Paige Returns Ep. V- Part 2


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Sep 25, 2015
Paige Returns Ep. 5- Part 2:
Paige and AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella

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"Paige is already my bitch" says Nikki Bella backstage. "She has been for years. AJ too. Now, I'm going to take things to a whole new level with them in private."
Nikki is comfortably seated in the back, talking to several other women on the Smackdown roster. Renee Young, Natalya, Eva Marie, and Rosa Mendes are all standing by, listening to Nikki brag about her domination of Paige and AJ. She recently destroyed the two in a very brief and one-sided handicap match, earning a private match with them in the backstage training ring.
"Paige and AJ act like they're better than everyone" Nikki continues. "I think we've all had enough of that. When I get them alone, I'm going to fuck their brains out and make them my slaves. And guess what? Since I'm not the bitch those two are- I'm inviting all of you to attend their humiliation!"
Later in the evening, Renee Young finds Paige and tells her about what Nikki said. Paige is utterly disgusted and gasps in horror at the news.
"That's sick!" she exclaims. She quickly tells AJ as well, and the returning woman quivers through her little body. The two are nervous and afraid before the private contest even begins. AJ desperately insists that they've got the advantage because of their numbers, but Paige is terrified of adding to her degrading downfall.

At long last, the time comes for the private match to begin. The building is empty save for the competing women in a large room fitted with a ring. Paige and AJ await Nikki's arrival impatiently, fretting between the ropes about what's going to happen and how they can avoid any further embarrassment.
By the time Nikki finally struts confidently to the ring, Paige is visibly upset with the match existing at all and Nikki's vulgar comments from earlier. Nevertheless, the so-called Anti-Diva starts things off against the powerful Bella.
The two size one another up with Nikki grinning from ear-to-ear, clearly confident that she'll be taking an early lead against pale little Paige. The two grapple and Paige leans into it with all her might but just can't seem to make Nikki back off.

Despite Paige's strength, Nikki overpowers her and surprises her with a knee to her soft belly. She then pushes the stunned girl into the corner like a feather and begins ramming her gut even more with shoulder thrusts, breaking the poor little thing in half.

Paige staggers out of the corner holding her stomach, hoping to try another grapple, but in a flash Nikki blasts her with a sudden forearm, downing her at once. With Paige down so soon and so swiftly, Nikki arrogantly does some push-ups nearby while laughing at her pitiful opponent.

Nikki stands up with a superior smirk and throws a sudden boot against Paige's ribs, rolling her onto her back with a cry. She then proceeds to add to her dominant showing by wrapping Paige's head between her powerful thighs and smashing her face-first into the canvas. Paige squirms against the hold at first, but once Nikki makes her kiss the mat, her flailing body fights less and less as she's defeated between Nikki's legs. Nikki even does some more push-ups with Paige trapped just to hammer home how much control she truly has.

With Nikki's dominance clear as day, the arrogant woman stands tall to mock her pale opponent. Paige lies helplessly at her feet as Nikki taunts her and her partner.
"Aw, look AJ" Nikki taunts. "Your friend isn't doing so hot..."
Nikki turns her back on Paige with complete confidence, leaving her to suffer as she harasses AJ. "Should I just pin her and get it over with? Hm? It's really sad... She can't put up any fight at all..."
AJ scowls and reaches out her hand for the tag, and Paige reaches for her as well, but Paige is nowhere near making it. All AJ can do is watch and Nikki knows it.

Nikki demonstrates her power to AJ even more by grabbing Paige up and nailing her with a snap suplex. Paige holds her back in pain but Nikki decides to continue the beating and picks her up again, dropping her in a deliberately painful slam.
Paige again finds her way to her feet, holding her spine, but Nikki drops her with a flawless belly-to-belly suplex, planting Paige flat on her back. Nikki only breaks away for a moment to cast AJ a proud smirk, telling her without a word that she's next to suffer like this.
Nikki finishes her series of slams by dragging Paige up, hoisting her over her shoulders, and smashing her down hard with an Alabama Slam, leaving Paige devastated in a sad heap before her.

