candy cane

  1. Jade1503

    Rumble Roses Eroticism: Mall Wrestling The Zero Punks vs The Naughty Empire

    Rumble Roses Eroticism The shopping mall was full of people spending the weekends buying expensive boutiques or spending quality time with loved ones. Once a week the mall would’ve an event to attract more shoppers. This week, a wrestling ring was installed in the centre of the shopping mall...
  2. Jade1503

    CWF Tag Team Match: Sakura Haruno & Korra vs Reiko & Candy Cane

    CFW’s arena was filling up with wrestling fans from all over the country as they excitedly took their seats: impatiently for the matches to start. Already in the ring was a female referee brunette hair tied in a ponytail and wearing the black and white striped bikini. The lights dimmed except...
  3. Jade1503

    CWF: Ryuko Matoi vs Satsuki Kiryuin

    After their tag team match with Reiko Hinomoto and Candy Cane, Korra and Sakura have a quick shower and got dressed to their usual clothing before pushing through the crowd and reaching the ringside just in time for the second match. ‘FOR OUR SECOND MATCH!’ the announcer announced. ‘PLEASE...
  4. Jade1503

    Rumble Roses XXX

    Reiko Hinomoto vs Candy Cane A Reiko Hinomoto, age 21, looked at herself in the locker room’s mirror: blushing slightly. She was naked with only her red gloves, wrestling boots and scarf on. Her fair Japanese body was showing off her strong biceps and almost invisible six-packs, her body...
  5. Code Red

    Ryona Rumble (Complete)

    A classic battle royal with so much at stake! Thirty women will enter the ring! No pinfalls, no submissions, no disqualifications, no mercy! Participants are eliminated by being thrown over the top rope and have both their feet touch the floor! The final woman standing will be declared the...