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Tears (because) of a Clown

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Fighter Writer, Apr 12, 2014.

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    This is other of my 'rediscovered' stories from years gone by. As with the previously posted story, I've made a few alterations here and there but it remains 99% the original tale...

    TEARS (because) OF A CLOWN

    At Rico's Circus of Marvels and Mayhem, the star attractions were Yvette and Marie; acrobats, trapeze-artists; dancers; bareback horse riders. Whatever the sultry brunette twins put their mind to, they achieved it with nothing less than 100% success and deafening crowd adulation.

    The most popular act each night had Maria and Yvette playing the role of superheroines, out to capture a stereotypically nasty villain. For the act, the twins, dressed in matching yellow lycra tights and sequined bikini tops, showcased all of their flipping, jumping, high-flying ability to capture the bad guy. That role was played by Enrique, a clown in suitably 'bad guy' looking make-up and clothes.

    The denouement of the act had the twins swing across the circus ring on ropes, pick up Enrique by the arms, undress him in mid-air and drop him upside down, wearing only a pair of red stripy boxer shorts, into a barrel of water, his legs and feet sticking out of the top. Such was the popularity of the act, it had been a mainstay of Rico's Circus for 3 years now. 7 nights a week. 52 weeks of the year.

    And has time had passed, the twins had 'enhanced' the act. First it was the addition of a fight scene, where the twins repeatedly punched and kicked Enrique around the circus ring. And their punches and kicks were rarely pulled. Then they increased the height from which they would drop Enrique into the barrel - and subsequently missed their target on more than one occasion, often sending Enrique crashing into the hard floor. The smiles on their faces whenever this occurred suggested it was far from accidental. And even when he did land in the barrel, the twins had got into the habit of holding his legs and keeping him under the water for longer and longer on each night. Whilst the crowd would believe Enrique's flailing legs and struggles were all part of the act, he knew differently.

    Tonight's show had finished no differently and for the umpteenth time, Enrique pulled himself out of the barrel. As ever, his clown make-up had all but vanished from his face. All that was left was a ghostly pallor that ended at his neck, although the natural skin tone of his slim pale chest was not much darker. A life in the circus does not allow much time for basking the the sun. A bright red wig floated in the water of the barrel. He left it there, unable to face putting it out to dry for yet another night of ritual humiliation. He slipped out of his stripy boxers, revealing a pair of tight blue Speedo trunks beneath. By now, the seats of the circus were empty. The twins act was the show's big finale and the crowd had left immediately after Enrique's dunking.

    Suddenly, his sopping wet red wig smacked into his face and flopped to the floor at his feet. He looked up to see the twins walking towards him. They didn't even to attempt to hide their giggling at his skinny, pale body. The two women walked right up to Enrique, so as to get right in his face. "Pick that up, pig!" spat Marie, in a strong French accent.

    "Oui," said Yvette, "We are the stars of this show, you are just another performing monkey, now pick it up."

    The wig was on the floor, directly in between the twins. Enrique dropped to his knees, as though to do as he had been ordered. Instead though, his fists ploughed simultaneously into each girl's crotch. They doubled over in unison, both squealing in pain. Enrique stood up quickly, "Now I am the real bad guy, no?" he said and stepped in-front of Marie, who was still bent double, her hands at her aching crotch.

    "Now, I think it is only fair I treat you equally," said Enrique, "and so I must be able to tell you apart during our next 'performance'. So for Marie, tonight you shall be the clown," Grasping her hair in both hands, he pulled her head downwards and simultaneously drove his knee into her face. As the blow snapped her upright, Marie's nose was now clearly misshapen and bloodied red.

    As Marie staggered backwards, Enrique turned to Yvette who had recovered a little from his earlier punch. Enrique rectified that quickly, lashing his bare foot deep into her crotch and causing her to yelp in pain again. "And you Yvette. You shall be the bearded lady!" Holding her upright by her bikini top with one hand, the back of his other hand smacked viciously across her right cheek. He used the front of the same hand to slap her left cheek... and again on the left... and right, slapping her head from left to right again and again, the noise of hand on skin sounding like the cracking of the lion tamer's whip. Eventually he stopped, leaving Yvette's cheeks a much brighter red than the rest of her face. He let her drop to the floor, her hands clutching her raw cheeks.