With Paige lying in a heap, four women Nikki invited to attend begin to show up. Natalya, Rosa, and Eva all approach the ring and stand outside it, their first sight being Nikki standing tall over a vanquished Paige.
They begin to murmur amongst themselves how pitiful Paige looks lying before Nikki, and Eva especially giggles with excitement at what's to come. She knows better than any of the four how Paige moans. Rosa too, looks forward to seeing her fall; she's had a crush on Paige for some time. But no matter any of their motives or interests, all four women can't help but see who the better wrestler is and just how sad Paige has become.

Nikki relishes the arrival of her peers and flaunts her dominance over Paige's susceptible body. Nikki grinds her boot on her pale skin to push her aside and get her moving, and she even taunts her with tagging out. Just as Paige is about to reach AJ's outstretched hand though, she jerks her back in and infuriates her small partner.

As Nikki holds Paige away from her partner, she loses herself to taunting and doesn't realize Paige slip free and bounce off the ropes. Paige takes a desperate swing at Nikki, hoping for just a bit of offense, but Nikki ducks under it with little effort. Paige rebounds off the ropes right back at Nikki, getting caught with a clothesline of Nikki's own making instead.
Nikki pounces on Paige for attempting even the smallest strike and hammers away at her with lefts and rights, viciously pulling at her hair and smashing her skull against the mat in a fit of rage. By the time she's through, Paige is lying prone underneath her fury.

Nikki paces about, calming down, as Paige recovers slowly beneath her. Paige sobs with despair and frustration at how poorly she's performing and wonders what she has do to actually win, or to even just not be destroyed so thoroughly.
She sits up, holding her aching body in pain, and for the first time realizes the other women watching her match. She sees them snickering and pointing at her, and Eva Marie sucks on her fingers when the two lock eyes. Paige hurriedly looks away, embarrassed, and fights further tears as she desperately tries to stand up and appear strong in their eyes.

But just as she gets up, Nikki Bella plants her right back down with a thunderous spine buster. Paige is all but helpless and Nikki knows it. She blows kisses to the on-looking women and AJ, shouting that Paige is done.
Nikki drags a limp Paige up by her dark hair and shoves her head between her thighs, then lifts her up onto her shoulders. Paige is helpless held up in the air, and Nikki sends her crashing down with all her might in a brutal powerbomb, splattering whatever life remained in Paige's supple body to ashes.
Nikki nonchalantly lays across Paige for a relaxed pinfall, and she raises fingers in the air, counting to one, then two... But she stops short and jerks Paige up by her hair, lifting her shoulders off the mat. She then wiggles her finger at AJ, refusing to end the torturous display quite yet as AJ looks on with sadness and concern.

Nikki laughs at AJ's worried expression and then returns to tormenting poor Paige. The pale girl is attempting to crawl to her corner for the tag, but Nikki sits down her back to stop all movement. With a relaxed and controlling sigh, she begins to fold up Paige's legs and applies pressure, making her cry out and desperately try for the ropes. She makes it with great effort and hugs the bottom rope as if it were her saving grace.
"You made it!" Nikki exclaims with sarcastic surprise. "Good job! You still have some life left!"

Nikki rewards Paige by dragging her to the ringpost and wrapping her arm around it, nearly pulling it out of its socket. There's no ref to stop the illegal hold, and the four women watching block AJ from putting a stop to it. All Paige can do is take it with tears in her eyes.
"This is what you get for daring to fight back!" Nikki yells over her cries. "You're my little bitch, Paige! Hell, you're everyone's bitch! You take whatever I give you!"
Nikki eases up and lets Paige roll back into the center of the ring, holding her damaged arm in agony. Nikki doesn't let her rest long before applying another hold though, this time locking in an armbar to further wound her shoulder. Paige is gradually pushed to the mat and is left squished under Nikki's weight, sobbing and screaming in pain. She begins to raise her free hand, trembling in a hot mess and ready to tap...

But Nikki lets go before she can.
"You can't give up yet!" Nikki tells her. "Our fun isn't over!"
Nikki locks in a bodyscissors as Paige breaks down completely, crying uncontrollably for all her peers to see. Her pitiful mess of a body is put on display for all to see, and she fails to fight her shame anymore. She realizes that her nightmare will only end when Nikki allows it to end, and Nikki is taking far too much delight in showing off her pathetic plaything.

