Scarlet Blade subtle and balanced nipples



Been playing Scarlet blade on Vendetta servers and was not too impressed with how the nipples looked when I got to finally unseal the starting lingerie. The other nude mods didn't feel right to me so I thought I try my own hand in making the nipples more balanced with the breast sized yet keep it subtle.

This is only for Medic, Whipper, and Punisher classes since those are the only classes I have picked up. I currently have no plans to create similar mods for the other classes.

Medic-preview.png Punisher-preview.png Whipper-preview copy.png

Drag and drop to Scarlet Blade Vendetta root folder.

Note: This mod replaces the unsealed skin. If you want to replace the Default starter Lingerie with this mod, rename all instances of "BD" to "PT" and "00" to "01" on all files in the tex folder from the .7z file.



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Sep 13, 2013
Nice, just noticet his was a thing here lol should look for older threads more often
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