    "Ah Marie," said Enrique, "I have neglected you, no? Yvette has had two but you have only had one."

    "One what?" asked the dazed acrobat.

    "One of these," he replied, and thumped his foot between Marie's legs. She gurgled a stunned "UUUunnggggggg!!!" as his foot thudded into her crotch, her face instantly losing all it's colour. "Aha", said Enrique smiling, "You look more like a clown at every moment!" He stepped back, and looked at the twins. Yvette was still on her knees, nursing her raw cheeks; Marie stood unsteadily on her feet, her expression one of utter discomfort.

    "Hmmmm. Now we are all even, who do I choose next?" pondered Enrique. He returned his attention to Yvette. "You are sad because I have forgotten you Yvette? Then you shall have your turn!" He pulled her back to her feet by her hair and pounded his knee into her soft gut repeatedly, each strike bringing with it grunted "ooooffs!!" and "uuunnnfffffs!!!" As Yvette bent double, her stomach aching and winded, Enrique flipped her over his shoulder and dropped her in a heap onto the hard sandy floor of the ring.

    Immediately turning back to face Marie, Enrique raised his fists in an old style boxing stance and began to dance theatrically on his feet. Marie's hands were still at her crotch when Enrique's fist thudded into her jaw. She staggered back, stunned and raised her hands to block a further face punch. Instead, Enrique drilled his fist into her gut. She doubled over, expelling an "OOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFF!!" that was only cut off by an uppercut that crashed into her chin. Now Enrique could pick and choose shots at his leisure; a left cross, a right hook, a flurry of quick jabs, each bare-fisted strike cracked into Marie's face hard, knocking her from side to side. A powerful gut punch sank deep into her belly and she dropped to her knees, wheezing for air.

    Yvette was standing again, and stared fearfully at Enrique's fists as he refocused on her. "Oh, do not fear, Yvette," he said, "I promise not to use my hands at all." As if to prove his point, he put his hands behind his back. Yvette's relief was short lived as Enrique's bare-foot smacked across her face three times; left cheek, right cheek, left cheek. His heel then thudded into her nose with bone-crunching force, before slamming his foot into her gut. As she bent double, his raised his leg high and dropped his heel against the back of her neck like an axe, dropping her to the floor alongside Marie.

    Both girls were now groaning loudly in pain and they looked up at Enrique's still wet body as he stood over them, a look of puzzlement on his face. "What's this?" he said, looking at both girls bloodied and bruised faces, "I can no longer tell my clown from my bearded lady!" He shook his head. "Do not fret ladies. Now this means you can BOTH be in the big finale!"

    Grabbing each of them by the hair, he pulled them to their feet. Again, his knee crashed into Marie's crotch, making her grunt in agony. Yvette soon joined her as her sex was battered by Enrique's other knee. He began to alternate between each girl, driving his knees between their legs, each impact causing the respective girl to squeal as her body spasmed in eye-watering pain. "It is like the can-van, is it not?" laughed Enrique, as he pounded each woman's crotch in turn. "Or perhaps for you now, it will be the can't-can't!"

    Eventually Enrique stopped and dragged the now nauseous twins over to the water barrel. "Take a bow ladies," said Enrique and pushed both women head-first into the water, with enough force to flip them upside down, submerged to their waists, their splayed legs kicking the air. Enrique raised his arms between each girl's flailing legs, his hands flat and slammed them down fast, delivering a perfect karate chop into each girl's crotch. A mass of bubbles came to the surface of the water and popped, releasing the twin's submerged screams of pain.

    Pulling the beaten twins from the barrel, Enrique let the sobbing, defeated women fall to the floor. Their make up now smeared with the blood and bruises on their faces, their hair wet and disheveled.

    And Enrique was never dunked again.
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