Nikki finally tires of torturing helpless little Paige and drags her up by a handful of hair. She whips her across the ring by her dark locks, sending her crashing under the ropes to the outside. Natalya, Eva and Rosa all hover around her as she lies groaning in pain, almost as if they're ready to pounce and join in the fun. Nikki beats them to it though and joins them all outside.
She grabs Paige's weakened body up and rams it against the apron, then turns and slings her against a metal barricade nearby. Paige is lifeless by this point and collapses in a cold heap against the unpadded concrete floor.
Nikki looks to the other women and asks "What do you think, girls? Has she had enough?"
Eva laughs and notes "Oh, she can take more. Trust me!"
Rosa giggles and tells Eva and Nikki "You're both so damn lucky. I wish I could play with her like that..."
"You can" Nikki tells her. "You can totally fuck her when I'm done."
Rosa's face lights up at the invitation. "Hurry up and finish her then!" she urges.
Nikki laughs and agrees, grabbing Paige up for the finishing touch. With no signs of remorse, she lifts Paige up, looks into her half-dead eyes through smeared, sweaty makeup, and hoists her up for another Alabama Slam. This time, Paige is dropped painfully against the unforgiving concrete, nearly cracking her feeble body apart from the horrifying impact.

With Paige just a dead hunk of pale, disgraced skin, Nikki drags her back into the ring to end her for good. She lifts her up for a final rack attack and scores, then effortlessly sits on Paige's chest for a long, slow count.
"One..." Nikki starts, looking down on Paige's unconscious face, her lips barely taking in air. At ringside, AJ is calling for Paige to kick out, but her partner doesn't hear.
"Two..." Nikki continues, flicking Paige's nose. The pale thing moans slightly.
"And... three..." Nikki finishes. Paige's eyes just barely flutter open and she realizes her defeat, staring up at the dominant, triumphant Nikki weighing down on her boobs.

"That was waaaay too easy, girl" Nikki tells Paige, still sitting on top of her as comfortably as can be. Nikki thinks for a moment and then exclaims "I've got an idea! Let's make this a first-to-three falls match! I mean, I've got to give you guys a chance. You lost before AJ even got to wrestle! You really let her down, huh Paige?"
Paige shuts her eyes as tears well up in them, smearing her makeup even more. Nikki flicks her nose again and snickers.
"But let's make it interesting" she continues. "First fall can be pins and submissions, which I just won... Second falls is, oh... a Kiss My Ass Match! And the third fall can be an I Quit Match. But I want you to say you're my bitch, not that you just quit. Got it?"
Paige sobs and moans a little.
"Good!" Nikki exclaims happily. She jumps up off the defeated woman and proudly raises her arm in victory for the first fall. AJ is left to look on from the apron, as disappointed as can be with her friend's lackluster and thorough defeat.

Nikki turns her attention to the fresh AJ and sneers at her. "Your friend sure is pathetic" she comments wickedly.
AJ sighs as Paige slowly sits up, as crushed and broken in expression as body.
"I'm not her" AJ claims confidently. "I'm not about to let that happen to me! Bring it on! Let her tag me in and see what you can do!"
Nikki laughs and steps aside to allow just that. "Go ahead!" she dares. "Tag in!"
Paige crawls to the corner as AJ gets excited, bursting with excitement to enter at last and wrestle again. There won't be any surprise cheap shots like last time. AJ is tagged in and faces Nikki face-to-face on even terms.

Nikki shows zero respect for AJ's daring faceoff though and quickly slaps the taste out of her mouth, spring her small body back. Nikki then pushes her down and laughs out loud at how quickly AJ got taken off her feet. Annoyed but not deterred, AJ scowls, shakes it off, and gets back up to try again against her bigger, stronger opponent.

Every time AJ stands though, she's swiftly taken down at once. First, Nikki hits her with a running clothesline. Second, she scoops a charging AJ up into a slam and drops her down. By the third time, AJ is slower to stand and Nikki drags her up for her by her hair and lifts her up again, this time dropping her over her knee in a backbreaker.
AJ doesn't get back up after this.

