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Tabor's Dialogue(s) - Dota

Discussion in 'Dialogue' started by Tabor, Nov 12, 2015.

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    Nov 12, 2015
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    My first dialogue, made partly just to practice, but I thought I'd share it anyway. Any feedback/advice is more than welcome, especially on my code layout. Thanks, to the guys who posted me some help in the guest section of the old forum!


    Lina (Femdom blowjob dialogue)
    Uses DialogueActions, found here. The base loader I use is ModGuy's v5.45, found here. Doesn't use Animtools, should work pretty well with any blowjob position that also allows handjobs.

    • Hair ("Hair.png") - by Mineur:

    • Background ("BG.png"):

    • Thumbnail ("Thumb.png"):

    • Character code ("Code.txt"), also attached to end of post:
    • Dialogue ("Dialogue.txt") - also attached to end of post (make sure to save in Unicode if you copy + paste):
    --------------Makes sense with blowjob scenes.
    --------------Intended to be part of a larger series of Dota girls with a (loose) overarching storyline involving travelling cross-country. Also my first dialogue ever, so mostly serving as a means to learn how dialogues work. Hopefully in future ones I will add flashier stuff like custom/multiple positions, more complex mechanics etc
    dialogue_name:"Lina Dominant SDT"
    ---Setup and intro
    start:"[INSTANT_FLASH_000000][MASTURBATE_STOP][CLEAN_ALL][AUTO_OFF][HIDE_PENIS]Travelling at night, you become lost and stray off the path. A few hours later you come across a campfire.ББББББББББББББ[start2]"{"style":"him"}
    start2:"Seeing nobody around, you decide to sit at the fire to warm yourself. Before long, the campfire's owner returns.ББББББББББББББ[start3]"{"style":"him"}
    start3:"You turn from prodding the low embers in the fire to see a redheaded mage emerging from the bushes. A splitsecond later, a rush of heat overtakes your body and you black out.ББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ When you come to, you realise you are standing naked in front of the mage, who has a threatening look in her eyesББББББББББББББ.ББББББББББББББ.ББББББББББББББ.ББББББББББББББ[start4]"{"style":"him"}
    start4:"<<About Lina%3A She is dominant, but greatly enjoys defiance - for her to break down. She despises incompetence.>>"{"style":"him"}
    introfalse:"[END_FLASH][RELEASE][ARMS_LEGS][HAPPY_MOOD][CLOSE_EYES][LOOK_UP]Well well well, what do we have here?ББББББ An intruder messing with my campfire?ББББББББББББББ[intro1]"{"style":"thought"}
    intro1:"[OPEN_EYES]Since you played with fire, I'm going to assume you aren't afraid of getting burned.[LEFT_ARM_HIS_LEGS]ББББББББББББ[intro2]"{"style":"thought"}
    intro2:"By the time I'm done, you'll either be begging me to stop, or begging me for more. I don't mind either way,ББББББББ as long as you beg.ББББББББББББ[SHOW_PENIS]"{"set":{"played":"true"},"style":"thought"}
    introtrue:"[TAP_HANDS]Don't look so worried. I'm just imagining some of the delightful sounds you're about to make."{"style":"thought"}
    introtrue:"Don't be shy. If I were going to hurt you, I'd have burnt off more than just your clothes."{"style":"thought"}
    introtrue:"Maybe you need a warmup first?БББББББ[RIGHT_ARM_HAND_JOB]"{"style":"thought"}
    ---General lines
    general:"[LOOK_DOWN]Hot enough for you?"{"style":"thought"}
    general:"[LOOK_UP]Aren't you just burning with shame right now?"{"style":"thought"}
    general:"It's not the heat, it's the humiliation."{"style":"thought"}
    resistance:"[ARMS_LEGS]You taste delicious.ББББББББББББББ I think I'm going to have you all at once![ARMS_HIS_LEGS]"{"style":"thought"}
    resistance:"Ready for round two?ББББББББББББББ It'll be more fun if you're not."{"style":"thought"}
    first_throat:"Feeling the heat?[ARMS_LEGS]"{"style":"thought"}
