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Polished H Animations

Discussion in 'Game Development' started by InnovativeHentai, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. Polished H Animations, game plan?

    Only just found this site, thought it'd be the perfect place to bring this up and ask-

    Thought I'd join the scene, make some animations (added below, and if anything happens, tumblr is innovativehentai.tumblr.com/archive).
    tumblr_ncizfwLOxp1tmt981o1_r1_400.gif tumblr_ncizaxwaHP1tmt981o1_r1_400.gif tumblr_ncizceXfFR1tmt981o1_r1_400.gif
    I've been working on a game idea- I wondered if anyone liked my style enough to want to support maybe a Patreon for more of my H art/animations, and eventually the programming of the game itself? If so, I'd start one up, with the whole project outlined, and get it rolling!

    Suggestions/questions/comments? (I'm still working out the fine details, and am open to hearing what you all look for- I just don't want to make a direct copy of anything... just seems uninspired... unless you think my art style is strong enough to float on its own, even in a clone? Had been thinking of good ol' RPG, or Monster Rancher, or the popular Parasite in City & Xenotake, but I want to really raise the expected quality, by having animations like you see above, so it'd likely require a more 'intimate' style of gameplay- focus on interactions, good gameplay, story, etc, not just running in a straight line, grinding sex mobs. Was thinking something like combining genres- have Final Fantasy style RPG battles, with Hentai Flash Game style sex scenes.)

    If not, well, no problem, I'll just quietly return to the shadows...
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