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Rethinking My Interest in Ryona

Discussion in 'Ryona' started by Rob, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Rob

    Rob Avid Affiliate

    Feb 2, 2015
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    Greetings all!

    A few moments ago, I posted in the 'When did you realize you were interested in ryona" thread and I realized that I've definitely become more comfortable talking about ryona since joining. And I might even create a thread of my own...

    I propose this thread with the idea that, now that we've all admitted our interests, what do we think? Of course this entire site is dedicated to "What do we think of this?" but my goal with this particular thread is to get opinions direct from people in the same way as the last thread did.

    I suppose its only fair that I start with some random thoughts.

    Reading through many of the forum posts here I realize that my interest in what is called "ryona" is not only common but that MY interests are only one of many. THIS is the appropriate place to discuss such things. I feel very comfortable here talking about... certain things... after 20+ years of keeping these conversations hidden (mainly my "damsel in distress" fetish).

    The first time I heard the term, "ryona," was from a YouTube video about the wizard from Diablo 3.

    I'd never heard the term "ryona" before but the grunts and screams of the female wizard in that video effectively defined it for me. And eventually I found this wonderful site where I could discuss my thoughts and feelings about this with understanding instead of fear of being labeled a monster.

    I feel a certain clarity of thought now that I have a word and a place and, most importantly, a group of people to express the feelings I've had for so long.

    I'm curious. What effect has embracing ryona, if you will, had on you?

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  2. carl_fennin

    carl_fennin Avid Affiliate

    Feb 17, 2013
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    I would like to say that ryona has affected me in a positive manner as another source of sexual excitement that can't be found in normal porn alone. It added more variety for me in terms of what I find amusing and entertaining as a sexual interest. It hasn't changed who I am personally nor my behavior in real life either. It's just a thing that I'll go to as a sexual preference should I feel in the mood at times.

    Though I will say that now I'm aware of such a thing, I won't lie in saying that I've looked at different mediums of entertainment (TV, movies, animated shows) and saw it in a ryona light instead of having an innocent view of it and it's original intention. Then again, I think the same could be said for those who are just extremely perverted or see things in a sexual manner often enough and make double entendres towards most common sayings and situations. You get used to seeing or doing one thing and then often take that one thing and apply it to something completely irrelevant at times.

    But yeah, that's just how it's been towards me. I still kind of see myself as a monster even around here given the harshness of my ryona interest, but I guess not as much as time passes on.