    first_throat:"Almost all the way. Scared I might not give it back?ББББББББББББББ You should be.[ARMS_LEGS]"{"style":"thought"}
    first_dt:"[LOOK_UP]Never been deep throated?ББББББББББББ[ARMS_HIS_LEGS]ББББББББББББ I guess that means I popped your cherry, then."{"style":"thought"}
    first_dt:"[ARMS_LEGS]There, I fit it all in.[LOOK_DOWN]ББББББББББББББ That means it's mine, right?[ARMS_HIS_LEGS]"{"style":"thought"}
    held:"[CLOSE_EYES]I do wish I didn't need to breathe.[helda2]"{"style":"thought"}
    helda2:"[OPEN_EYES]That's better."{"style":"thought"}
    wake:"[LOOK_DOWN]I may have overdone that one a little."{"style":"thought"}
    vigorous:"The look on your face is priceless right now.ББББББББББББББ Did you only just realise I can make you come whenever I want to?"{"style":"thought"}
    vigorous:"[LOOK_UP]Feeling the heat yet?"{"style":"thought"}
    vigorous:"You're letting it all out whether you want to or not*, YOU*."{"style":"thought"}
    ---Edging system ramps up and results in request for cum, if ignored results in enforced cumming and mental submission over time (bend, or be broken)
    pre_cum0:"I can feel it throbbing.[LOOK_UP]ББББББББББББББ But you don't get to come yet.[pre_cum0_*gameexplained*]"{"set":{"edging":1},"style":"thought"}
    pre_cum0:"Oh my, I could just give this one lick and you'd explode.[LOOK_UP]ББББББББББББББ But don't come yet.[pre_cum0_*gameexplained*]"{"set":{"edging":1},"style":"thought"}
    pre_cum0:"I can see that you're burning to fБinish.[LOOK_UP]ББББББББББББББ But you can't come yet.[pre_cum0_*gameexplained*]"{"set":{"edging":1},"style":"thought"}
    pre_cum0_0:"Let's have a little fun.ББББББББББББББ I want you to hold it in for me while getting as close as possible."{"style":"thought","set":{"gameexplained":1}}
    pre_cum0_0:"We're going to play a little game.ББББББББББББББ I bring you to the edge, and you try not to fall over it."{"style":"thought","set":{"gameexplained":1}}
    pre_cum0_1:"Same rules as before. I want to see how long you can hold out."{"style":"thought","set":{"gameexplained":2}}
    pre_cum0_2:"Same rules as before. Though if you ignored my orders and held it back even longer, things could get interesting..."{"style":"thought"}
    pre_cum1:"I can feel it twitching.ББББББББББББББ[ANGRY_MOOD]ББББББББББ But don't you dare come."{"set":{"edging":2},"style":"thought"}
    pre_cum1:"It's throbbing for me again.ББББББББББББББ[ANGRY_MOOD]ББББББББББ But don't you dare come."{"set":{"edging":2},"style":"thought"}
    pre_cum2:"[HAPPY_MOOD]ББББББББББIsn't this fun?ББББББББББ"{"set":{"edging":3},"style":"thought"}
    pre_cum2:"[HAPPY_MOOD]ББББББББББIsn't this a fun little game?ББББББББББ"{"set":{"edging":3},"style":"thought"}
    pre_cum2:"[HAPPY_MOOD]ББББББББББI hope you're having as much fun as I am.БББББББББББББББ"{"set":{"edging":3},"style":"thought"}
    pre_cum3:"[HAPPY_MOOD][LOOK_UP]БББББGood boy!ББББББББББББ You're doing a great job.БББББББББББ[NORMAL_MOOD] But don't come quite yet."{"set":{"edging":4},"style":"thought"}
    pre_cum3:"You're still holding on quite nicely.ББББББББББББББББББББ [LOOK_UP][HAPPY_MOOD]ББББББББББGood boy!ББББББББББ[NORMAL_MOOD]"{"set":{"edging":4},"style":"thought"}
    pre_cum4:"Come on my face.ББББББББББББББ Now.[RIGHT_ARM_HAND_JOB][LEFT_ARM_HIS_LEGS]"{"set":{"edging":5,"want":"reqface"},"style":"thought"}
    pre_cum4:"Come on my face.ББББББББББББББ Now.[LEFT_ARM_HAND_JOB][RIGHT_ARM_HIS_LEGS]"{"set":{"edging":5,"want":"reqface"},"style":"thought"}
    pre_cum4:"Come all over my face, pet.ББББББББББББББ Now.[ARMS_HAND_JOB]"{"set":{"edging":5,"want":"reqface"},"style":"thought"}
    pre_cum4:"Come in my mouth.ББББББББББББББ Now."{"set":{"edging":5,"want":"reqface"},"style":"thought"}
    pre_cum4:"Fill my mouth with come.ББББББББББББББ I want to taste it.ББББББББББББББ Now."{"set":{"edging":5,"want":"reqface"},"style":"thought"}
