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A classic battle royal with so much at stake! Thirty women will enter the ring! No pinfalls, no submissions, no disqualifications, no mercy! Participants are eliminated by being thrown over the top rope and have both their feet touch the floor! The final woman standing will be declared the winner of the Ryona Rumble! Will your favorite character enter the gauntlet? Who will survive? You do not want to miss this exciting match featuring the best of the best!
| - |

Entry #1

The decibel levels were off the chart inside the arena. A huge, sellout crowd of over fifty thousand people were on their feet clapping and cheering.


So far, tonight's pay-per-view event has not only lived up to its hype, but it has also shattered everyone's expectations. The audience wanted to see a bunch of strong, powerful and athletic women beat the crap out of each other. However, they got a lot more than they dreamed of. With each match lasting over twenty minutes long, many of the people saw their favorite competitors in action and giving the audience a good show.

Moments later, the announcer entered the ring with a microphone in hand. Everyone in the audience was on their feet, screaming their lungs out. And that's because the main event is about to get underway.

"Ladies and gentlemen..." The ring announcer spoke. "It is now time... FOR THE RYONA RUMBLE MATCH!"


It was so loud, it felt like the roof in the arena was about to come off at any given minute. The announcer had to wait for the noise level to die down so she could speak, which took several moments.

"Now, the rules for this contest goes as follows!" She continued. "The match will start with the two women who drew #1 and #2! After two minutes, another competitor will enter the ring in the order of the number that they drew! Now, this will continue until all thirty participants are in the match! Also, there are no pinfalls, no submissions and no disqualifications! The only way to get eliminated is to be thrown over the top rope, and have both feet touch the arena floor!"

The announcer had to wait for another few moments for the applause to die down. After a while, she continued with the introductions.

"Now, the last woman standing will be the winner of the Ryona Rumble and will be declared... THE GREATEST CHAMPION IN THE WORLD!"

That was when the noise skyrocketed to a record breaking level. Even the loud sound of a fighter jet can't compare to the fierce noise of the crowd. The ring announcer had to cover hear ears as she awaits the first entrant of the Ryona Rumble match. Soon, every man, woman and child outside the barriers turned toward the stage of the arena, where the person who drew #1 is supposed to enter.


The noise level in the arena has suddenly dropped. It was almost silent the arena. The suspense couldn't get any higher. Over a hundred women signed up for this prestigious event. Every competitor in the back wants to be crowned the Greatest Champion in the World. It would mean that they are the best of the best, the elite of the elite, and the Queen of the Mountain.

A minute later, the lights went out, covering the arena with pitch black darkness. While it made the crowd cheer with excitement and anticipation, they were still waiting for the first competitor to come out and enter the ring. The tension level was so high, one could carve it with a knife.

"So who's #1? Who drew #1 to enter the Ryona Rumble matchup first?"


It took only the first part of the entrance music and the video on the titantron for the audience members to know who the first entrant of the Ryona Rumble is. Once again, the decibel levels in the arena were off the charts. Not only the people realize who's about to make her entrance, but she's also one of the more popular characters too.

"Oh my! Listen to this crowd! No wonder everyone's on their feet already! Look who's about to come out, Ray!"

"Oh, ho! It is electric in the arena!"

A single, bright spotlight from the ceiling shown down on the person who drew #1. Standing in the center of the stage was a seventeen year old girl with her eyes closed, like she was absorbing in the moment. Her luscious, raven-colored hair reached all the way down to her waist. When the girl opened her eyes, she waved toward the crowd and gave them a gorgeous and cheerful smile. The audience was entranced with her sheer grace and beauty.


On the other hand, her outfit is what got almost all of the guys thrilled. She wore a white bra with red trimmings and straps. While it did show quite a bit of her cleavage, this young woman was not afraid to show her well-developed breasts. And her bikini bottom was also white, with red along the sides and hips. Her boots were also white and just passing her shins. Her footwear also had a red strap wrapped around it. She also wore wristbands on both arms, the same matching color as everything else. The only attire that wasn't white was her short, black arm sleeves, which covered half of her forearms.


"Introducing first, from Japan... SAKURAAAAA HAGIWARAAAAAAAAAAA!"

After the introduction, the teenage idol rose a fist up toward the sky. Bursts of white fireworks blasted on the stage, giving the crowd some excitement. The light radiated from the sparks of the fireworks radiated her perfect bust and slender body. Once the pyro show was over, the teenage idol sprinted down the ramp and towards the ring, giving the audience members high-fives as she passes them by.

She then got on the apron and vaulted over the top rope. The teenage girl stood at the center of the ring and rose her hand up again, which ignited another blast of white fireworks from all four ring posts.


Sakura quickly made her way toward one of the turnbuckles. She climbed on top of the second rope and waved to her adoring fans in the audience.


The crowd reacted with loud applauses and cheers. And on one specific position of the crowd, was the fan club chanting the name of their favorite person in the world.


"This young woman has an interesting story, Ray! Sakura Hagiwara, the lead singer of the idol group 'Sweet Diva', had suddenly decided to become a professional wrestler after a challenging Rio Kazama. But in her first match, she suffered a humiliating defeat! Since then, she has worked very hard and trained every day to become the wrestler we see here tonight! And now, here she is in the biggest and most prestigious event of all time! Can Sakura Hagiwara, probably the youngest competitor in the contest, achieve her long time goal in becoming not only the strongest wrestler of all time, but the Greatest Champion in the World?"


