Online
    YouTube - Princess ryona
    YouTube - Elementalist Ryona
    Maid Main Ryona - Atlantica Online - YouTube

    Aika Online
    Paladin Ryona - YouTube
    Cleric Ryona (fixed) - YouTube

    Granado Espada (Sword2 in USA)
    fighter bikini ryona - YouTube
    emilia gianno ryona - YouTube
    Claire ryona - YouTube
    Warlock ryona - YouTube

    i always try to do my best on my videos and enhance the quality (my PC isnt really good and my internet its really a piece of...) feel free to comment and request a game! Oh yeah im gonna update this threat with more videos! =)

    Working On: Sword2 videos (If you play this game, i need your help for PvP ryona videos)

    Ryona for all and im out...
  2. HaquaFan

    HaquaFan Avid Affiliate

    Aug 19, 2011
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    Oh nvm about my comment on my video lol, didn't know you go on this site ;p. and I sent you a pm on youtube again.