    pre_cum4:"Cover my tongue in come.ББББББББББББББ Now."{"set":{"edging":5,"want":"reqface"},"style":"thought"}
    pre_cum4:"Come down my throat.ББББББББББББББ Now."{"set":{"edging":5,"want":"reqthroat"},"style":"thought"}
    pre_cum4:"Pump your come down my throat.ББББББББББББББ Now."{"set":{"edging":5,"want":"reqthroat"},"style":"thought"}
    pre_cum4:"Give me proof of your submission, right down the back of my throat.ББББББББББББББ Now."{"set":{"edging":5,"want":"reqthroat"},"style":"thought"}
    pre_cum4:"Come wherever you like.ББББББББББББББ But make sure it's right now."{"set":{"edging":5,"want":"reqany"},"style":"thought"}
    pre_cum5:"I don't care if you find it humiliating.БББББББББББББ In fact, I hope you do.ББББББББББББББ Now come."{"set":{"edging":6},"style":"thought"}
    pre_cum6:"Come for your fire mistress.[TONGUE_OUT]ББББББББББББББББББББ Yes,ББББББББББББ come for Lina.БББББББ[EJACULATE][SETVAR_da.pleasurePercentage_60]"{"set":{"edging":7,"ownership":1},"style":"thought"}
    ---Edging after being forced once results in being forced again, which causes submission
    pre_cum_late_2:"I think we've already established who's in control here.ББББББББББББББББББББББББ Me.ББББББББББББББББББББББББ Come for me.[EJACULATE][SETVAR_da.pleasurePercentage_70]"{"style":"thought"}
    ---Edging in final state has chance to 'win' the scenario by starting the following sequence
    cum_final:"NowБББ.БББ.БББ.БББ Come for mistress!БББББББББББ[MOAN][MASTURBATE_ON][SETVAR_da.pleasurePercentage_0][EJACULATE]"{"set":{"da.masturbation.herpleasure":0,"satisfaction":1},"style":"thought"}
    cum_final2:"[cum_final3_early]Oh god...БББББББББ Put that thing in my [cum_final3]mouth, right now.БББББББББББ //Follow order?// БББББББББББ3.БББББББББББ.БББББББББББ.БББББББББББ 2.БББББББББББ.БББББББББББ.БББББББББББ 1.БББББББББББ.БББББББББББ.БББББББББББ[cum_final_disobey]"{"style":"speak"}
    cum_final3:"((God yes...БББББББББББББББББ I'm barely in control of myself.БББББББББББББББББ At least I'm in complete control of my toy.))[EJACULATE]"{"set":{"satisfaction":2,"da.pleasurePercentage":0},"style":"thought"}
    cum_final3_early:"((He knew without me even having to say where I wanted it... Now come for me.[EJACULATE]"{"set":{"satisfaction":2,"da.pleasurePercentage":0},"style":"thought"}
    cum_final4:"БББББББББ((Oh god. I'm almost there...ББББББББББББББББББББББ Yes...ББББББББББББББББББББББ Yes!ББББББББББББББББББББББ[orgasm]"{"set":{"da.masturbation.herpleasure":0,"satisfaction":3},"style":"thought"}
    cum_final_disobey:"[SETVAR_da.pleasurePercentage_0]Fine. We'll do this the hard way.ББББББББББББББББББ[cum_final_disobey2]"{"style":"thought"}
    cum_final_disobey2:"[RIGHT_ARM_HAND_JOB]I'll force it out of you the moment I make myself come.[AUTO_SELF]ББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ Mmmm...ББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ Oh yes!ББББББББББББББББББББББ[orgasm]"{"set":{"da.masturbation.herpleasure":0,"satisfaction":99},"style":"thought"}
    terse_command:"Come, pet.БББББ[EJACULATE][SETVAR_da.pleasurePercentage_75]"{"style":"thought"}
    terse_command:"Come for mistress.БББББ[EJACULATE][SETVAR_da.pleasurePercentage_75]"{"style":"thought"}
    terse_command:"Give me your come.БББББ[EJACULATE][SETVAR_da.pleasurePercentage_75]"{"style":"thought"}
    terse_command:"Come. Now.БББББ[EJACULATE][SETVAR_da.pleasurePercentage_75]"{"style":"thought"}
    terse_command:"Your mistress wants come.БББББ[EJACULATE][SETVAR_da.pleasurePercentage_75]"{"style":"thought"}
    terse_command:"Let it all out, pet.БББББ[EJACULATE][SETVAR_da.pleasurePercentage_75]"{"style":"thought"}
    terse_command:"You're mine. Your cock is mine.ББББББББББ Now come.БББББ[EJACULATE][SETVAR_da.pleasurePercentage_75]"{"style":"thought"}
    ---Outcomes of coming on/in her face/mouth/throat depending on edging and/or her requested area---
    ---Also links to
