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Star Virgin Vs Viper

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by princeofpain, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. princeofpain

    princeofpain Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 4, 2012
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    Rp between me and Viper (big squeeze), thanks big squeeze, this was a great RP.

    [11:04] <StarVirgin> I was called to investigate the desappearance of some people in the jungle.
    [11:06] <StarVirgin> The man called my, told that 3 days ago some explores entered the jungle, but, did not return.
    [11:07] <StarVirgin> I search everywhere, but, I don´t find anything.
    [11:08] <StarVirgin> I´m worried about them, this jungle is so hot and wet.
    [11:09] <StarVirgin> I hear something, is like a... scream (yt)
    [11:10] <viper> I am enjoying my work. Torturing people. There is no one who can challenge me in the jungle.
    [11:11] <viper> I here the sound of wind in the air. Maybe a plane,sounds to small.. I sense that it is a person, must be some dumb heroine looking for these people.
    [11:12] <viper> I leave a trail of bodies for who ever is coming. I fear nothing and will destroy everything. I just hope this person has what it takes to give me a challenge?
    [11:12] <viper> yt
    [11:14] <StarVirgin> I run towards the screams, I am concerned, because, were loud screams.
    [11:15] <StarVirgin> Oh my god!!!
    [11:17] <StarVirgin> I see some bodies fallen on the ground, I check them, but, they are dead, they were victims of something terrible, they suffered, I see many injuries all over the bodies.
    [11:17] <StarVirgin> I must find out who or what did this.
    [11:19] <StarVirgin> Who is there??? I am Star Virgin, I will bring to justice the responsible of these deads, show yourself, I know that someone is here!!! (yt)
    [11:20] <viper> I see you yelling. Star Virgin? I think to myself......nice name...ha ha........lets just see how and what she is made of.
    [11:22] <viper> As i blend in with my jungle...I grab a boulder and throw it towards you from a distance as I yell """"Hey Catch!!!".....
    [11:22] <viper> yt
    [11:24] <StarVirgin> I see the boulder coming to me, I have enough time to dodge.
    [11:25] <StarVirgin> That was close!!! Who is there??? Show yourself you coward!!! (yt)
    [11:25] <viper> I laugh loud as I walk from the thick jungle and show myself to you....
    [11:26] <viper> I am Viper...lord of the jungle.....and you are not welcome here. No heroine has ever made it out of here alive or at least the same as when she came in.
    [11:27] <viper> I suggest you take your little red heart outfit and leave! Before you get hurt.
    [11:27] <viper> I am looking for a challenge little girl and I do not think you have what it takes......
    [11:27] <viper> yt
    [11:30] <StarVirgin> What??? You are arrogant. Don´t you know who am I??? I am the heroine who will be more than a challenge for you, I will be the one who will defeated and put an end on these terrible murders. (yt)
    [11:32] <viper> Well bring it on widdle girl I say with a loud laugh....lets see what you got?
    [11:33] <viper> I charge at you preparing to throw a punch to your face...
    [11:33] <viper> yt
    [11:34] <StarVirgin> I dodge, but, that was close.
    [11:36] <StarVirgin> Hey, your are faster than I tought, now is my turn.
    [11:36] <StarVirgin> I try a kick on your chest. (yt)
    [11:38] <viper> ooommpphh..... I let the kick hit me. I have to see just how strong you are. I move back a few feet grabbing my chest. You have a little snap to you don't you i say
    [11:38] <viper> what else you got?
    [11:38] <viper> yt
    [11:39] <StarVirgin> What??? I show you.
    [11:40] <StarVirgin> This time I send a punch to your face. (yt)
    [11:41] <viper> awwee......As i turn to the side from the impact from the punch ..I swing around and land one of my own.Directly in your stomache.
    [11:41] <viper> yt
    [11:43] <StarVirgin> oooooffff
    [11:43] <StarVirgin> Oh my!!! You´re strong. (yt)
    [11:45] <viper> I charge quick at you landing a shoulder into your soft but tight midsection.......slightly picking you up and throwing you against a tree
    [11:45] <viper> yt
    [11:46] <StarVirgin> ooooouuuuffff
    [11:46] <StarVirgin> Aaaah I try kick on your head. (yt)
    [11:49] <viper> I grab your foot and catch it in mid air..."you gonna have to do better than that "..I see the surprise in you face as I swing you around by your foot slamming you against the ground
    [11:49] <viper> yt
    [11:50] <StarVirgin> AAAAIIIHHH
    [11:50] <StarVirgin> I hit hard the ground.
    [11:51] <StarVirgin> I stand up I launch a punch to your stomach. (yt)
    [11:52] <viper> oommphhh.....i go off of my feet...."you have some inner strength don't you?"
    [11:53] <viper> I drop to a knee for a second .......but i look at you and smile.....and say " you know why I am lord of the jungle Star Virgin?"
    [11:53] <viper> yt
    [11:55] <StarVirgin> I am impressed as you recover soon from my attacks.
    [11:55] <StarVirgin> Why are you the lord of the jungle??? (yt)
    [11:58] <viper> Because little virgin..I control everything in it...I say to you as I command some tree vines to sneak behind you and grab at your feet and legs and wrap arounf them...
    [11:58] <viper> yt
    [11:58] <StarVirgin> What is this??? How can this be possible??? (yt)
    [12:00] <viper> I"am viper lord of the jungle......
    [12:00] <viper> My vines lift you a foot off the ground.....moving you towards me as they squeeze on your lower half
    [12:00] <viper> yt
    [12:01] <StarVirgin> noooooo this can´t be possible
    [12:02] <StarVirgin> I try to release myself, but, I can´t. (yt)
    [12:03] <viper> My vines hold you in front of me as I give several punches to your midsection..."Lets see if I can soften you up a little"
    [12:03] <viper> yt
    [12:03] <StarVirgin> haaaaa
    [12:03] <StarVirgin> aaaaaaha
    [12:04] <StarVirgin> oooouuhhh
    [12:04] <StarVirgin> ooofff
    [12:05] <StarVirgin> I feel a great pain, your punches are strong.
    [12:05] <StarVirgin> I try to take some breath.
    [12:05] <StarVirgin> (yt)
    [12:06] <viper> As i land punches i say" what this heart about anyway?"........i laugh as I land a hard punch on it
    [12:06] <viper> yt
    [12:07] <StarVirgin> AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH
    [12:08] <StarVirgin> I don´t know, but, my pussy is one of my weak points. This time the pain is worse and I feel a part of my powers being drainned. (yt)
    [12:11] <viper> I can tell by the way you react, there was something more to that, than just a punch to your pussy.......i give another punch to it
    [12:11] <viper> yt
    [12:11] <StarVirgin> HUUUUUUOOOO
    [12:12] <StarVirgin> I feel some of my powers leaving me again. (yt)
    [12:14] <viper> Whats the matter Star Virgin....i say ..you look a little weak.......lets see how you like this...I start to alternate punches from your pussy to your breast as my vines hold you up..
    [12:14] <viper> yt
    [12:14] <StarVirgin> ooooh
    [12:14] <StarVirgin> uuuuhhh
    [12:14] <StarVirgin> ooouuuuho
    [12:14] <StarVirgin> uuuaaaaha
    [12:14] <StarVirgin> oooouuuuh
    [12:16] <StarVirgin> As yhou are beating me on my weak points, I become weak, my reactions are slow, my powers decreased and my body is softened. (yt)
