[TERA] Elin simple nude patch (working as of Mar.2.2021)


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Hello! This is my first post here and I'm not very familiar with formatting with these tools so this won't be the prettiest post ever but I hope it helps someone. I've been a long time on and off TERA player both on the Japanese server and English server and I'm also a huge pervert and love naked, petite Elins.

Anyway, I took the liberty of using tools and an older version nude patch that I had on hand to make this.
Mini disclaimer: None of the tools or textures were made by me in any way, I simply manipulated the files I had access to. The original nude patch was found on a Japanese modding forum that I no longer have a link to, I simply had the file still from before TERA updated and broke old 32-bit mods.

Needed to use:
TERA Mod Manager: Releases · VenoMKO/TMM
patch file: underwear001
(This only works with the simple grey underwear, including "Simple Refreshing Undergarments" given to you around level 40 in the main story quests.)

Simply start the mod manager, point it to the folder it wants, and add the mod gpk!

A simple run through of how I made this mod (I will not be answering any questions after this post, sorry! It wasn't hard to learn, so you should be able to port any old _CH folder style mods yourself~!)

-opened the old mod with the program UTHelper and exported the textures I wanted to change

-imported the nude textures with this tool (simply followed the instructions under "Create a composite mod"): VenoMKO/RealEditor

That's it!


Full frontal


Vaginal close-up

Anal close-up


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Good to see someone is still making TERA mods, even though i dont play elin. Wonder if anyone is working on something similar for elves or castanics?


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Here is the old mod for Castanics, using the Torpedo swimsuit. Hopefully you can use it to make a mod for Castanics? I will also post the mods I have for the other races, for the old 32bit version of Tera.


  • PC_Event_01_shaved_patch.zip
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I only have a mod for robes for Elves.


  • Highelf_F_R(Shaven).7z
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Here is the mod for humans. Hope you can do something with them.


  • PC_Event_01_shaved_patch.zip
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