    cum_on_face_1:"Awww, was just the idea of the game so sizzling hot you came instantly?ББББББББББ [ANGRY_MOOD]Learn to control that cock of yours if you don't want it burned off.БББББББББББББББ[NORMAL_MOOD][cum_checkloss]"{"set":{"dissatisfaction":"+5","edging":1},"style":"thought"}
    cum_on_face_2:"[NORMAL_MOOD]ББББББББББDid my tone of voice scare you into coming all over me?ББББББББББ Believe me, I get much scarier.ББББББББББ [ANGRY_MOOD]You'd better have more come left.БББББББББББББББ[NORMAL_MOOD][cum_checkloss]"{"set":{"dissatisfaction":"+2","edging":1},"style":"thought"}
    cum_on_face_3:"[NORMAL_MOOD]ББББББББББNaughty boy. I told you not to come yet. I guess locking eyes with a dragon was a bit too much for you.[cum_checkloss]"{"set":{"dissatisfaction":"+1","edging":1},"style":"thought"}
    cum_on_face_4:"[HAPPY_MOOD]БББББWas it that I said you were a good boy? Did you come because of that?[AHEGAO_MOOD]ББББББББББ ... Naughty boy.ББББББББББ[NORMAL_MOOD]"{"set":{"edging":1},"style":"thought"}
    cum_on_face_reqnone:"Mmm, couldn't help yourself? I don't blame you, you had a lot to be coming over."{"style":"thought"}
    cum_on_face_reqnone:"Hot. You can see the mess I made you make."{"style":"thought"}
    cum_on_face_reqface:"[LOOK_UP]Oh, that's good... You're a very good boy."{"style":"thought","set":{"edging":0,"want";"reqnone"}}
    cum_on_face_reqface:"[BLINK][BLINK]I told you to come in my mouth. Or did just the sight of my lips make you lose control of yourself?"{"style":"thought","set":{"edging":0,"want";"reqnone"}}
    cum_on_face_reqthroat:"[ARMS_LEGS][LOOK_UP]Look at me. Look at what you did. I asked for it down my throat. Now clean it up with your tongue."{"style":"thought","set":{"edging":0,"want";"reqnone"}}
    cum_on_face_reqany:"So you think my face looks nicer with come all over it?ББББББББББББББ Maybe you can clean it up with your tongue later."{"style":"thought","set":{"edging":0,"want";"reqnone"}}
    cum_in_mouth_1:"[ANGRY_MOOD]БББББJust a few brushes against my tongue and you're overheating!ББББББББББ That better have been a one off.ББББББББББ[NORMAL_MOOD][cum_checkloss]"{"set":{"dissatisfaction":"+5","edging":1},"style":"thought"}
    cum_in_mouth_2:"[ANGRY_MOOD]БББББThat tone of voice gets you going?ББББББББББ You'd better be careful, come that early again and you'll be hearing a lot more of it.ББББББББББ[NORMAL_MOOD][cum_checkloss]"{"set":{"dissatisfaction":"+2","edging":1},"style":"thought"}
    cum_in_mouth_3:"[NORMAL_MOOD]БББББNaughty boy. I told you not to come yet.ББББББББББ I guess my tongue was a bit too much for you.[cum_checkloss]"{"set":{"dissatisfaction":"+1","edging":1},"style":"thought"}
    cum_in_mouth_4:"[HAPPY_MOOD]БББББOh, you were so close! Was it because I called you a good boy?[AHEGAO_MOOD]ББББББББББ ... Naughty boy.ББББББББББ[NORMAL_MOOD]"{"set":{"edging":1},"style":"thought"}
    cum_in_mouth_reqnone:"Mmm, that was fast. No need to worry - you're staying around and serving me seconds.[SWALLOW]"{"style":"thought"}
    cum_in_mouth_reqface:"Did I say you could come in my mouth? I seem to recall saying face. Lucky you, you just gave me a good reason to force my tongue down your throat."{"style":"thought","set":{"edging":0,"want";"reqnone"}}
    cum_in_mouth_reqface:"That's all mine now.[SWALLOW] You seem to enjoy following orders. Good boy."{"style":"thought","set":{"edging":0,"want";"reqnone"}}
    cum_in_mouth_reqthroat:"I said throat, not mouth. Try again, and this time use your whole dick.[SWALLOW]"{"style":"thought","set":{"edging":0,"want";"reqnone"}}
    cum_in_mouth_reqany:"Mmm, that's hot stuff.ББББББББББ[SWALLOW] I was planning on asking for it on my face, but this is better."{"style":"thought","set":{"edging":0,"want";"reqnone"}}
    cum_in_throat_1:"БББББI ask you to try not to come, and your first response is to set off a firecracker down the back of my throat?[ANGRY_MOOD]ББББББББББ Control yourself, or you will face consequences.ББББББББББ[NORMAL_MOOD][cum_checkloss]"{"set":{"dissatisfaction":"+5","edging":1},"style":"thought"}