    [12:18] <viper> I instruct my vines to let you go as I grab your big and firm red covered breast...My grip is strong as I hold you off the ground by them...almost shaking your body as I squeeze and squish them in my grip
    [12:18] <viper> yt
    [12:19] <StarVirgin> aaaaah
    [12:20] <StarVirgin> ah
    [12:20] <StarVirgin> oh
    [12:21] <StarVirgin> In my face I have a weak feature, I look sad, weak and tired. (yt)
    [12:23] <viper> I squeeze hard on your breast. I can feel your power leaving your body as it goes threw my hands......"Not yet Star Virgin" I am just getting started with you...
    [12:24] <viper> I turn your body and drop you across my knee in a backbreaker..holding you there and pressing down on you
    [12:24] <viper> yt
    [12:25] <StarVirgin> OOOOHHHHHHHHH
    [12:25] <StarVirgin> UUUUUUUOOOAAAAAAH
    [12:25] <StarVirgin> Noooooooo
    [12:25] <StarVirgin> (yt)
    [12:26] <viper> I put my hands , one on your red heart pussy and the other on your breast as i push down and twist with my grip....bending you and twisting on you.......
    [12:27] <viper> I have to admit Star Virgin....i do like the feel of you.....ha ha ha
    [12:27] <viper> yt
    [12:27] <StarVirgin> uuuoooaaah
    [12:27] <StarVirgin> oooooh
    [12:27] <StarVirgin> haaaaaoooohhhuuuaaaha
    [12:27] <StarVirgin> So weak...
    [12:28] <StarVirgin> I am weak... sssst...ooo...ooop
    [12:29] <StarVirgin> your backbreabreaker is terrible, I am weakning every time you put more force on my body. (yt)
    [12:32] <viper> I toss you off my knee...and laugh at you........then I pick you up from behind..my arms around your waist and place my hands on your super heroine pussy...lifing you up in a reverse bearhug..and begin to ragdoll you from side to side as my hands claw at your pussy
    [12:32] <viper> yt
    [12:33] <StarVirgin> ooooohhh
    [12:34] <StarVirgin> oooooohhh
    [12:34] <StarVirgin> aaaaaah
    [12:34] <StarVirgin> oooooh
    [12:34] <StarVirgin> uuuuuuuh
    [12:35] <StarVirgin> each time you send to a side I groan, my body is weak, I am your doll now. (yt)
    [12:36] <viper> I slow my ragdoll of you a little and just squeeze and grind my hands into your pussy.."You asked me to stop with your back didn't you? Is this better?" i say with a evil laugh
    [12:37] <viper> yt
    [12:37] <StarVirgin> aaah
    [12:37] <StarVirgin> aah
    [12:37] <StarVirgin> ah
    [12:37] <StarVirgin> no... st...o...p
    [12:38] <StarVirgin> aaaah
    [12:38] <StarVirgin> too weak, can´t fight. (yt)
    [12:39] <viper> I drop you to the ground as I give a kick to your sides and back........
    [12:39] <viper> you thought you could be a challenge to me and beat me?
    [12:39] <viper> you are nothing compared to me
    [12:40] <viper> yt
    [12:40] <StarVirgin> As I am weak, any kick makes me suffer a lot.
    [12:40] <StarVirgin> I will b...b...b...ea...t you.
    [12:41] <StarVirgin> I...I...I wiiii...l stop you. (yt)
    [12:42] <viper> ha ha...you will do nothing to me little virgin.....and i can tell you are by how tight your pussy felt in my hands.....ha ha
    [12:43] <viper> I pick you up ..sliding my arm and hand between your thighs from the backside...rubbing against your pussy along the way..my other hand grabs around your neck as I pick you up high and place you across my shoulders in a torture rack.......
    [12:43] <viper> yt
    [12:46] <StarVirgin> uuuuuuuuhaaaaa
    [12:46] <StarVirgin> I feel my body being broken in 2 parts.
    [12:47] <StarVirgin> I am weakning even more, as you punish me. (yt)
    [12:49] <viper> my hand wrenches down on your pussy as my other pulls on your neck...I pull down hard on you.....bending you almost in half...I start to jump up and down with you...adding even more pain for you
    [12:49] <viper> You having fun baby?
    [12:49] <viper> yt
    [12:49] <StarVirgin> uuuuuaaaaah
    [12:49] <StarVirgin> aaaaaaahhh
    [12:49] <StarVirgin> ooooouuuh
    [12:49] <StarVirgin> AAAAAAAHHAAAA
    [12:50] <StarVirgin> Everytime you pull is like a torture for me.
    [12:50] <StarVirgin> When you jump, I feel my body being destroyed.
    [12:51] <StarVirgin> Your strenght is making me suffer as never before. (yt)
    [12:53] <viper> I am loving having your body against me...I can feel the energy leaving it.......i give a hard pull and jump with you again.....my hand twisting and clawing your pussy....i move my other as to grab your breast and pull them down..almost hitting your own face with them
    [12:53] <viper> yt
    [12:56] <StarVirgin> AAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYHHH
    [12:56] <StarVirgin> OOOOOHHH
    [12:57] <StarVirgin> O...ooo.oh n..o...o...ooo my weak paaaaa.aaa...arts being attacked at he same time.
    [12:57] <StarVirgin> Too weak... n...o...oooo p...p...po...wers.
    [12:57] <StarVirgin> c...c...ca...an´t fight. (yt)
    [12:58] <viper> thats right Star Virgin ...you can't fight.....you are not in my league.......
    [13:00] <viper> I keep a good amount of bending pressure on you as i continue to go rabid with my hands on your pussy and breast..." I can hear your sounds and you don't seem to be liking this much? but the way your pussy and breast feel in my hands makes me think different"...i say with a almost horny laugh
    [13:00] <viper> yt
    [13:01] <StarVirgin> aaaaaaah
    [13:01] <StarVirgin> noooo
    [13:01] <StarVirgin> no I´m n...ooot. (yt)
    [13:02] <viper> Well your private parts are saying something different...ha ha........
    [13:03] <viper> i use almost all of my hand strength to just dig in and twist and claw at your tight and now getting a little damp...ha ha..pussy....as I keep bending you....
    [13:03] <viper> would you like me to stop?
    [13:03] <viper> yt
    [13:05] <StarVirgin> aaaah
    [13:05] <StarVirgin> aaaa...ah
    [13:05] <StarVirgin> Pl...pleeeeasssseeeee, caaaaaa...an you... sssss.tooooop??? (yt)
    [13:06] <viper> NO!!!
    [13:06] <viper> You came to me remember....you thought you could stop me!!!
    [13:07] <viper> But i can stop with this rack on you...but you might not like what might happen to you next.....the choice is yours....i say as i dig deeper into your pussy and twist your breast and bend you as I jump again
    [13:07] <viper> yt
    [13:08] <StarVirgin> oooooohhh
    [13:08] <StarVirgin> uuuuuuoooh
    [13:08] <StarVirgin> Stop this tor...tor...ture, pleeeeeease??? I can´t take anymore. (yt)
    [13:11] <viper> I throw you backwards off of my back.......letting you land hard on the ground........I use my foot to shove you over onto your back....i place my foot on your pussy and push......you happy now is htis better?
    [13:11] <viper> yt
    [13:12] <StarVirgin> AAAAAAAH
    [13:13] <StarVirgin> I want, but, can´t do anything to react, I am to weak to fight or try to remove your feet, I feeel the rest of my powers leaving me. (yt)
    [13:14] <viper> you look so sad...and a little wet...ha ha
    [13:15] <viper> does someone need a hug?
    [13:15] <viper> I push with my foot...grinding it in
    [13:15] <viper> yt
    [13:16] <StarVirgin> muuuuuoooooaaaaahaaaa
    [13:16] <StarVirgin> noooo
    [13:16] <StarVirgin> Can´t do nothing, no pwers, weak. (yt)
    [13:18] <viper> I move my foot off of you and grab you by your hair...forcing you up and on your feet in front of me............I look into your eyes and see that you are beat.......