"Well, I don't know! You can see Hagiwara all smiling and super excited to be in this event! And I can understand why too! She competes in each match with the same level of confidence! But if you ask me, underneath all that cheerfulness and emotion, Sakura knows what's at stake here! If she's going to become the strongest and greatest fighter that's ever lived, then she will have to go a long, dangerous, and probably painful journey to do it! I'm not sure if she can win this match, Al!"

Sakura leaped off of the second rope and turned to the center of the stage. She began her normal warm up routine, which consisted of stretching her arms, legs and torso. The joyful smile has changed into a look of seriousness. The young wrestler has made her entrance, but now she must wait to see who will be her first opponent. With so many strong and talented fighters in the back, Hagiwara has no idea who's going to come down that ramp next.


"So, the seventeen year old has to go through twenty-nine other competitors in order to capture the event tonight, and become the Greatest Champion in the World! Sakura Hagiwara may have the biggest heart of all! But will that be enough to survive against the other twenty-nine women? Only time will tell!"

"This is definitely not what Sakura Hagiwara was looking for! While it is an honor to be in this event, you can tell by the look on her face that the situation couldn't be any worse for her! The last number you wanted to draw in the competition is obviously #1. And unfortunately, poor Sakura was the... should I say 'unlucky' recipient!"

"And now the question is, who will Hagiwara face off with in the first two minutes of the match up?"

"It could be anyone, Al! Any of those strong, athletic women could be the next person to enter the ring! If I were Sakura, my heart would be accelerating! My muscles would be tighter than usual! Even she doesn't know who her first opponent is, which is scary! But the worst part of all is just like you said, Al! Every two minutes, another competitor will enter the match up! If Sakura Hagiwara is going to win, then she's going to have to last at least sixty minutes in the Rumble matchup! That's a tall order in itself already! Let's just put it this way! If you drew #1 or #2... Good luck!"

The teenage idol paced around the ring, anxiously awaiting for her next opponent. Her entrance music has stopped playing, increasing the tension inside the arena. The audience also turned toward the stage and waited for the competitor who holds the second number.

"So Sakura Hagiwara, the #1 entrant, awaiting for her opponent that drew #2! There will be thirty women total entering this event! No pinfalls or submissions! You can only eliminate your opponent by throwing her over the top rope with both of her feet touching the arena floor! Last woman standing will become the Greatest Champion in the World!"

"For Sakura Hagiwara, that journey to the top starts... now!"


| - |​



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I agree, this is a promising start. It's a shame that the eliminations will come via top rope elimination, since I don't really see the finality in that. But I trust that you'll find plenty of opportunities for good ryona. Good luck with this project!


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So the video you posted is supposedly the titantron and the entrance music that goes with it huh? I LOVE IT! The music definitely describes Sakura's hardworking personality. Combine that with the music video you put together, it's like I can imagine Sakura making her entrance at a professional wrestling event. Great work, my friend.

Now for the chapter. Excellent job with the intro, getting the readers warmed up for the main event. When I saw Sakura was the first one to enter, I literally jumped out of my seat. Safe to say that she's one of my favorite character to see get beat up. I wonder how long she'll last, since the first entrants usually don't win. Or will she? ;)

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Entry #2

Needless to say that the second competitor was another crowd favorite. The applause and ovation was even louder than Sakura's. Everyone was on their feet, cheering for their favorite eye candy and WWE Diva. But the seventeen year old idol gulped nervously. She knew that her first opponent in the Ryona Rumble match will not be an easy one.

"Oh my gosh! Look who it is!"


A twenty-seven year old woman marched out of the curtains and onto the stage. She had both of her hands up, pointing to her adoring fans. Without a doubt, this Diva was beyond sexy. The pink and violet lights from above bounced off her perfect skin and gorgeous blonde hair. She wore a purplish bra with white outlines all around. Her white, skimpy shorts showed off her sexy legs. A purplish belt wrapped around her waist to keep it tight. The blonde also wore arm sleeves with the same matching color. Finally, she had white boots and kneepads that matched the color of her shorts.


"And her opponent, from Jacksonville, Florida... KELLY KELLY!"

She didn't need fireworks to get the crowd pumped up. She skipped happily down the ramp, high-fiving all of the fans on her right side. She then went back to the top of the ramp and did the same thing, but with the audience on the left. Next, the WWE Diva skipped around the barrier, making sure she gave everyone in the front row a high-five. Kelly Kelly then walked up the stairs, entered the ring and climbed to the top of the nearest turnbuckle. As she pointed and winked toward the crowd, cameras flashed all over the arena, taking pictures of the blonde.


"How do you like that, Ray? The former Divas Champion, Kelly Kelly, is in the match! I love the Ryona Rumble! You never know who's coming out or what surprises are in store!"

"You got that right, Al! Kelly Kelly has a fine background in cheerleading and gymnastics, which translate into some of the moves she unleashes on her opponents! And by working in a huge company like the WWE, she has faced a lot of Divas that tested her abilities! I mean, let's look at the list! She has wrestled Michelle McCool, Mickie James, and of course, Beth Phoenix!"

"Kelly Kelly has defeated her own share of powerful and talented wrestlers in the past! But tonight, and for the first two minutes, she's gonna have to deal with Sakura Hagiwara! Again, ladies and gentlemen, here are the rules for this match! Once you go over the top rope, and both of your feet hit the floor, you are eliminated! The last woman standing, will become the Greatest Champion in the World!"

