Removing the flashing screen effect before he cums - request filled


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I guess its a mask which is displayed as our "him" guy is about to cum, once pleasure is high enough. My suggestion and request is removing this effect maybe by making this texture/layer invisible. Should be possible?

I hope this is the right place to post but I'm sure there's no other place to request this so here goes

We have this whiteflashxl will this help someone willing to do my request?
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this is a super easy, feel free to compile and publish it:

package flash
 public dynamic class Main extends flash.display.MovieClip
    public function initl(l)
    l.g.screenEffects.whiteFlash.visible = !l.g.screenEffects.whiteFlash.visible;

it actually takes longer to deal with the publishing and prep than to create this
load it to toggle the visiblitity on or off