    [13:18] <viper> you want me to let you go? i say to you as you can hardly stand in front of me
    [13:18] <viper> yt
    [13:20] <StarVirgin> My body is weak, I am softened, I can barely stand. (yt)
    [13:22] <viper> i grab your breast again and pick you up by them.......I can tell and feel what your weakness is.....and it is to late for you..I say aloud........i think it is time to end you.....any last words?
    [13:22] <viper> yt
    [13:22] <StarVirgin> uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaah
    [13:23] <StarVirgin> OOOOOOOHHH
    [13:23] <StarVirgin> NOOOOOOOOO
    [13:23] <StarVirgin> AAAAAAAAAAH
    [13:23] <StarVirgin> (yt)
    [13:25] <viper> with a quick strong movement i push on your breast making you go a foot more into the air.....as you start to drop...my arms wrap quickly around your waist....catching you in a bearhug...making your body slap against mine as I prepare to squeeze what life you have left out of you.......
    [13:25] <viper> you wanted out of the rack..remember?
    [13:25] <viper> yt
    [13:26] <StarVirgin> nooo.ooo
    [13:26] <StarVirgin> Stooooo...ooop. (yt)
    [13:27] <viper> I sart with a slight ragdoll motion with you....My snake like arms coiling tighter around you........I am gonna crush you I yell at you
    [13:27] <viper> yt
    [13:28] <StarVirgin> aaaah
    [13:28] <StarVirgin> ah
    [13:28] <StarVirgin> ouuuh
    [13:28] <StarVirgin> (yt)
    [13:30] <viper> I slow my ragdolling of you and just keep squeezing you....my arms squeezing your soft and firm body against mine.....I can feel your wet and tortured pussy against my crotch as I use my own private area to punish it more.....i give little tugs and jerks on you..as I squeeze more and more
    [13:30] <viper> yt
    [13:31] <StarVirgin> nooooo
    [13:31] <StarVirgin> stoooop
    [13:32] <StarVirgin> Mercy I beg you... mercy. (yt)
    [13:33] <viper> there is no mercy in the jungle
    [13:35] <viper> I begin to really squeeze you know..all my strength in my arms ....tighter and tighter....my now hard crotch pressing as hard as it can against you pussy.....my mouth bites on your breast.....i am going to destroy you and pleasure you at the same time...
    [13:35] <viper> yt
    [13:37] <StarVirgin> uuuuaaaahhaaaaaa
    [13:37] <StarVirgin> oooooouuuhhh
    [13:37] <StarVirgin> aaaaaaahaaaaa
    [13:37] <StarVirgin> oooooh. (yt)
    [13:39] <viper> I can start to feel your bones crack!! Your pussy getting wetter and hotter as I grind it with my hardness.....My mouth biting and sucking on your firm breast.....you screams and grunts make me squeeze more and more....my hands overlapping my arms allows them to squeeze your ample butt...as I bearhug and almost screw you into utter defeat
    [13:39] <viper> yt
    [13:40] <StarVirgin> huuuu
    [13:40] <StarVirgin> aaaaha
    [13:40] <StarVirgin> I feeling totally weak
    [13:41] <StarVirgin> no powers
    [13:41] <StarVirgin> no strenght
    [13:41] <StarVirgin> can´t fight. (yt)
    [13:43] <viper> i start to do a mery go round motion with you...up and down and around...as i squeeze and squeeze and grind and bit and suck....."I told you ...you should have just ran away...now you are mine to do what i want with.......i am not stopping until you are knocked out and dripping wet
    [13:43] <viper> yt
    [13:44] <StarVirgin> oooooouuuh
    [13:44] <StarVirgin> n...ooooo
    [13:44] <StarVirgin> Weak, but, can´t give up. (yt)
    [13:48] <viper> The fact that you are still awake makes me mad...I have put other heroines in my viper squeeze and none of them have lasted this long......Must be the fact that you are a virgin and your emotional part of your body is wanting more......so I will give it more......I press my hardness into your pussy more than ever...going in it...making your red heart dissapear inside you as I really squeeze your ass and body and try to suck y
    [13:48] <viper> yt
    [13:50] <StarVirgin> oooooh
    [13:50] <StarVirgin> aaaaahaaa
    [13:50] <StarVirgin> oooouuuhh
    [13:50] <StarVirgin> hhaaaaaa
    [13:50] <StarVirgin> totally weak
    [13:50] <StarVirgin> (yt)
    [13:52] <viper> i start to just go rabid with my thrusting and squeezing.........your body getting crushed by me..I can feel and hear bones cracking...your pussy on fire with heat...your breast sweating in my mouth..........i start to yell.......i comand some tree vines to wrap around you as well....from your thighs to your neck.....no me and the jungle will squeeze what life you have left
    [13:53] <viper> yt
    [13:54] <StarVirgin> u...uuuuh
    [13:54] <StarVirgin> no
    [13:54] <StarVirgin> not here
    [13:54] <StarVirgin> not this way, I can´t be defeated. (yt)
    [13:56] <viper> yes you can and will.....my vines coil around you..squeezing your tone body.....i push harder into your pussy.....I even hear the pop it makes as I go deeper....my armsalmost feeeling like they are going to touch as they squeeze your body inside them
    [13:56] <viper> yt
    [13:57] <StarVirgin> my body is totally out, I am weak, can´t make any move
    [13:58] <StarVirgin> my moutho is opened an I roll my eyes exposing the white part. (yt)
    [14:01] <viper> I can tell by the way you look ....there is only seconds left in you......i begin to thrust fast and hard with my evil hardness in to your open and wet pussy...my mouth doing sucking push ups on your breast..my vines squeezing and squeezing your entire body.....i can feel your pussy getting heated..almost to the point of being on fire......."time for you to explode and pop Star Virgin from the inside and outside....Or should
    [14:01] <viper> yt
    [14:08] <StarVirgin> nooooo
    [14:08] <StarVirgin> Let me go??? (yt)
    [14:11] <viper> as I start to feel your pussy shake as if it is going to explode any second...i thrust as far inside you as I can......i have more vines wrap around you.....squeezing every inch of your body.....i start to give my strongest and tightest squeeze with my arms as I ever had before.....As i also start to about to explode........
    [14:11] <viper> yt
    [14:12] <StarVirgin> nooooo
    [14:13] <StarVirgin> Can´t take anymore
    [14:13] <StarVirgin> too weakt
    [14:13] <StarVirgin> sore. (yt)
    [14:16] <viper> i begin to explode in you as you explode at the same time...I give a long grinding squeeze with my whole body as my vines help me squeeze all of you.......as we finish exploding i release you from my grasp....my vines still holding you, they lower you down slowly as I drop to a my knees in pure exaustion.....as if they are also tired......
    [14:16] <viper> yt
    [14:19] <StarVirgin> oh
    [14:19] <StarVirgin> aaaaaha
    [14:19] <StarVirgin> yyyyyyaaaaha
    [14:19] <StarVirgin> (yt)
    [14:23] <viper> i look at you ...seeing you lie there..motionless and wet from head to toe......This is just getting started I say....but for now...i think I and you need a rest..I say with a laugh....I command a gorilla to come from the jungle.....he pics you up in his own bearhug.......He starts to grunt as he plays with you and squeezes you....I tell him to stop...she is my squeeze toy not yours........I have a bunch of vines wrap around
    [14:23] <viper> i tell the gorilla to take you to my hide out deep in the jungle.........I will have more fun with you later Star Virgin I say as he takes you away
    [14:23] <viper> yt
    [14:25] <StarVirgin> Star Virgin is unconscious. She is totally defeated and humiliated.
  2. bloodmaiden