The former Divas Champion hopped off of the second rope and faced the teenage idol on the opposite side of the ring. Sakura's look of determination, on the other hand, remained. The Japanese wrestler gave the blonde a nod as a sign of respect.


Kelly Kelly smiled and repeated the same gesture.


It didn't take long for Kelly Kelly's entrance music to die down. The lights above the ring turned on, and everyone was ready for tonight's main event. As the crowd cheered on one last time, the announcer exited the ring and the referee pointed toward the person running the bell.


Both women circles around the ring, trying to gauge their opponent's strengths, as well as ways they could attack.

"So, here we go folks! The Ryona Rumble is underway! Sakura Hagiwara and Kelly Kelly will start up the match! And every two minutes, another competitor will enter the ring! This will continue until all thirty competitors are in the ring!"

"Let me ask you, Ray! For Sakura Hagiwara, a girl with little experience and the #1 entrant, what type of strategy would you use in this match? It's bad enough that your first opponent is a former Divas Champion! But like you said before, another competitor will enter the ring every two minutes! If Sakura's going to win this event, she's going to have to survive for at least an hour, plus the wrath of twenty-eight other strong and talented women!"

"Good question, Al! To be honest, there's not really much you can do if you were the #1 or #2 entrant! But I guess it's all about surviving! Hagiwara has to pace herself and make sure she has enough energy to remain in the match! It's just like a marathon runner! And yes, it is true that Sakura Hagiwara has to survive for at least an hour to win the Ryona Rumble! But for now, she needs to concentrate on surviving Kelly Kelly, who is fresh and ready to go! If Sakura's worried about the women in the back instead of the ones in the ring, she'll be eliminated in a blink of an eye!"

The first two entrants began the Ryona Rumble match with a collar-and-elbow tie up.


Both wrestlers refused to give in. They continued to push each other with all their might. After a few seconds of testing each other's strength, Sakura Hagiwara was the first to make her move. She locked the blonde in a headlock. The Japanese teen trapped Kelly Kelly's head with her arm and body. The former Divas Champion tried to remove Sakura's grip on her cranium, but the young idol would not to let go.


Kelly Kelly then backed Sakura into the ropes and somehow manages to get her to release the hold. She whipped the young woman toward the other side of the ring. Sakura bounced off the ropes and sprinted towards Kelly Kelly, who was about launch her first attack. She held her arm out, ready to clothesline her on the neck. But Sakura immediately ducked underneath Kelly Kelly's arm. She ricocheted off the other ropes and charged back at her opponent.

"Imada!" Sakura said to herself when she found an opening.


Hagiwara sprang off the ground and landed a low dropkick onto Kelly Kelly's left knee.


The former Divas Champion fell to the ground and grabbed her knee.


Kelly Kelly quickly stood back on her feet. But Sakura was there waiting for her. She threw a couple of forearm shots to the face of her opponent, reeling the blonde until she was against the ropes.


However, Hagiwara continued the assault with more forearm strikes to the gut and a couple of roundkicks to the head.


Sakura then tried to Irish Whip her opponent toward the ropes, but Kelly Kelly reversed it, sending the Japanese wrestler instead.


When the idol rebounded, the blonde tried going for a clothesline again. But Sakura ducked underneath Kelly Kelly's arm.


She then springboarded off of the second rope.



Sakura landed on the former Divas Champion's chest with a diving crossbody.​



With Kelly Kelly still on the ground, Hagiwara changed positions until she was mounted on top of the woman. The Japanese idol unleashed a fury of punches to the exposed head of Kelly Kelly.

"My God! Look at Hagiwara go, Ray! Right from the start of the match, Sakura's already on the offensive and Kelly Kelly's on her back!"

"Kelly Kelly may have the experience, but Sakura's as feisty as a cat! She's got the entire package, Al: speed, strength, flexibility, technique, endurance! You name it! She would've been my pick to win the Ryona Rumble, if she hadn't drew that #1 spot!"

Sakura got Kelly Kelly back to her feet and tried Irish Whipping her towards the ropes. Again, the blonde countered and threw the Japanese wrestler to the other side of the ring. But when the Hagiwara was in range, she took a page out of Kelly Kelly's book.



A tilt-a-whirl headscissors on the former Divas Champion got everybody in the arena off of their feet.



They were amazed with such explosiveness and excitement coming from this young woman.



Kelly Kelly had to catch her breath. She was extremely dizzy after taking so much shots to the head and spinning all over the place.


The blonde made her way towards one of the corners so she could recover. Unfortunately, Sakura had the former Divas Champion right where she wanted her. The seventeen year old girl threw three shoulder thrusts into the gut of Kelly Kelly, making the weakened blonde exhale.

With her out of breath, Sakura stood on the second rope and grabbed the woman's head with her left hand. Hagiwara rose her right fist in the air before unleashing a fury of punches to Kelly Kelly's unprotected skull.


"1... 2... 3... 4... 5..." The crowd counted each time Sakura connected with the punch to her opponent's head. "... 8... 9... 10!"


"Listen to this crowd! They sure love to see Sakura Hagiwara in action!"

"Now, wait just a minute, Al! Sakura may have the crowd on their feet, but she's in a dangerous position right now! LOOK OUT!"

Somehow, Kelly Kelly managed to recover from the ten head shots. When Sakura's feet touched the ground, the blonde lifted the teenager by the armpits and threw her over the top rope.


