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  • D. Modern Ultra Heroine (The main character will be able to grow to gigantic size)

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Ryonani Teamster
Jan 13, 2010
I was thinking of doing a play-by-post choose your own adventure type thing. Idea is folks'll vote on how the story goes and there'll be a kind simple combat system too with you all voting on what you think our heroine should do. Content will be mainly f/f with some H stuff and soft ryona (main character will be indestructible, along with other abilities that'll be voted on, so losing fights will have plot implications but won't be the end of the story). I've got plans for settings so I'll let you all vote on which one you'd like to see.

A. Modern Superheroine story (Our heroine will be foiling the plans of a cabal of villains who plan to take control of the city. Main encounters will be supervillains and their zako.)
B. Fantasy (The heroine will be travelling to a hidden island where a sorceress is trying to bring her evil patron goddess into the world. Encounters will be monsters, monster girls and mystical enemies)
C. Modern Horror (The heroine will be infiltrating the secret facility of a biotech company that has been performing illegal experiments. The enemies will mutants, zako working for the company and scientific/robotic enemies)
D. Modern Ultra Heroine (The main character will be able to grow to gigantic size to protect the city from equally giant monsters. Encounters will be huge enemies including monsters, robots and villains who have similar powers to the heroine)

Post your choice in the thread, after a while I'll count the votes and we'll move on to creating the main character.


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Apr 16, 2012
I've used the 'edit' feature to make this into a poll that will be open for a week. If you need it open for longer than that let me know for how long.
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Jan 13, 2010
Thanks to everyone who's voted so far. I'll probably be keeping the poll open for another six hours and then there will be a new poll tomorrow. The new poll will probably have multiple questions for you all to vote on since I'd like to get things started quickly so you can enjoy the more interesting stuff.


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Jan 13, 2010
(Sorry this is late. There's also some difficulties with the poll thing, so I'll have to ask you all to vote by posting in the thread from now on, sorry. This vote will be up until Saturday 7PM ET. There'll probably be one more post of character creation stuff after this and then we'll be having our first encounter. The setting will be fleshed out as the story goes on, I just didn't want to bombard you all with exposition and such. Feel free to leave comments too.)

You wake up just as the sun begins to set. You feel surprisingly well-rested. A good thing too, since you know you've probably got a long night ahead of you. You're pleased to be met with silence as you get out of bed: it means your scanner has detected anything requiring your attention just yet. Taking advantage of your free time you decide to have a shower. Thankfully, nothing interrupts you as enjoy a refreshing cleansing. Once you're done, you reach for a towel and catch a glimpse of yourself in the tall mirror on your wall. How would you describe your body?

A.) Powerful. Your iron-hard physique and tall, imposing figure makes you the very image of a superhero.

B.) Sleek. Your slim body is graceful and agile and your lean muscles make you deceptively strong.

C.) Curvy. You might not look particularly athletic but your figure would leave professional models green with envy and your figures belies your natural strength.

You still look a little sleepy but you're pleased with what you see. You stretch a few times to limber up for a hard night's work. You've barely even started when you hear the urgent chirps of your scanner. You know exactly what that sound means: trouble. Quickly drying yourself off, you press the hidden button on the mirror's frame and it swings aside, revealing the secret compartment where you keep your crime-fighting gear. Your superhuman toughness and abilities mean you don't have to rely on gadgets but you can't fight crime without your costume. What kind of costume do you wear?

D.) A full bodysuit made of a tough but flexible material with a mask the covers most of your face. It fits you like a second skin and conceals your identity well. Great for combat and it's exceptional for when you want to do things quietly.

E.) A brightly coloured leotard, complete with a small cape and domino mask. A very traditional look that leaves the criminals you face without a doubt in their minds who they're dealing with!

F.) A daring bikini. Your natural durability means you're tougher than any armour and you look great so why not have a little fun?

Your costume fits perfectly. In the early days you had to make do with a variety of shoddy and ill-fitting costumes you made yourself but after joining the Global Defense Union, a organisation made by established heroes to support newer ones, you get custom gear made for you. The GDU are also the ones that made your scanner, an incredibly handy tool that alerts you of any threats to Strayside City and lets you track them easily. As the screen flickers to life you are greeted with a grim sight.

There are no less than four incidents happening simultaneously. Not only that but they're in completely different parts of the city. You feel a prickle of unease along your spine. Something about this isn't right. Apprehension aside, you're going to have to make a decision: who are you going to deal with first?

G.) The Rust Valkyries who are terrorising the slums. The largest gang in the city, they're a band of bikers and thugs led by a real rough customer named Sigrun. Their symbol is winged woman with a skull in one hand and an axe in the other, it's usually seen spray-painted on the walls of their hideouts or on emblazoned on the backs of the leather jackets. The gang themselves aren't much of threat even when armed with their pipes and chains but there's a lot of them and while Sigrun might not have any powers, she's a powerful opponent nonetheless. The Rust Valkyries were your first targets when you started your crime-fighting and there's no love lost between you, although Sigrun seems to have some grudging respect for you.

H.) Rally Ravage who is in a junkyard located in the outskirts of the city, lobbing burnt out cars like mortars in to the city. A former pro-wrestler, the hulking brute is rumoured to have gained her superhuman strength and nigh-invulnerability from an experimental drug. She's so aggressive and paranoid that there's no chance she'll be working with anyone but she can pose quite a problem just on her own. You've managed to outsmart Rally more than a few times and she has quite a vendetta against you.

I.) The Abyssal Theatre, currently in the process of vandalising the Strayside Museum and stealing precious works of art. Theatrical and hedonistic, they seem to model themselves on macabre circus performers. Weak individually, their eclectic talents means you never know what you're going to be up against. Their leader, Ringmistress Ardour isn't much of a threat, relying on her goons to do her bidding, but her powers of illusion and trickery mean she can't be ignored. The Abyssal Theatre always seem delighted to see you and seem to take great pleasure in teasing you.

J.) The last blip on your scanner displays only a haughty face framed by short white hair, her eyes concealed behind dark glasses. No one knows her name but you've encountered her before. Looking like a thoroughly ordinary but somewhat eerie and intimidating businesswoman, she's possesses immensely powerful psychic powers with telekinetic abilities that gives her almost total control over anything that comes within a certain radius of her. From your scanner, you thought she might be robbing the Strayside First bank but looking at the live feed from your scanner, it would be more accurate to say she's levelling it. You've only tangled with her once before and it did not end well for you. You'd have to be cautious if you wanted to deal with her.
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