    cum_in_throat_2:"[ANGRY_MOOD]БББББ'Don't you dare come', and just like that you come down my throat.БББББ Shape up.БББББ.БББББ.БББББББББББББББ[NORMAL_MOOD] It couldn't be that you like being spoken to that way, could it?[cum_checkloss]"{"set":{"dissatisfaction":"+2","edging":1},"style":"thought"}
    cum_in_throat_3:"БББББ[NORMAL_MOOD]Naughty boy. I told you not to come yet. I guess I was a little harsh sticking it in so deep...[cum_checkloss]"{"set":{"dissatisfaction":"+1","edging":1},"style":"thought"}
    cum_in_throat_4:"[HAPPY_MOOD]БББББWas it because I called you a good boy? I changed my mind.БББББ[AHEGAO_MOOD]ББББББББББ You're a very, very naughty boy.ББББББББББ[NORMAL_MOOD]"{"set":{"edging":1},"style":"thought"}
    cum_in_throat_reqnone:"Mmm, right down my throat. Efficiency, I like it - the come goes straight to its rightful owner."{"style":"thought"}
    cum_in_throat_reqface:"I told you to come over my face. I know my tongue feels good, but I'm the one in charge here."{"style":"thought","set":{"edging":0,"want";"reqnone"}}
    cum_in_throat_reqface:"I didn't get to taste any... Bad boy..."{"style":"thought","set":{"edging":0,"want";"reqnone"}}
    cum_in_throat_reqthroat:"Good boy... Very, very good... I'm tempted to brand my name into this cock so everyone knows whose it is."{"style":"thought","set":{"edging":0,"want";"reqnone"}}
    cum_in_throat_reqany:"Right down my throat.ББББББББББ I can see you're a man who likes getting to the point."{"style":"thought","set":{"edging":0,"want";"reqnone"}}
    ---After cumming way too early and causing dissatisfaction, check for a gameover
    cum_checkloss:"[cum_checkloss_*dissatisfaction >= 6*]"{"style":"thought"}
    cum_checkloss_1:"[cum_checkloss2_*dissatisfaction >= 10*]"{"style":"thought"}
    cum_checkloss2_0:"[ANGRY_MOOD]ББББББББББEnough.ББББББББББББББББББББ Get the fuck out of my camp and take your leaky cock with you.ББББББББББ[INSTANT_FLASH_000000][HIDE_PENIS][ending_bad]"{"style":"thought"}
    cum_checkloss2_1:"[ANGRY_MOOD]ББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[NORMAL_MOOD]ББББББББББJust leave.ББББББББББББББББББББ Your cock reminds me of a Tidehunter hitting level 6 and immediately Ravaging in the fountain, twice. You have a legitimate problem.ББББББББББ[INSTANT_FLASH_000000][HIDE_PENIS][ending_really_bad]"{"style":"thought"}
    ---These trigger when edging=7 and cum is fired on face/mouth/throat, i.e. submission is non-zero and cum was probably forced from edging or an event. Normal cumming can also fire these, but hey, there's cum everywhere by this point so it's no big deal. The ownership=5 instance is not the primary trigger for the ending, which is triggered only through edging - instead made_to_cum_5 links together the rest of the ending sequence
    made_to_cum_1:"Oh, how humiliating.БББББББББ Coming the instant I remind you who your mistress is.БББББББ Don't worry -ББББББББББББББББББББББББ I'm БББББББББtБББhБББrБББiБББlБББlБББeБББdБББ that you know your place."{"set":{"ownership":2},"style":"speak"}
    made_to_cum_2:"That's right. Give up trying to resist. I am your mistress now and I own your cock.БББББББ[made_to_cum_2a]"{"set":{"ownership":3},"style":"thought"}
    made_to_cum_2a:"Now keep edging for me. I'll tell you when you may come."{"style":"thought"}
    made_to_cum_3:"Good boy. You're becoming mine. Edge for me."{"set":{"ownership":4},"style":"thought"}
    made_to_cum_4:"Edge for me more. I will tell you when to come."{"style":"thought"}
    made_to_cum_4:"I want you on the brink and begging for my permission."{"style":"thought"}
    made_to_cum_4:"Bring yourself near to the edge again."{"style":"thought"}
    ---These trigger when edging=7, ownership=5, and cum is fired on face/mouth/throat, i.e. as part of the ending sequence cum_final. The 0 satisfaction instance should probably never fire.