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    Mar 29, 2012
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    princeofpain and big squeeze.
    Good work, great RP.
    princeofpain, it´s awsome read about Star Virgin being humiliated.
    Big squeeze, Viper is a real bad guy, I loved him, congratulations, good work.
    Keep the good work guys.
  3. Mah

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    May 10, 2013
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    I agree with bloodmaiden.
    Awsome work
  4. gigi

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    Nov 17, 2013
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    Waiting for the next part
  5. evilhero

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    Mar 13, 2012
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    It´s good read about a heroine being defeated.
    Good work big squeeze and princeofpain.
  6. princeofpain

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    Feb 4, 2012
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    Thanks for the comments
  7. princeofpain

    princeofpain Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 4, 2012
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    Star Virgin Vs Viper (Part2)

    Hey guys, here is a good RP between me and big squeeze. I hope you enjoy
    The link for the first part: http://www.ryonani.com/roleplay/5477-star-virgin-vs-viper-part-1-a.html

    [08:11] <Viper> I walk behind my Gorilla as he carries you to my lair....Your body bouncing limp as he walks with you...Your little heart patch, looking like it has a heart beat... I instruct the gorilla to place you against a big tree in the middle of the room......The trees vine's wrap at your feet and hands......I throw water on you to wake up.."Rise and Shine My Little Star" i say
    [08:11] <Viper> yt
    [08:12] <Star_Virgin> "oooohhh"
    [08:13] <Star_Virgin> The impact of the water makes me wake up scared.
    [08:16] <Star_Virgin> I´m still sore and weak by the beating that I was submited. My body shines with sweat, I am dizzy and still slowly waking up.
    [08:16] <Star_Virgin> Wheee...where Am am I??? (yt)
    [08:18] <Viper> I stand in front of you with a smile.."You are in my house Star V.......and as such I must show you a good time"..I say to you
    [08:20] <Viper> I make the vines spread your legs and move your arms up and over your head as I step in to you....I give a slow rub from your ankle,up your thigh,across your heart covered crotch,up your tight little belly,over your firm breast and up the side of your face
    [08:21] <Viper> I look into your scared eyes..." But before I have fun..I would like for you to meet some of my family"...
    [08:23] <Viper> As I say this.....A few big slimy beetles come out and crawl up your leg and onto your breast...."These are African sucking Beetles"..I say They may be small but they are great little suckers. They can get the milk out of a coconut...And now they are going to see if they can get something out of you...ha ha
    [08:23] <Viper> yt
    [08:26] <Star_Virgin> "Noooooo... ah...ah...ah ooouuuh" (yt)
    [08:28] <Viper> I take a step back and sit on my thrown..watching you scream....
    [08:29] <Viper> As my sucking beetles attack your breast....I can hear little popping noises coming from them...."It is almost like a twisted breast feeding"..I say with a hellish laugh
    [08:31] <Viper> I have two snakes come out.....one goes up each leg of yours....coiling around from the ankle to inner thigh...they slowly squeeze your legs..as the vines pull them wider
    [08:31] <Viper> yt
    [08:32] <Star_Virgin> "AAAAAhhh
    [08:32] <Star_Virgin> "ooooouuuhhh"
    [08:32] <Star_Virgin> "Ahaa"
    [08:35] <Star_Virgin> I am squirming in pain and agony. The beetles are sucking my breasts and they are making me weaker and weaker, I feel as my life would being sucked through my breasts.
    [08:38] <Star_Virgin> The snakes are crushing slowly crushing my legs, the pain that they are causing me is terrible, the muscles and the bones are being pressed by a strenght that I never felt. (yt)
    [08:39] <Viper> Your moaning and squirming making my gorilla jump up and down and pound his chest..."I tell him to calm down"....he can be very hard to control at times.....
    [08:41] <Viper> With my beetles sucking your breast, my snakes squeezing your legs....I order a few spiders to come out...they crawl up your squeezed legs....A couple stop on your Heart covered heroine pussy....and give a bite.."These spiders are not deadly " I say
    [08:43] <Viper> They have a venom, which paralizes a spot on the body...only for a few minutes....but the pain it causes is extreme....."You ever have a foot or leg fall asleep? you know how that can tingle and hurt?..this is the same thing only about ten times worse and in one spot....
    [08:43] <Viper> yt
    [08:45] <Star_Virgin> "HAAAAA OOOHHH HUUUUUOOO"
    [08:48] <Star_Virgin> Now, having my both weak parts being attacked, the wave of weakness is even worse. Some times I fall on sleep, but, soon wake up again, I squirm in agony, my life is being drained from my body. The bites are causing a great pain besides the felling of weakness.
    [08:49] <Star_Virgin> My body is limp and weak, is just supported by the vines. (yt)
    [08:49] <Viper> How you like my family?....ha ha....
    [08:51] <Viper> My beetles have sucked on your breast for long enough now....your top is falling apart......your legs cracking under the snake squeeze.......Your pussy getting bitten by my spiders...
    [08:52] <Viper> I think you might be having a allergic reaction to the spider bites....I can see your pussy swell up...making your heart on it go out and get rounder......I just stare at it.......I tell the snakes to loosen there squeeze...I think you need some blood flow down there
    [08:52] <Viper> ha ha
