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The foolish Asuka Kazama

Discussion in 'Visual Art' started by galvatron88, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. galvatron88

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    Feb 16, 2014
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    Here is another one i was doing. this ones a short one.

    It is in the middle of a martial arts tournament. Gen, The master assassins next opponent is a young rather portly girl named Asuka Kazama, of the famous tekken tournament.....

    asuka vs gen 1.png Asuka vs gen 1a.png
    "hey old man, i heard da you, ur dat assassin dude, LETS FIGHT!!" the cocky portly asuka stood there with her hands on her roundish hips with a smirk on her face.

    Asuka vs gen 2.png
    Gen is temped but it would ease him good he thought to just forfeit and let her continue on. " No my child, i am done i throw in the towel to you."

    asuka vs gen 1.png
    but the not so bright asuka wanted a good fight and a good fight she was going to get. " Nah-ah, ur gonna fight me old man or i'll make you fight me."

    Asuka vs gen 3.png
    gen just looks on, then a smile came across his face. " ok then child, but you are asking for death....I should point out that girls bellies are the weakest and most dangerous part of the body for a man like me. not only it's the softest most vulnerable part but if left unfit it leaves the vital organs open but there is a nerve that leads to the brain and i can shut it down easily."

    Asuka vs gen 4.png
    The confused Asuka looks on in bewilderment, "....Wha?....dude ur fucking stupid."

    Asuka vs gen NEW.png
    Asuka vs gen NEWa.png
    then with out warning, gen lunges forward with lightening fast speed and drives a punch in the poor dumb teens soft belly.

    Asuka vs gen 5c.png Asuka vs gen5b.png
    at the same time he crushes her belly pouch while pinching the nerve that leads to her brain shutting it down causing her brain to seize.
    asuka vs gen 6b.png asuka vs gen 6c.png asuka vs gen 6a.png Asuka vs gen 6.png
    the foolish chubby girl was no more.

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