Hagiwara reacted just in the nick of time, grabbing the top rope with both hands and landing on the apron.


Kelly Kelly tried to eliminate Sakura, but the idol gave the former Divas Champion another shoulder thrust to the belly, knocking her to the ground.


The blonde rolled on her stomach and coughed for air.


"IKUZO!" Hagiwara said to herself.

She climbed the closest turnbuckle and measured the distance between herself and opponent. Kelly Kelly was on her back, still winded from the beating she had previously received.


Sakura found her balance and rose both her arms up, getting the crowd pumped up for what's about to happen next.


Suddenly, Hagiwara jumped forward and went for a diving splash across the blonde's stomach.


But Kelly Kelly rolled out of the way just in time. By then, it was too late for Sakura.

She couldn't brace herself in time as her chest and stomach slammed hard against the unforgiving canvas.


Hagiwara gasped for air. It felt like she had the wind knocked out of her when she landed. Poor Sakura rolled on the mat, clenching her stomach and kicking her legs about, symbolizing how much pain she was in.


"I... Itai!" moaned the idol.

"Oh my God! What an impact! Sakura was going for a high-risk maneuver, but it backfired on her! Now, Sakura's ribs appeared to be injured! You can see her flopping around the ring like a fish out of water!"

"What the hell was she thinking? Going for a splash in the Ryona Rumble match? That wasn't really smart of Hagiwara! She had control of this match from the beginning! Now, instead of putting the nail in Kelly Kelly's coffin, that failed attempt was probably the nail in her own coffin!"

Sakura fought the pain and made her way towards a corner. Still clinching her ribs, the teenage idol managed to get back on her two feet. But she didn't see her opponent already standing on the opposite corner.




Suddenly, the former Divas Champion cartwheeled and performed a couple of backflips before driving a back elbow into Hagiwara's jaw.





The stunned teenager hobbled toward the center of the ring like she has no idea where she's at. Kelly Kelly seized the opportunity to inflict more damage on the inexperience wrestler.


She stood behind the dazed idol and grabbed her neck with both arms.



Kelly Kelly then dropped to the ground, bringing her opponent down with her in a vicious neckbreaker.




Sakura landed with a loud 'THUMP', which made the audience reacted with awe.


"COME ON!" The former Divas Champion shouted to the crowd to get them involved in the match.

Everyone in the arena cheered and clapped for their favorite WWE Diva. Being a former cheerleader, Kelly Kelly knew a thing or two about getting loud receptions from the crowd.

As the former Divas Champion pumped up the audience, she looked at the titantron and saw that the next competitor is about to come out in a matter of seconds. She looked back at her opponent, who was already on her hands and knees. The blonde decided to do one more move to Hagiwara before the third entrant comes out.

She helped Sakura back to her feet. But before she could give her time to recover, Kelly Kelly gave the Japanese girl a hard kick to the gut, doubling her over.



Next, she placed her right leg on the back of Sakura's head. Kelly Kelly dragged her finger from one side of the audience to the other, letting them know her finisher is coming right up.


Once she had the crowd in the palm of her hand, she jumped with her other leg and transition into a seated position.


This caused Hagiwara's skull to crash hard into the canvas.


"OOH!" The audience gasped.

"Wow! A K2, Al! Or a leg drop bulldog as I like to call it! Man, did you hear the impact when Sakura's head hit the mat?"

"I certainly did, Ray! Kelly Kelly's in control of this match right now, as we await the #3 entry for the Ryona Rumble!"









| - |



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Kelly Kelly as the second entry huh? Not a bad choice. I loved seeing her getting thrashed by Beth Phoenix and LayCool. Good job with the commentary and anaylsis. It's like I'm actually watching the PPV match from my TV or on YT.


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Amazing work.
This is one of the best stories that I ever seen here.


Avid Affiliate
Ima lovin this story so far. The video you post on Youtube to act as a Titantron is entertaining to watch. And I also like the way you add a picture of the wrestler to give us a visual on what they're suppose to look like. And at the end to see who's in, who's out and who's left.

Chapter 1 was a great start. Good visual descriptions of the crowd, the lights and arena. When I found out that the first entrant is Sakura Hagiwara, I was freaking out. She's one of my favorite characters to see get beat up like in that one anime. The way you described her entrance was one of the best I've seen. Adding pyro and fireworks was the perfect touch to a fabulous entrance. The commentating is like listen to JR and King back in the old days of the WWE.

In Chapter 2, I'm glad we finally got to see some action. Kelly Kellys outfit is very hot. A perfect body to destroy. But it seemed like Sakura was doing most of the attacking. I like how you kept the character's movesets. Sakura can be a beautiful aerialist or a striker if she wants to be. Then when it was Kelly Kelly's turn to go on the offense, I'm glad you used the same moves as she did when she was still in the WWE. And a good way to end the chapter too. A K2 to Sakura.

I agree with TheCrimsonRisk though. Be aware of grammatical errors. But other than that, I'm liking where this story is going. Can't wait to see who the #3 entry is.

Code Red

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Entry #3

The courageous sound of trumpets and drums boomed throughout the facility. Add that with the sexy singing from the ladies, the temperature of the arena had somehow increased. Out on the ramp stood the woman who drew the #3 entry for the Ryona Rumble.

However, this extremely fit wrestler did not receive the same cheers and ovation the first two entrants did. Some of the crowd even jeered and gave her the thumbs down sign. But nevertheless, she looked like she's ready for a fight.