    [08:53] <Viper> I take my eyes off of my gorilla when I fall into a trance staring at your swollen crotch....He sees it also...and lunges in......placing his big lipped face into your crotch....and starts to suck on it hard....
    [08:54] <Viper> Holy hell i say""" He thinks your pussy is a Red Mango Melon he loves to eat...." though he does not eat it, more likes to suck the juices out of it..."
    [08:54] <Viper> yt
    [08:56] <Star_Virgin> I say scared: "What???"
    [08:57] <Star_Virgin> "No... please??? ask for you gorilla to stop, I can´t take much more of this." (yt)
    [08:59] <Viper> I speak to my gorilla...he turns at me..his eyes are red with pure mixture of joy and pain.....I am not sure I could make him stop even if I wanted to...I say with a evil laugh
    [09:01] <Viper> He goes crazy on you...his huge powerfull mouth sucking hard on your pussy....his arms going all over your body....he knocks of the snakes and beetles and spiders without even noticing them...he is so focused on getting that juice from that Heart shaped mango of yours...your top goes flying off as he hits it.....his hands squeeze your breast
    [09:01] <Viper> yt
    [09:02] <Star_Virgin> "HuuuuuuuuuuuuAAAAHAAAAAAAAA"
    [09:05] <Star_Virgin> The agony is umbelievable. Your gorilla has 10 times more force than the other animals combined. I see my top falled on the ground and I finally notice that my breasts are exposed.
    [09:06] <Star_Virgin> The gorilla´s hands squeezes my breasts so hard that is like them will be crushed. (yt)
    [09:07] <Viper> He wraps his legs around the tree...trying to make his face and huge powerfull sucking lips go hard into and on you.....crushing you at the same time as he hugs the tree with you.....
    [09:08] <Viper> His hands almost ripping your breast off........The sounds he makes are so scary..even to me!! I almost feel sorry for you.......But then again maybe not...ha ha
    [09:11] <Viper> I can hear your heart bikini starting to tear as he sucks so hard on your pussy......his big tongue also going crazy...his drool running down your legs......I can tell that if I do not stop him...there might not be anything left for me to enjoy.......I will give him another minute of squeezing and sucking you...It looks like your body likes it
    [09:11] <Viper> yt
    [09:16] <Star_Virgin> My body is pressed against the tree, it´s a shame to even think about, but, the true is that I am just a toy for you gorilla. I am too weak to try any reaction, the only thing that I can do is scream and see my bikini being destroyed. (yt)
    [09:17] <Viper> My gorilla spits out pieces of your bikini as he continues to suck and lick it......making sounds that echo threw the jungle.....
    [09:18] <Viper> I am not sure but i think he is finally getting that juice out of that mango....haha
    [09:19] <Viper> I try and pull him off...his mouth stuck on your pussy...his legs around you and the tree...Holy Crap!! I am not sure i can get him off...
    [09:19] <Viper> He throws a punch at me......then goes back with his hand on your breast......
    [09:20] <Viper> I look at you, my eyes are wide......I think we might just have to wait for him to finish
    [09:20] <Viper> yt
    [09:27] <Star_Virgin> "Stooooooop" "AAAAAAAAH"
    [09:27] <Star_Virgin> The gorilla is killing me the hands and lips are draining my lifeforce through my weak points. (yt)
    [09:28] <Viper> You know we might have came from monkey's...so think of it as your ancestor and fellow human....instead of a gorilla...ha ha
    [09:30] <Viper> All the sudden I hear this loud and wet POP sound.......the gorilla must have gotten what he was looking for....he lets out a weird moan....and just falls to the ground...limp...almost as much as you......
    [09:31] <Viper> your top is gone.....your heart destroyed....only thing you have on is a little string going around your waist.....not sure what is running down your thighs..is it from my monkey or you...?
    [09:32] <Viper> I stand in front of you...look up and down your bare body....."What should I do to you next?"....mmmmmmm?
    [09:32] <Viper> yt
    [09:41] <Star_Virgin> "oooooohhh aaaaaahh"
    [09:42] <Star_Virgin> I am squirming in pain. I now feel my little haired pussy umprotected.
    [09:43] <Star_Virgin> My naked body is sore. I have a sad expression on my face as I am waiting for your next move.
    [09:44] <Star_Virgin> "No...no matter... I will suppo...t and defeat you. I will never surrender for you. (yt)
    [09:45] <Viper> Never surrender?? We shall see Star Virgin......
    [09:49] <Viper> But first I will do you a favor and get you cleaned up a little...I have a wild bull come in....He uses his long and wide and hard tongue...and begins to lick your upper and inner thighs and crotch......his horns barely fitting around you as he does this.. i make some fire ants go onto your breast and bite them all around your breast and nipples
    [09:49] <Viper> yt
    [09:50] <Star_Virgin> "ai ai ai ai aaaaahhhh ooooohh"
    [09:51] <Star_Virgin> my breasts are burning.
    [09:51] <Star_Virgin> "What´s going on???" (yt)
    [09:54] <Viper> Just surrender....this can all be over.....I make the bull leave...after one last lick.....I have more fire ants go up your leg and start biting your inner thigh and your exposed pussy...tugging on your little heroine hair around it as well
    [09:54] <Viper> yt
    [09:57] <Star_Virgin> "Nooooo...ooo...ooo I can´t surrender." (yt)
    [09:59] <Viper> More ants....more ants......biting you...your breast and pussy are covered by them..... I have a snake go around your neck as well....slowly getting tighter as well........I walk forward and give punches to your gut..."GIVE UP!!!"
    [09:59] <Viper> yt
    [10:01] <Star_Virgin> "AAAAAHHH OOOOUUUHHH"
    [10:01] <Star_Virgin> "No no... I never submit" (yt)