She takes a moment to hold her back in pain and gather her thoughts. Rather than charge in frustrated again, she stops and thinks carefully, annoyed and hurt but ready to counter Nikki's next move. She gets up and bounces around some, evading a grapple or two, charges off the ropes...
And gets planted with a spinebuster. AJ is down and hurt with Nikki firmly in control.

AJ crawls up, hurting, and looks over to her corner where Paige has slowly begun to recover. The pale girl is still sitting and breathing heavily, but at the sight of AJ on her knees, she reaches her hand out for the tag. AJ desperately crawls for her for a chance to catch her breath, but Nikki picks her small body up over her shoulder. AJ squirms like kicks like a child throwing a tantrum, but Nikki rolls her eyes at the wasted effort and sets her down in the corner opposite Paige.
Nikki rams AJ's small belly shoulder-first again and again, breaking the small thing in half and gushing the air from her lungs. When she's through, AJ keels over and Nikki bursts out laughing.
"So much for that confidence!" she exclaims. "You're just as pathetic as Paige!"
With her usual-evil smirk, Nikki drops and does some pushups as AJ suffers. Paige looks on helplessly from ringside and even makes eye contact with Nikki, knowing there's absolutely nothing she can do to stop her incessant bragging.

AJ falls to her knees, holding her stomach in pain as she tries to catch her breath. Nikki won't have it though and grabs her hair at once, throwing her face-first against the canvas, bouncing her little skull off it.
She drags AJ up and demonstrates just how much stronger she is, lifting her up by the throat and choking the life out of her tiny frame. The poor little thing is finally released only when she stops struggling and the fight drains from her body.
With a disappointed sigh over AJ's lack of fight, Nikki tosses her from the ring.

AJ lands hard outside, smacking against the concrete floor. The other women all surround her like vultures to a carcass and Nikki joins them, tall and proud and absolutely loving her total supremacy. The wicked women all share a laugh as AJ begins to crawl away from their judging stares.

"This is getting kind of sad" Nikki sighs as AJ is on all fours. "Anyone want to tag in and have some fun? I'll just watch and let you at it."
"If we do, can we play with her later?" asks Rosa. Nikki nods and a devilish grin crosses Rosa's Latina lips.
"You can do that later" Natalya interrupts, stepping up to AJ and grabbing her hair. She squeaks a bit, but the women ignore her and Natalya continues. "This little brat always got the opportunities I didn't just because she's scrawny and crazy. It's about time I get to put her in her place."
Nikki nods and motions for her to go ahead. "Have at her" she encourages.
With a grin, Natalya drags AJ up as she squeaks and squirms some more, then hammers her body hard against the barricade. AJ collapses in a broken heap, silent and barely breathing as Natalya grins with delight.

"What the hell are you doing?!" shouts Paige as she storms up to the group of bullies.
Nikki fakes a gasp and looks around at her peers. "Oh my gosh, huys! Are you teaming up on little AJ? This isn't a handicap ma- Oh wait, it is! Just not in her favor... And yet she's still sucking at it. If you don't like it, Paige, then go whine to the ref."
"Too bad there is no ref" Eva adds mockingly. "But it's more fun in private, right Paige?"
Eva licks her lips and fondly recalls her last encounter with the pale beauty. With so many women in the way, Paige meekly recoils away, abandoning AJ to the wolves so as to not catch a beating herself.
She backs right into Rosa though, who grabs at her ass and makes her jump back, right into Eva. The redhead grabs Paige's arms behind her back and holds her in place, squirming and fighting her grip as hard as she can.
"Let me go!" Paige demands angrily. Eva just laughs at her.
Rosa struts up as Eva holds Paige tight, looking like the epitome of a seductive vixen clad in sleek, black leather. She stops mere inches from Paige and examines her body with hungry eyes, then touches a single finger to Paige's lips. She feels how soft and lush they are and slowly flicks her bottom lip, delicately running her finger down Paige's neck, over her bra and belly, and to the top of her belt.
"Don't you dare touch me!" Paige warns her, but Rosa laughs it off.
"I'm already touching you" she notes. "What are you gonna do about it?"
Paige squirms but is helpless. Rosa could do anything, but she instead flicks her finger off Paige's belt and leans in to whisper in her ear. "I'll get your belt off soon, don't worry" she says. "You're gonna regret rejecting me on Total Divas."
Rosa suddenly slaps Paige hard, knocking her from Eva's grip to the floor. Paige doesn't dare strike back with everyone around her, and Rosa licks her lips in excitement for what she can do later to helpless little Paige.

Meanwhile, AJ is again trying to crawl away while Natalya watches in amusement. Nikki stops her from getting too far though and runs up to smack her hard on her ass, bouncing her to the floor. AJ is left writhing as Natalya and Nikki laugh at her sad predicament.

Nikki slides back into the ring and dares AJ to get back up and join her. AJ slowly crawls to her feet, holding her denim shorts where Nikki smacked her ass. The fear is clear as day on the little girl's face, and she spots Paige tied up with Eva and Rosa.
"Get back in there" Eva orders AJ. "Go or we'll really fuck with your friend here."
Paige shuts her eyes to her tormentors and AJ sobs a little, but does as she's told. She re-enters to face the waiting wolf.
Once AJ slips into the ring, Paige is released and allowed to return to her corner, head held low. AJ, however, is instantly swept up in a tight headlock and thrown around, caught in Nikki's powerful vice-like grip. Once her body goes loose and limp, Nikki lets her flop to the mat in a worn out pile of disgrace.

Nikki waits for AJ to just barely begin to show some life and start to get back up before roughly grabbing her arm and locking in a submission hold. Her goal is to hurt little AJ though, not to earn a tap out, and hurt her she does. AJ is forced down against the canvas, arm wrenched backwards, and screams in pain.
"You ready to give this up?" Nikki asks her. "All you have to do is kiss my ass and this can all be over."
AJ cries out and grits her teeth. "N-No... Never..!" she murmurs. She tries to fidget her way out of it, but Nikki stays on top, dominant and in total control. Paige looks on from ringside with worry, fearing her friend may soon face defeat just like she did.

With AJ refusing to quit, Nikki bends her around into a different hold, stretching her arms out behind her while planting a knee against her spine. AJ is bent and broken in all kinds of ways while struggling to escape, but she just can't manage it. Nikki asks again if her broken little body has had enough, but still AJ musters out her refusal despite her sobs and cries of pain.

"God, you're annoying!" Nikki sighs, dragging AJ against the mat by her hair. The little girl can only lay there, exhausted, but still not surrendering. Nikki paces about in frustration and motions to Natalya.
"You want to finish this bitch off?" Nikki asks her.
"Hell yeah!" Natalya exclaims, instantly hopping into the ring. She can't wait to torment AJ some more. Paige takes offense though and voices her objection.
"You can't interfere!" she tells Nattie.
"Oh, this is no DQ" Nikki says. "Did I not mention that? I mean, I thought it was obvious since there's no ref... This match is whatever I say it is. Don't you get that?"
Paige scowls and marches into the ring in a fit of anger. She's quickly blindsided by a sudden forearm from Nikki though, and her objections are cut short. She's laid out alongside her friend, both equally defeated.

With the two friends facing utter destruction, Natalya picks her moment to step in. She slaps AJ hard on her ass to get her up and moving, then grabs her by the hair and gets in her face.
"You think you're so damn great, don't you AJ?" Nattie seethes. "You're nothing! You didn't revolutionize anything and you held a hated championship without setting the longest reign! Nikki did that and beat you at every turn! You're nobody! Just an ugly, scrawny little brat!"
Natalya yanks AJ up and around by her hair, making the little girl scream out in pain as she's manhandled about. Nikki gets an idea and has Nattie hold her steady a moment, then takes aim with her powerful forearm. She rears back and devastates AJ with it, blasting her back to sleep.
Put down with ease, AJ is left under the boots of her conquerors.

Natalya slowly picks up AJ's limp legs and shouts down at her unconscious face. "I'm going to make you scream, AJ!" she yells, but the beaten girl doesn't hear. