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Queen's Blade Battle

Discussion in 'Adult Games' started by CuriousHyperGamer, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. CuriousHyperGamer

    CuriousHyperGamer Vivacious Visitor

    Mar 7, 2010
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    Well, after a snook around, I found that no one posted this game yet~ (methinks)
    Everyone here must have already heard of Queen's Blade, quite an interesting anime for many of you...
    ...but how many of you know it came from game books?
    Oh you do? Alright, but do you have that game book?
    Can you find another partner to play it with?
    Do you even know how the books and images work?
    Any of you have any of the images of the book even?

    If you answer no to any of the above, try this game application by leecherboy!
    Queen's Blade Battle
    Quoted from blogsite:
    "What is Q.B.?
    Queen's Blade is a series of combat books that started back in 2005, based on the '83 Lost Worlds books. Unlike the original black and white LW books, the QB books contain full-colour illustrations of beautiful women in sexy poses, drawn by famous japanese artists, so it's no wonder it became very famous there, spawning mangas, anime adaptations and 2 PSP games.

    Regarding gameplay, Lost Worlds/Queen's Blade is a diceless gladiatorial system, where you and your opponent select a maneuver each turn and a complex matrix in each page determines both of your outcomes (for example, if you do a swing and your opponent dodges, most of the time you'll see your swing suceeding and the opponent getting hurt). The "How to play" page has more detailed info on the game.

    Besides the "classic" Queen's Blade series of books, there's also Queen's Gate, a spinoff with popular characters from other franchises like Mai Shiranui or Dead or Alive's Kasumi, Queen's Blade Rebellion, the on-going continuation of QB's story with new characters and situations, and Queen's Blade Grimoire, the next series with characters based on fairytales."



    And for some side classics, you can even try the Old Lost world Collections or Marvel Battlebook (defunct):

    Check out the features of his game here...
    Queen's Blade Battle: Features
    and his how to play here:
    " How to play
    To play QB Battle, you select one game mode (for simplicity's sake, "Versus Battle", a 1 on 1 game against another player), and both of you select your characters.

    Then, both of you see the opponent's character in your side of the screen (you're supposed to see your opponent at all times; when playing in real life, you and your opponent swap your books for that purpose), and then each of you select a maneuver (by bringing up the maneuver list).

    Those maneuvers have a number attached to them, that represents the even page number both you and the other player must consider to determine the outcome of the attack (when playing in real life, you search for the matrix in the even pages; in QB Battle, it's all automatic), and then each of you arrive to a new odd page that shows the outcome of those attacks.

    If your opponent's character arrives at a score page, you damage your opponent if the sum if the score damage plus your selected maneuver's damage is greater than zero. The attack's outcomes also come with a set of restrictions both of you must take into account when selecting the next move (plus an extra set of restrictions if you do critical damage), and the battle continues like this until either your Body Points or your opponent's are equal or lower than 0.

    It may look a little complicated at first (and I guess it is, if you play with the actual books), but since the app automatizes most of it, you'll probably get the hang of it real quick. "

    This guy also translated several Queen's Blade books, Audios and even comics in his spare time~
    And the Character inventory continues to increase every time, he currently make some custom books with pictures collected around the internet with his friends to put in characters (Fan-made) such as Tifa Lockhart to Samus to Mei Fang to Sakuya Izayoi and many others~
    Queen's Blade Battle: Characters

    Give this Blog a good check and say hello to him for me~ He is pretty underappreciated as he is...
    Queen's Blade Battle
    Enjoy your 'Different kind of Ryona' here~ Who knows if you can offer some help to him, he might be able to put in your wanted characters and even add voices this time!
    See ya around!
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  2. ???

    ??? Potential Patron

    Mar 25, 2010
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    I saw the title of this thread and inside I was all like:


    ....then I get inside and now I'm like....

    ...fack....:2 z Z:
  3. CuriousHyperGamer

    CuriousHyperGamer Vivacious Visitor

    Mar 7, 2010
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    Well...what can I say?
    How many downloadable PC games are there for Queen's Blade? On the Bright side you can get all the books downloaded in one go...
    I mean at least all the pictures should have merits...right?

    Edit: Drats...if only I can change the topic of this forum...I would make it more accurate and descriptive...
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  4. Unrelated

    Unrelated Ryonani Teamster

    Mar 22, 2010
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    I've had this for a while, it's a fun little diversion. Sadly the game as it is doesn't really fit my tastes-- could really use some more grappling and status effect type stuff.
  5. NNin

    NNin Ryonani Teamster

    Dec 1, 2010
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    Thank you for making this thread, I want to do but I'm too lazy :P

    I think the restrictions from your enemies are small and hard to read, unless I missed something.

    My favs are Irma and Captain Liliana.

    Maybe Siggy the nun with chain. She can wrap her enemy with chain and some restricted status.
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  6. rnbloodwolf

    rnbloodwolf Guest

    I have all the artbooks but never took the time to learn how to play LOL I only wanted it for the art I have a few characters I like Risty, Annelotte, and Mina majikina...only because I remember back to samurai spirits game she was a beast. Thanks for sharing.