    [10:04] <Viper> Your defiance is making mad..."How can she take all of this?" I think to myself....I have another snake wrap around your waist and start to constrict around it.... My fire ants,,going crazy on your pussy and breast.....I make the spiders come back..they start to bite your legs.....I have some go up your backside and start doing numbing bites on your firm but ample ass.......
    [10:05] <Viper> My gorilla wakes up...As I continue to punch you in the gut....adding a few hits to your breast and pussy......
    [10:07] <Viper> Fine I say...do not give up..I do not want you to now....Now I will not stop until you are utterly destroyed.....I was thinking about letting you leave here ...but not now!! Now you are gonna feel my full wrath
    [10:07] <Viper> yt
    [10:10] <Star_Virgin> "No... never surrender... I am... Star Virgin... the super powerful girl" (yt)
    [10:14] <Viper> I make the gorilla go to one of your burning breast and start sucking as hard as he can...the snake around your waist squeezing hard....the ants on your other breast, doing a non stop fire dance on it..the spiders biting your ass , and your back...and legs and thighs now......I move my hand over your fire ant covered pussy and begin to dig and twist and pull it...
    [10:14] <Viper> yt
    [10:16] <Star_Virgin> "OOOOUUAAHA ooooouuummm aaauuuoooaaha"
    [10:19] <Star_Virgin> My breats are being sucked just as my life force, everytime the gorilla sucks, a part of my powers go away. The snake squeeze me so hard that I feel like my body is being broken in 2 parts. The bites on my legs makes me squirm and moan in pain.
    [10:20] <Star_Virgin> Your hand is taking my forces as you dig, I can´t make any moveto defend myself. I am being atacked by all the sides any reaction is impossible. (yt)
    [10:23] <Viper> You should have just gave up!! I make the sucking beetles come back now....sucking on your free nipple , my gorilla on the other,snakes squeezing,spiders biting,ants burning...As I continue to almost break my hand in and on your pussy
    [10:25] <Viper> My fingers going deep inside you,,,, the ants on your pussy , a few go in with my fingers and bite and burn from the inside........i make snakes come back and wrap around your legs...squeezing them also
    [10:25] <Viper> yt
    [10:26] <Star_Virgin> "HHHHHHHUUUUUUUOOOAAAHHHH"
    [10:28] <Star_Virgin> I´m becoming crazy with such punishment, but, my pride as superheroine don´t allow me surrender. I can´t let the people know that the great Star Virgin is being dominated and tortured so easily. (yt)
    [10:31] <Viper> I have all my animals and bugs go crazy with you...as I do the same with your pussy...I make a couple electric eel's come slithering in....they coil around your breast and pussy.......start doing surges of electric shock's on them...stopping for a second, so the rest of us can keep on doing what we have been doing to you...we are taking turns having our way with you
    [10:31] <Viper> yt
    [10:32] <Star_Virgin> ooooohhh
    [10:32] <Star_Virgin> oooouuuuaaaahhhh
    [10:32] <Star_Virgin> hhhhuuuuooouuu
    [10:33] <Star_Virgin> aaaaaaahhhh
    [10:34] <Star_Virgin> I never felt such pain in my whole life, it´s humiliating have my body destroyed just as my opponent wants. I can´t give up, but, not know how much my body can take of this punishment.
    [10:35] <Star_Virgin> I am limp and weak. All my force was drained, the all might Star Virgin is weak.
    [10:36] <Star_Virgin> Noooo... my my my my poooo...wers, but, no give up. (yt)
    [10:39] <Viper> I move my hand out of the way and let one of the electric eel's completely cover your pussy....and do a non stop shocking on it......I make my gorilla wrap his arms around you and squeeze you in a bearhug while he sucks hard and harder on your breast....I have more spiders go up your legs, to your back and ass...covering it completely as the do there painfull numbing bites......my snakes constricting as much as they possibly
    [10:39] <Viper> yt
    [10:41] <Star_Virgin> huuuuaaaaa...aaaa...aaaha
    [10:43] <Star_Virgin> The bearhug is taking my breath away. the eletric eel is making my pussy burn using the shocks, I can even feel my pussy and pubic hairs in flames. The bites makes my legs even more and more sore. (yt)
    [10:45] <Viper> I can not believe that she is even still awake I think to myself.......... Any other heroine would have gave in or been knocked out by now....
    [10:47] <Viper> The smoke coming from your pussy fills the room as my eel's continue to shock it........I have another gorilla come in ..latch on to your other breast and suck hard,,,,,i make the eel leave your breast and join the other on your pussy...doubling the shock to it........
    [10:47] <Viper> yt
    [10:48] <Star_Virgin> OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH
    [10:49] <Star_Virgin> Without my powers, I am just a normal girl. My body can´t take this anymore.
    [10:49] <Star_Virgin> "No... Nooo. N... I caaaaan...can´t be defeated.
    [10:50] <Star_Virgin> "Not this way... I can´t lose this fight."
    [10:50] <Star_Virgin> After Star Virgin say sadly these words, she falls on sleep. Her body is destroyed, the heroine fainted. (yt)
    [10:55] <Viper> I am so with rage at how much you took, and would not give up...my animals just keep going...you body doing koe'd spasm's..... Your last words almost as good as a submission to me...knowing the last thought you had was you lost.......but still you did not udder the words of mercy.....I must give you some respect for the amount of punishment you have taken......I must step back and admire your naked,wet,burning,shocked body..
    [10:56] <Viper> Or should I keep you here,,,,,let me and my animals rest,,,gather myself....and think of more ways to torture you later... I must hear you say that you give up......It is my mission now
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    It´s good to see Star Virgin in action again.
    It´s was a good idea to use animals for torture her.
  9. gigi

