Sunset Overdrive Better Nude Mod


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Hey everyone, I was looking for good nude mod for this game and the only one I could find was this one:
credit to: Sunset Overdrive Nude Male, Female Mod

It didn't match my taste, plus there was no texture for the pubic region, so I modified the texture my character uses and decided to share with anyone that is interested.

Disclaimer: This only works for the default skin color

When I made it, I only made for my character skin color, now I don't remember the correct settings to save the texture so the game recognizes it, if anyone can figure it out please tell me.

(Instructions included in the zip file)

Keep in mind the texture resolution for this game is quite low so it will still be kinda blurry, but it looks quite convincing from afar in my opinion, what do you guys think?








Sunset 2020-05-01 10-39-14-33.jpg

Sunset 2020-05-01 10-41-59-85.jpg


Credit to Ray Wing for the Resorep tool that it's included in this mod.
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Well i mostly use the dark skin, ebony colour, so i cant use it. Would def prefer if you can make them compatible with other skin colours too


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Thanks - worked great :)

Would you mind though adjusting your readme to mention we should also keep the .dll files in the same location as our resorep. I know its implied but I moved them rather than copied and took me a few minutes to realise my mistake.

Anyway great job and many thanks!


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I just got this game a 1-2 month ago i said myself: this game needs some good quality nude mods etc.. and today i discover your masterpiece. Thanks a lot man!


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when i install this i cant see nipples or nohing just removes bra xD.Old mod is still working for me this new one isnt i did everything but this mod didnt work for me but old one Works very well xD


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Lightly messing with the texture in and these were the export settings I've used (gimp didn't support the dds format due to a dxgi error 99).

The textures were extracted when setting resorep tool used for this mod into creator mode and choosing its destination folder.