On the other hand, her outfit of choice was an eye popper and a head scratcher at the same time. In fact, this woman wore pretty much nothing but a bright pink bra and bikini. She had short, dark colored hair with some purple highlights on the front. She also had a couple of belly piercings and a greenish tattoo just above her right butt cheek. Last of all, this female was coming down the ring barefooted.


"And here's the next entry, Ray! From Chicago, Illinois... it's Gia Primo! A former wrestler at Sleeperkids World. Gia's known for her dirty tactics and foul play! She lets her opponents know who's boss before putting them to sleep!"

"Oh my gosh! Someone get this girl a bathrobe or something! Because somebody forgot to tell her she needed to dress up for the event! What would happen if there was a 'wardrobe malfunction', Al?"

"You sure have one perverted mind, my friend!"

Gia walked up the steel steps, entered the ring though the bottom two ropes and observed her opponents.




Kelly Kelly was hanging in the corner, still a little winded from the first two minutes of the match. There was also a Japanese teenager on her hands and knees. Her midsection appeared to be swollen. The look in her eyes meant that she was still in a dazed after taking Kelly Kelly's finishing move recently.


Finally, Gia turned toward Sakura and gave her a vicious soccer kick to the gut.





Hagiwara gasped for air before flipping on her back. Primo then relentlessly stomped on the poor girl's midsection, further damaging the potentially injured ribs.


Each stomp was more painful than the last. Sakura tried to cover her belly with her arms, but Gia would target another part of her midsection that was exposed.

Meanwhile, Kelly Kelly stayed in her corner and watched the newest entrant continue to wear down the teenage idol. Apparently, she was in no rush to get back in the match.


Seconds passed until finally Gia brought Sakura back to her feet. She brought the dazed girl into a corner and unleashed a fierce elbow to the skull.



Hagiwara's head flew backward. The impact caused the girl fall on her butt, where Primo continued the assault with more stomps.



"Oh, come on! Why is Gia going after Sakura? She can't even get back to her feet on her own power! So, I have no idea why Gia's wasting her time attacking someone who's already been worn down!"

"That's a good question, Ray! But meanwhile, look at Kelly Kelly! She's hanging out in the corner! This is great strategy by the former Divas Champion! Sit back and watch the newest entrant take out Sakura! In the meantime, she can catch her breath while those two go at it! And when the time is right, she can come back in fresh!"

As Primo pressed her foot against the Sakura's throat, Kelly Kelly decided to make her move. She approached Gia from behind and grabbed a fistful of her short hair.


The blonde pulled her opponent out of the corner, allowing Hagiwara to catch her breath. She was coughing profusely after getting stomped in the midsection so many times.

The former Divas Champion dragged Primo to the center of the ring and kicked her in the exposed belly.


Gia fell on her knees and clinched her ribs with one arm.


As the former Sleeperkid's World wrestler recovered, Kelly Kelly bounced off the ropes and charged at her opponent.


Gia managed to scoop the blonde off of her feet, but the WWE Diva used her momentum to her advantage.


She wrapped her legs around the woman's head and went along for the ride.






Finally, Kelly Kelly snapped her legs forward and took Gia Primo down with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown.



The short haired wrestler got back to her knees, but was still dizzy from all of that spinning.


She was too disoriented to see the former Divas Champion pumping up the crowd once again. Every man, woman and child got out of their seat and cheered their favorite WWE Diva on.


Kelly Kelly then kicked Gia in the midsection, causing her to bend forward. Next, she placed her right leg on her head and signaled the audience she was going for another K2.


Unfortunately, the blonde never got the chance to execute her finisher.


Primo quickly removed her opponent's leg off of her head, dropped to her knees and raised her arm up between Kelly Kelly's legs, striking the groin with the inside part of her elbow.

"OOH!" The crowd gasped.


"Oh no! A low blow, from one of the dirtiest women in this sport! And it's all legal! There are no disqualifications in this match!"

"Poor Kelly Kelly! She was dominating this match to begin with! But that shot in between the legs can slow down any kind of momentum!"

Kelly Kelly's eyes shot open when her opponent's arm hit her pussy. Her mouth was opened, but only muffled exhales escaped her lips.


The blonde hobbled all over the ring, trying to recover from the cheap shot. Her legs were too weak to stand on its own.


She had to use the ropes for balance. But when Kelly Kelly tried to get back in the fight, the pain in her groin was just too much for her.

This was Gia Primo's perfect opportunity to eliminate her first opponent. She grabbed Kelly Kelly by the hair and threw her over the top rope.


But the blonde hung on to the ropes and landing on the apron.


Unfortunately, Gia Primo was ready for her opponent.


The third entrant shot a kick between Kelly Kelly's legs and struck her groin for the second time.


The former Divas Champion inhaled greatly before collapsing off of the apron and landing on the floor.


"No! Not Kelly Kelly!"

"There you have it, folks! We have our very first elimination of the night! The former Divas Champion has been eliminated!"

"Talk about dirty! That's probably the dirtiest way to eliminate someone! I sure hope Kelly Kelly's, uh... 'sacred garden' is alright!"

"Nonetheless, we are back to two competitors, Ray! Gia Primo and Sakura Hagiwara!"

The third entrant stared and laughed at the blonde who was tending her groin. She wanted to inflict more pain and misery on the first woman eliminated, but she also remembered there was still a match going on. Primo looked behind her and saw a seventeen year old girl on her hands and knees. She was extremely tired and in a lot of pain.