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    Waiting for the next torment
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    big squeeze and princeofpain.
    Nice work, the both parts are awsome.
  11. princeofpain

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    Star Virgin vs Viper 3rd part

    The last part of my rp with big squeeze (as Viper). Here is the other parts:

    [21:24] <viper> After my animals have had their way with you. Makes me jealous they had all the fun. Also makes me mad that you held out that long!....I instruct my gorilla to take you down the hall and into the battle room. There he places you in a enclosed steel cage. I follow behind. I take whats left of your shredded outfit. Make just enough to tie a patch over your breast and pussy. I then dump water on your face to wake you up
    [21:25] <Star_Virgin> "uuuuhu!!!"
    [21:28] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin is just wearing a rest of her bikini, but, cover her breasts and pussy. The weakened heroine still feels the pain and the wave of weakness as result of the tortured suffered from the animals.
    [21:28] <Star_Virgin> "Where am I???"
    [21:30] <viper> You know I was just gonna destroy and leave you, let my animals make you there little bitch...!! But you just rub me the wrong way! Now I am going to make an example out of you for all superheroines to see.....
    [21:30] <viper> You are in my cage of doom honey! No way out!! My animals can only unlock from the outside....and I am not letting you go anywhere!
    [21:34] <Star_Virgin> "Cage???"
    [21:34] <Star_Virgin> "If you want a fight, a fight you will have"
    [21:36] <viper> ha ha.....so cocky you are..... You are weak and beneath me!..... But I am fare somewhat!...I will wait for you to stand and be ready!....When you are ready sweety? make a move! I dare you!
    [21:38] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin makes a great effort to stand, she is weak, but, she must accept the challenge, beat Viper and take him to the prison.
    [21:38] <Star_Virgin> "I am ready Viper"
    [21:39] <Star_Virgin> The weakened heroine walks towards Viper and tries to punch him on his face.
    [21:41] <viper> As you say you are ready...I have snakes cover the cage...my gorillas follow. The cage surrounded by my fans..ha ha.... Distracting you as you throw your punch. I move to the side as you miss, leaving you open as I throw a stiff jab into your belly!.....here comes the pain Star Virgin!
    [21:42] <Star_Virgin> "oooofff!!!"
    [21:42] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin bows before Viper.
    [21:43] <viper> Already bowing?..ha ha
    [21:45] <viper> I come from behind you.....placing my left hand around your neck and my right goes up between your legs and over your pussy. mmmmm look what I got I say as I pick you up and turn you harizontal across my chest. Your back against me as I pull back on your neck and pussy..bending you backwards around me...
    [21:45] <viper> the gorillas start jumping and hooting....they like what they see
    [21:48] <Star_Virgin> "AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!"
    [21:48] <Star_Virgin> "OOOOOHHHH!!!"
    [21:48] <Star_Virgin> "oh no!!! My back!!!"
    [21:50] <viper> my fingers dig into your pussy as i yank back on it........my hand strangling your throat....Your ass sucking against me. As if it is kissing me to let you go....I add a headbutt to your exposed side....
    [21:50] <viper> You said you were ready.?..ha ha
    [21:52] <Star_Virgin> "Noooooo... too weak... to tired"
    [21:52] <Star_Virgin> As your fingers did into my pussy, the wave of weakness become more and more intense.
    [21:53] <viper> It’s a shame for you that your pussy is your weakness. It just makes me stronger! ha ha ha..
    [22:02] <viper> I dig my hand in more..sure is tight in here I say with a laugh.....
    [22:04] <Star_Virgin> "Noooooooooo...ooo ssssssssstooooop???"
    [22:04] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin has forces only for groans and screams, she is totally dominated by the evil Viper.
    [22:06] <viper> your screams fill the cage!!.. I love it..... I spin you up...placing you in almost a standing position in front of..your back to me as my left arm goes around and grabs your breast and my right goes around and grabs your pussy....lifting you off the ground by them
    [22:07] <Star_Virgin> "aaaaaaaahhh!!!"
    [22:08] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin is a ragdoll for Viper. Every attack makes her weaker.
    [22:08] <Star_Virgin> The only thing that she can do is wait for the next punishment. (yt)
    [22:10] <viper> I lower my left arm to match my right...both hands on your pussy as my arms squeeze and flex around you....swinging you from side to side in a reverse pussy digging bearhug.
    [22:11] <Star_Virgin> "ooooouuuuuhhhh!!!"
    [22:11] <Star_Virgin> "Noooo my puuuuuuussy"
    [22:12] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin tries to remove Viper´s hand, but, in her weakened state, she can´t even make effort.
    [22:12] <viper> This is my pussy now!! I own it and you...get your hand off of me I yell as I do a quick squeeze and jerk with your weak body.....
    [22:13] <viper> my fingers clawing and digging and tugging every part of your pussy.....your ass against my crotch...almost as if it is trying to bearhug my evil crotch
    [22:14] <viper> mmmmmmm
    [22:15] <Star_Virgin> "Noooo you can´t... do...this...to...me."
    [22:17] <viper> yes I can sugar
    [22:17] <viper> and I am
    [22:17] <viper> deal with it
    [22:20] <viper> ugghhh!! your ass starting to squeeze my evil crotch! " what the hell?" I yell..... I think your ass is stronger than the rest of you! AWE!..let me go!....I loosen my grip around you...but you do not fall...your ass keeping you on your toes as it squeezes me!.....mmphhhh!.. I thought your too weak to fight back?
    [22:21] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin fall on her knees. She is too weak for a fight.
    [22:23] <viper> ugg!!. I grab my crotch.....you little ass hugging whore!!......on your knees and me behind you....I give a hard kick to the squeezing ass!...
    [22:24] <Star_Virgin> "uuuuhhhh!!!"
    [22:24] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin rolls.
    [22:26] <viper> I place my left foot over your right ankle...grab your right ankle and lift it up. Exposing your pussy as I stomp my right foot in it
    [22:26] <viper> like stepping into a shallow wet puddle..I say with a laugh
    [22:27] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin´s pussy is sore. She can´t resist so much pain, she is in a extreme weakened state.
