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Scarlet Blade Shadow Walker Level 15 Armour Reskin

Discussion in 'Adult Mods (Archive)' started by Zalman, May 23, 2013.

  1. Zalman

    Zalman Potential Patron

    May 22, 2013
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    Shadow Walker Armour Re-skin

    1.Png 2.Png 3.Png 4.Png



    Extract and copy the "data" folder to your Scarlet Blade folder.
    Default location is C:\AeriaGames\ScarletBlade


    Feel free to edit, use, and publish these textures however you like

    I've polished these skins as much as I could stand, there are some minor issues with the normal map and specular map, but without a way to import the meshes to blender to get a UV map booting up the game repeatedly gets tedious. If anyone knows of a way to get the meshes into blender, even without the rigging just for the purpose of testing and checking textures please PM me. Also I'm not really familiar with SP map editing especially with Scarlet Blade so if someone who does have some idea would like to give me some pointers feel free to send me a PM also. The ones I've included are just trial and error testing to make the skin look half decent.

    Hope you all like them and I'll post ones for other outfits and classes as I make them, Thanks Zalman.
  2. Braiz

    Braiz Potential Patron

    Jun 2, 2013
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    Heya Zalman are you gona do more re-skin armor for other classes? I realy like your work keep going.