But of course, Gia Primo was in no mood to show her any mercy.


The older woman made her way to the center of the ring and grabbed the poor girl by the hair.


But when she got Sakura back on her feet, the former idol broke the grip and was back on the attack.


She threw a couple of forearm shots to Gia's head and a few roundkicks to the side.



It looked like Sakura was building some momentum. Her attacks had her opponent reeling.


When Hagiwara had Gia on the ropes, she went for an Irish Whip to the other side.


But Primo reversed it, going underneath Sakura's arm and giving her a vicious knee to the gut.



The Japanese wrestler gasped for air when her opponent's knee hit her ribs. Gia then placed her right arm between Sakura's legs and the left arm on the opposite shoulder.


She lifted the dazed girl onto her shoulders.


Gia then transitioned into another position, turning her upside-down and holding her against her torso.


Primo could see the crowd in between the girl's legs. Meanwhile, Sakura also saw the audience upside-down with her own head in between Gia's legs.

All of the sudden, the older woman fell on her knees, driving Hagiwara's head into the canvas.


"A Tombstone Piledriver? Oh my Lord! Unbelievable! Sakura's skull bounced off the mat!"

Gia released her opponent's waist, causing the semiconscious girl to fall on her back.


Sakura's arms and legs spread out wide. With her eyes shut tight, it's safe to say that the piledriver knocked out the teenage idol. Sakura laid motionlessly on the canvas.


"Believe me when I say this, Al! The Tombstone Piledriver is a devastating maneuver! Not many wrestlers were able to kick out after that move!"

"With Sakura out like a light, I wonder if Gia will take the opportunity to eliminate her, while she has the chance!"

But it turns out that Primo wasn't done humiliating Sakura. She had that smug grin on her face, which told the audience that was far from finished. Gia grabbed the girl by the legs and dragged her to a nearby corner. Once she arrived at her destination, Gia did something that made a lot of people scratch their heads. The woman wearing the pink bikini rolled underneath the bottom rope and stood on the floor.


"Wait a minute! What's Gia doing outside the ring? Any ideas, Al?"

"Not a clue! Again, folks! Gia Primo is not eliminated! Even though her feet touched the arena floor, she wasn't thrown over the top rope! So, she's still in this match!"

"But even so, what evil intentions does this woman have in store for poor Sakura?"

Gia grabbed both of Hagiwara's legs. She stood in front of the steel ring post and spread her lower extremities out wide. Meanwhile, Sakura had regained her consciousness and found herself lying on her back. But when she saw her opponent standing outside the ring with a strong grip on her legs, a look of terror appeared on the frightened girl's face. No matter how many times Sakura shook her head and pleaded, Gia had no intention of letting go.

"Your humiliation has just begun!" Primo laughed.


She then yanked Sakura toward the ring post, slamming her groin against the unforgiving steel pole. Hagiwara's eyes shot open upon impact. She squealed like a pig when her pussy collided against the hard metal.



Watching this girl scream was music to her ears. Gia grabbed Sakura's legs again and pulled as hard as she could. Again, the girl's groin mashed against the post. Sakura couldn't take it anymore. Her pussy was in so much pain and her pelvis felt like it was about to shatter.

Just when she thought this couldn't get any more humiliating, it did.

Gia stuck her bare foot against the post and pulled even harder. Steel and flesh collided with each other, with neither one giving in. Primo doubled the pain and humiliation by letting her body loose and allowing gravity to do the work.


With this added pressure and force, the pain in Hagiwara's groin tripled. She pounded her fists hard on the canvas, doing whatever she could to ignore the pain. Tears formed in her eyes, threatened to fall at any given moment.


"Listen to Sakura writhing in pain! This is so uncalled for! What the hell is Primo doing? Just stop these foolish games! You can't eliminate your opponent like this!"

"Talk all you want, Al! What Gia's doing is effective! She's wearing Sakura down! It's all part of her strategy, regardless how dirty you think it is! And as you said before! This are no disqualifications! Gia can keep this up as long as she wants! I won't be surprised if she latterly splits poor Sakura in two!"

"Gia Primo in control of Sakura's fate, ladies and gentlemen! And don't adjust your settings! Entry #4 is about to come out!"

There was nothing Sakura could do. As long as Gia has this hold locked in, the agony in her groin grew worse. It won't be long before her pussy gives in or her pelvis breaks. But Gia didn't care. Hurting her is not enough. She wanted to abuse her, embarrass her, and humiliate her. In fact, ending her wrestling career would be a bonus. Even as the clock counted down, she planned to break this young girl in half.












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Awesome. I hope Sakura can last until the end; the more punishment she receives the better.


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Totally forgot to give my review for this chapter! First of all, I had no idea who this Gia Primo is. But when I did a little research, DAMN! I had no idea she was this hot & this tough! Interesting outfit of choice! Gia's pretty in pink, or sexy in black. I also loved the slideshow vid on youtube you posted. Good song choice too.

Now onto the action. Great start having Gia go after Sakura in the beginning. Again, the commentary was vivid, helpful and entertaining to watch. Great to see Kelly Kelly get in some action before she was eliminated. You're right, though. Very interesting way to get eliminated. But anything goes in this match. Poor Sakura. A Tombstone Piledriver and her pussy's getting abused by the steel pole. I agree with kained. I also hope Sakura can last til the very end, even though there's 27 more competitors to go through. Doubt that she'll win since she's the #1 entrant, but what a story it would be if she did. We'll see. Surprise us with the #4 entrant!