    [22:28] <viper> I grind my foot in more as my arm spreads your legs wider....adding stomps with my foot......"You having fun yet?..I ask......thought you were gonna take to the police?...haha
    [22:33] <Star_Virgin> "oh oh uh uh uh ahahah"
    [22:35] <viper> I stop and grab you by your hair....standing you up as I knee your pussy......I throw you to the side of the cage... Where two gorillas grab your arms and two snakes wrap your legs...holding you spread like a star as I walk towards you
    [22:38] <Star_Virgin> "Let me go??? oh my... what now???"
    [22:38] <viper> with you spread wide for me...I walk up and place a kiss on you,,then lean back and smile as my hands grab at your breast,,tearing what was left of your outfit off of them as I twist the hell out of your breast
    [22:45] <Star_Virgin> "You are insane. Let me go???"
    [22:45] <viper> I then step back and take a running stride...slamming my knee full force into your pussy as my animals hold you...over and over....
    [22:45] <viper> let you go?
    [22:45] <viper> never
    [22:46] <viper> ha ha ha
    [22:47] <Star_Virgin> "aaaaaaaaaaaaha!!!"
    [22:47] <Star_Virgin> The heroine´s body is crushed and pressed against the cage.
    [22:48] <viper> As i step back and look at you..I see your fading fast!1.." You need a jumpstart honey?..I ask.....
    [22:49] <viper> I have an electric eel go around your waist and chest..covering your pussy and breast as it gives electric shocks to you
    [22:49] <viper> that help?
    [22:51] <Star_Virgin> "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!"
    [22:51] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin squirms in pain.
    [22:52] <viper> I just laugh!....and laugh as you wiggle and squirm and scream in pain.......you should have tried harder with that ass bearhug....it was the only move you had.....
    [22:52] <viper> another shock from my eel...
    [22:57] <viper> I make the animals release you from the cage, catching you as you fall down.....slapping my arms around you and lifting you up in a bearhug........My crotch still feeling your ass squeeze on it....making it hard and almost coming threw my thin pants...As i squeeze you I press against your pussy with it....swaying you from side to side in my squeeze
    [22:57] <viper> yt
    [22:59] <Star_Virgin> "ooooohhh can´t breath."
    [23:01] <viper> I loosen my grip for you take a breath..........
    [23:01] <viper> then press hard with my dick
    [23:02] <viper> then squeeze again
    [23:02] <viper> then lossen and press loosen and press....letting you get short breaths to stay awake for this catch and release squeeze
    [23:02] <viper> yt
    [23:08] <Star_Virgin> "oooohhhh"
    [23:08] <Star_Virgin> "So weak... so sore... I can´t fight. He is so strong and I... so weak."
    [23:10] <viper> Beg for me to let you go!....squeeze and release and press more against your pussy.....I can feel your body starting to break
    [23:10] <viper> tell me I am crushing you
    [23:10] <viper> let me here you beg and moan and cry and i might let you go
    [23:11] <viper> let me here it!!!
    [23:11] <Star_Virgin> "Noooo... never beg."
    [23:12] <viper> Then here have some more!!! my arms shake you crazy and squeeze harder...my dick hard and smashing your pussy..I let out a battle cry as I squeeze.....
    [23:13] <viper> I give a long and with all my strength squeeze...then loosen...I ask again..." Tell me what I want to hear!!
    [23:15] <Star_Virgin> "No... I will never beg... I can´t submit"
    [23:17] <viper> tell me I am crushing you...tell me that you can't breathe..tell me to stop....I want and must here it!!!!!!!....I stick out my knee and slam your pussy down on it in a hard frontal atomic drop...only to pick you up and keep you in my bearhug...
    [23:17] <viper> say it!
    [23:18] <Star_Virgin> "No... I will never say."
    [23:21] <viper> again I slam your pussy into my knee....and again...and again...and again..and again..only to go back each time with my bearhug and squeeze......
    [23:21] <viper> you cannot hold out on me much longer star virgin
    [23:21] <viper> again on my knee..and again I squeeze...
    [23:21] <viper> say it!!!!!!!!
    [23:21] <viper> say what I want to hear!
    [23:24] <Star_Virgin> "ooooouuuhhh!!!"
    [23:24] <Star_Virgin> "aaaaauuuuuhhh!!!"
    [23:24] <Star_Virgin> "I said NOOO"
    [23:25] <viper> GGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRR!!!.....You gonna die in this atomic pussy drop Bearhug!! that what you want?....because it’s what your gonna get!!....
    [23:36] <viper> I slam you down on my knee..leaving you there as I grind my knee into your pussy as hard as I can....my arms still squeezing you, moving you from side to side. Making your pussy really get worked across my knee...
    [23:36] <viper> Say I am crushing you
    [23:37] <viper> say you can’t breathe
    [23:37] <viper> beg me to stop
    [23:37] <viper> and I will let you live as my slave
    [23:37] <viper> otherwise you die
    [23:37] <viper> the choice is yours
    [23:38] <Star_Virgin> "ok ok. I say."
    [23:39] <Star_Virgin> "I beg... stop... I...I... beg you. I can´t breath. Your powerful arms are crushing me"
    [23:40] <viper> louder and more convincing......I give another squeeze and grind with my knee........ convince me that you are begging!
    [23:41] <Star_Virgin> " I beg you my master... Stop... I can´t take this anymore... you defeated me... I will be your slave... you are crushing me."
    [23:42] <Star_Virgin> Star Virgin is crying in pain and humiliation.
    [23:43] <viper> I stand up with you in my bearhug....still squeezing you fragile body as you beg!!.........I smile big as you beg.......
    [23:44] <viper> just one more time with feeling star virgin..and this will be over......really let it out!....
    [23:44] <viper> yt
    [23:46] <Star_Virgin> "OOOOOOOUUUUFFF!!!"
    [23:47] <viper> I will take that as a sound of giving in?
    [23:47] <viper> or do you have something to add....maybe one last cry for mercy
    [23:48] <Star_Virgin> "I surrender... I surrender to you."
    [23:53] <viper> I finally release and throw you.....the cage opens and my gorillas come in and grab you.....They give me a new outfit for you..... I put it on you....this outfit can not come off without a special code...if you try and unlock the zipper without it it will make the charges on the inside blow up...... It also has three hearts on it.just for you...one on each breast and one on your pussy...With a hit of a button those hearts tu
    [23:53] <viper> you are my personal property now.......you will serve me and my animals
    [23:53] <viper> any way we want
    [23:54] <Star_Virgin> "Yes master. As you wish."
    [23:55] <viper> Good.....
    [23:56] <viper> Now I am happy
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