Switchblade Queen's 3D Videos


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That turned out pretty good, I'd say. I only wish it were Zero Suit Samus is all. :p

Still though, it's really very good.


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Wow! I think that turned out fine, especially for a first go at it. Keep working on it and I bet you'll be able to do some spectacular things.


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You really have talent for this sort of thing, great work, you're one of the best even though i'm not into gyaku but i only go there to see your stuff mostly :p


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I hope this doesn't come under the heading of "redundant commenting" but this was absolutely stunning! The "like" button seemed so woefully inadequate. I can only guess at the amount of work it takes to create something like this. Thank you SO much for sharing it with us.
If you ever found yourself in the right mood, something similar featuring Taki, or even Mileena from the Mortal Kombat universe would be brilliant!


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That's a very kind post lamplighter, thank you :)

I shouldn't take too much credit really, the magic of Gmod and HAT tools makes it very easy for someone with adequate posing skills (like me!) to create something quite cool looking... It's just very time consuming! I do want to make more in future, but as i'm not normally into regular ryona it's not something i'll do very often. I'm still open to ideas and suggestions though, so feel free to post them :)

Make one like this featuring Taki! Also, congratulations for your video. Really nice video.


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These are awesome! I really dig your work. I wonder if it's possible for your to simply swap models in and out? I loved the action in the Ivy film, but I'm just not a fan of Ivy. It would be badass if you were able to just use various models with the same script.

Also, more groin shots please :)


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Thanks, everyone. For those asking for Taki, here's a little something...

Taki - YouTube

I'll finish it sometime in the future :)

Dude, you are a genious! Thanks for the video, I really loved that!
In the future, you could make some series with Taki as victim... And she could be abused by Ivy and some other dominatrix girls (Ms. Spencer, Nina, Amy, etc).
Your creativity is just unbelievable. Good job.


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This is impressive! You are a master of ryona-making! You have made the kind of ryona you want, with the characters you want and in the way you want. You have reached a new frontier of the ryona-world! Congratulations!
I hope to see much more videos from you, starting with the Taki's one.

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