Code Red

Master of this Domain
Entry #4

A twenty-four year old woman skipped onto the stage, bouncing up and down like she's all fired up to get this show on the road. As the spotlight shown down on the competitor, the blonde pointed toward the crowd on the eastern section and placed a hand over her ear. That part of the audience went nuts, raising the decibel level to new heights. She then made her way toward the other part of the stage and repeated the same gesture. The crowd in that section cheered as loud as they could, trying to outdo the opposite side. Finally, the fourth entrant stood at the center of the stage and raised both her arms to the ceiling. Red, white and blue pyro burst behind the confident wrestler.

This woman was as strong as she's sexy. The lights bounced off her healthy-colored skin and her collar length, blonde hair. Her eyes were as blue as a midsummer's day. And while she was known for her having promiscuous costumes, the outfit the blonde was wearing eye candy for almost all of the guys. She wore a short, sleeveless, silver jacket, and cowgirl boots with matching colors. The young woman also wore silver wrist bands and arm bands, attached by a whitish, stringy fabric. Her black bra covers most of her well-developed breasts. Last of all, she wore a lace-up bikini that gave the final touches of her sexy appeal.

"Uh-oh! What about this competitor, Ray? Here comes Tina Armstrong, entering at #4! This young woman is known for personifying the concept of living the American Dream! Whether it's modeling, acting, running for governor or becoming a top professional wrestler, Tina has done it all! If she can outlast all of her opponents and capture the Ryona Rumble event, it will surely be another dream come true!"

"Be advised, Al! While Miss. Armstrong does excel at everything, she has also developed a belief that she's unstoppable. In the past, she's run her mouth and trash talked her opponent, which lead her to some embarrassing defeats!"

"Even so, this is a good pick to with the Rumble matchup! Tina has entered many Dead or Alive tournaments, and faced other expert martial artists, from lightning fast ninjas to the bone crushing brawlers!"

"I agree! Although she's entering at #4, Miss. Armstrong can definitely hold her own!"

Tina was in no rush to head to the ring. As she walked down the ramp, her eyes captured Gia Primo continuing to make Sakura Hagiwara's life miserable.

The short haired woman would not rest until the teenager's pelvis breaks in two.

Sakura squealed like a pig as her pussy pressed against the unforgiving ring post. Tears fell from her eyes and off her cheeks. But even her pain-filled cries wouldn't stop the agonizing torture.

Moments later, the blonde approached Gia. The two made eye contact with each other. Primo released Hagiwara's legs so she could gauge the strength and abilities of the newest entrant. Sakura finally caught a break and rolled on her stomach, tending her swollen pussy.

As the Japanese idol kicked her legs about, the two women standing outside the ring trashed talked one another.

"You got nothing, dumb bitch! I'm going to kick your giant, fat ass!" said Gia.

"Well done, better not disappoint me!" Tina snickered with her hands on her hips.

The dark haired wrestler made the first move and went for straight punch to the blonde's face.

But Tina caught Gia's arm and gave her opponent a knee to the gut.

With the #3 entrant bent over, the blonde threw the arrogant woman back into the ring.

Primo quickly returned to her feet, just as Tina slid underneath the ropes.

The superstar was already back on the attack.

She barraged Gia with hard punches and hooks to the face.

Even when Primo's on the ropes, Tina continued with the relentless assault. The dark haired woman collapsed on the ring from taking too many shots.

But Tina got Gia back to her feet and Irish Whipped her to the other side of the ring.

The wrestler from Sleeperkids World bounced off the ring and ran back toward Tina.

But the blonde rotated to her right and connected with a spinning heel kick.

Gia fell on her back once again. Needless to say that Tina's last strike might have knocked her out.

The #4 entrant turned toward the crowd and rose her fist in the air.

"YEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" The audience roared.

"It's just like DOA all over again! This crowd loves Tina Armstrong! She is, without a doubt, one of the most talented individuals on the planet!"

"This could play to her advantage, Al! Tina uses the energy from the audience as fuel to execute some high-octane offense!"

With her first opponent down, Armstrong turned toward the girl who drew #1. Sakura Hagiwara was resting in one of the corners, still a little winded from Gia Primo's humiliating and dirty maneuvers. It was obvious that the Japanese woman was in no condition to fight. But even so, this was the Ryona Rumble. It doesn't matter if her arm was broken or a ligament in her leg was torn. It's every woman for herself.

Tina helped Sakura to her feet and turned her around. She puts her head under the Hagiwara's shoulder.

Next, the American lifted the former idol up using both of her arms wrapped around her torso.

Finally, Tina Armstrong fell backwards and dropped the Japanese teen flat on their back. Sakura's eyes widened and mouth hung open when her spine crashed down hard against the canvas.

The blonde then rolled herself over, taking her opponent along with her.

Still with her head underneath Hagiwara's arm, Tina lifted Sakura off the ground and executed another backdrop for the second time.

But Armstrong rolled over once again, going for a third back suplex to further damage Sakura's back and wear her down.

She lifted the semiconscious teen off the ground and fell backwards.

The final back suplex was the hardest one out of the three.

Sakura arched her spine and moaned like a broken girl. As she massaged her injured back, Tina signaled to the crowd to cheer her on.