    ending_cumming_3:"ББББББББББББББББББББББ... You've been a very good pet.БББББББББББ ((This one should be harmless now that I'm through with him.))ББББББББББББББББББББББ[ending_cumming_3a]"{"style":"thought"}
    ending_cumming_3a:"You can sleep by my fire tonight - as long as you get yourself up early to make me some breakfast tomorrow morning...[INSTANT_FLASH_000000][HIDE_PENIS][ending_good]"{"style":"thought"}
    ending_cumming_99:"ББББББББББББББББББББББ... How did it feel being jerked off when you tried to deny me my right?БББББББББББББ Did my hands really feel that good, or did you perhaps come from the humiliation of it?БББББББББ[ending_cumming_99a]"{"style":"thought"}
    ending_cumming_99a:"ББББББББББEither way, you're sleeping in my tent tonight where I can keep a firm hand on your cock in case you try anything.[INSTANT_FLASH_000000][HIDE_PENIS][ending_good2]"{"style":"thought"}
    ---Endings. Maybe in future I'll link this dialogue together with a multi-character story
    ending_good:"<<End. You satisfied her enough to secure a place to sleep for the night - although you are held up for a while in the morning as your 'Mistress' milks the last few drops from you>>ББББББББББ"{"style":"him"}
    ending_good2:"<<End. You satisfied her enough to secure a place to sleep for the night - although you find it difficult to get much rest with her hand idly stroking your cock all night>>ББББББББББ"{"style":"him"}
    ending_bad:"<<End. You repeatedly jizzed everywhere like some kind of spastic and were shown the door. Walking through the night, you barely made it back to your base, freezing and empty-handed>>ББББББББББ"{"style":"him"}
    ending_really_bad:"<<End. You stumble away in the dark, your shrouded face burning with shame over your uncontrollable cock. Perhaps Witch Doctor has something for this?>>ББББББББББ"{"style":"him"}
    ---I don't expect these lines to fire all that often due to the heavy amounts of dialogue
    swallow:"[ARMS_HIS_LEGS]Tastes fantastic. I assume you have more for me."{"style":"thought"}
    drool:"Oh, it's getting everywhere. Your tongue has a lot of work to do."{"style":"thought"}
    drool:"That was too much even for me to swallow. For such a submissive little pet, you're quite the hard worker."{"style":"thought"}
    ---Got rid of this line because it was proccing all the time and fucking everything up jesus christ what a disaster
    -restartxxx:"[HAPPY_MOOD]Still hard? Hardly surprising. I'm going to make you come again."{"style":"thought"}
    ---And pull_off seemed to just proc randomly and isn't really relevant to the scene anyway

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    I'm glad some Dota popped up here. Big fan of the game.
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    Someone actually made a Windranger dialogue a while ago here which is attached at the end of the OP, it was half the inspiration for mine (the other half being weewillie's trials of the sorceress). The first few pages of Mineur's thread in the imports forum have hair/codes for Lina, Windranger, Drow, and Luna
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    Didn't know about the imports, thanks. Although I'm kinda sad to see no Crystal Maiden or Templar Assassin.