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    DotA redboardNSFW's pugna

    downloading this image in the tweet just wont work the work is already done, its just converting the file into a compatible extension is the problem
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    Yeah, I'm new to the community and I'm interested in modding.Unfortunately I'm not too good at art or modding. Please provide me with feedback so i can learn. This is not meant to be the final version and would love community involvement. Especially if someone could do the full CM costume as a .sdt
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    Tabor's Dialogue(s) - Dota

    My first dialogue, made partly just to practice, but I thought I'd share it anyway. Any feedback/advice is more than welcome, especially on my code layout. Thanks, to the guys who posted me some help in the guest section of the old forum! ------- Lina (Femdom blowjob dialogue) Uses...
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