"Tina Armstrong is on fire, ladies and gentlemen! She's got the whole crowd in the palm of her hand! No wonder she's such an excellent fighter! Perhaps she could be the winner of the Ryona Rumble!"

"Meanwhile, listen to Sakura Hagiwara writhing in pain! She just took three back suplexes in a row! Her lower back must be agony, if not broken!"

After interacting with the crowd for some time, the American refocused on the Japanese teen. She grabbed a fistful of her black hair. Sakura lets out a mild hiss as the #4 entrant helped her back to her feet. Tina then turned the young woman around and set her up for another back suplex.

Hagiwara's eyes widened in fear. The teenage idol shook her head, praying that the blonde would not drop her again for a fourth time.

But that wasn't what Tina had planned for her. The American had something else in mind to please the crowd and to show off her skills at the same time. Instead, she carried the Sakura to the middle of the ring, where an unconscious Gia Primo laid flat on her back. Armstrong stood on the short haired woman's right side, with her feet next to her stomach. Once she was in position, Tina dropped to a seated position and released the seventeen year old wrestler at the same time. The crowd reacted with awe when the idol and the blonde came down with a double leg drop on Primo. Sakura's leg landed on Gia's skull while Tina's landed across the stomach.

Upon impact, the short haired woman rolled into a corner with a swollen belly and a serious headache.

"Oh my! Such creativity being displayed by Tina Armstrong! An innovative, double leg drop across the midsection and skull of Gia Primo!"

"That was some nice teamwork by these two wrestlers... even though Sakura had no idea what had just happened! It's nice to see both of them work together to perform so crazy move!"

Unfortunately, the show of teamwork was cut short. Once again, Hagiwara was given little time to recover. The American helped Sakura return to a standing position.

Tina turned the dazed teen around and locked her in a full nelson hold.

Before Hagiwara can figure out what's going on, the blonde arched her back and executed a dragon suplex.

Sakura landed hard on her shoulders and the back of her neck.


Tina kept the hold applied and rolled herself into the same position.

The crowd believed she was going to perform the dragon suplex again.

But this time, she changed the hold. Now instead of a full nelson, she hooked both of her opponent's arms from the sides, and places her hands palm down flat against the Hagiwara's upper back.

The American wrestler then lifted her opponent up and fell backwards, arching her back and legs.

She slammed Sakura down to the mat shoulder and neck first.

"AAAHHHHHH!" The sound of the idol moaning told everyone in the arena the tiger suplex hurt a lot.

Still, Armstrong rolled over and stood back on her feet, keeping the dazed Japanese girl in the same hold.

Poor Sakura couldn't tell where she was at after being slammed hard a couple of times.

With her opponent in a groggy state, Tina hoisted the idol in an electric chair position. She then grabbed Sakura's right hand with her left, and her left hand with her right.

Once again, the twenty-four year old woman arched her back and landed a devastating queen suplex.

"GUH!" The Japanese teen grunted when she landed on the back of her neck.

"Holy! What power! What strength! A dragon suplex, a tiger suplex and followed by a queen suplex to wear Sakura down! I have never seen anything like that in my life! Sakura's gotta out after that!"

"If my math is correct Al, three different suplexes equals one knocked out Sakura Hagiwara! You can see her lying on her stomach, motionless and nearly lifeless! It's a miracle in itself if her neck or back is still intact after getting slammed like that!"

Tina cupped an ear to the audience, which earned her a thunderous applause and cheer from the crowd.

As the American wrestler continued to please the crowd, Sakura Hagiwara regained enough consciousness to roll into a nearby corner. After the blonde had her fun interacting with the audience, she went back into the match. It was time to eliminate at least one of the competitors so she could increase her chances of winning.

The twenty-four year old made her way towards Gia Primo, who was hanging on the ropes trying to catch her breath. Tina lifted the short haired woman on her shoulders and tried tossing her over the top.

But Gia had the awareness to grab the ropes, preventing the blonde from eliminating her. Tina tried again, but she was unsuccessful. She also saw the titantron counting down for the next competitor to make her entrance.

Realizing her efforts weren't getting anywhere, Tina walked to the center of the ring and executed a running scoop slam, driving Gia on her back.

The blonde followed up with more elbows to the gut, further injuring the woman's injured ribs.

The short haired wrestler gasped for air and clutched her stomach.

The way she moaned in pain sounded so sensual to the crowd. As the Tina continued with the assault, the crowd stood on their feet and face the stage, awaiting the next competitor to make their entrance.

"Tina Armstrong is dominating the event so far, Ray! Neither Sakura or Gia has been able to mount any kind of offense to slow down this powerful young woman!"

"I agree, Al! But now the question is, who will be the 5th entry for the Ryona Rumble matchup?"









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Another great chapter and another one of my favorite characters too! I love Tina Armstrong! I use her as my training dummy to pull off some sick moves for Ryona purposes. I must say that her entrance is pretty much what exactly I would see if she were to wrestle in real life or something. The pyro/fireworks and interacting with the crowd definitely fits her personality. Great work with her introduction.

As for the action, I'm glad you stuck with her usual techniques, combining raw power with athleticism. I swear I felt some of the moves when I read them. I mean, Sakura on the receiving end of three different suplexes was genius! A dragon suplex, a tiger suplex and a queen suplex are some of my favorite moves. And the inadvertent double legdrop on Gia was unique and very original as well. Four competitors in and I'm loving where this story is going. I can't wait to see who's coming out at #5. Maybe Tina will get some punishment. Excellent work! I love this story!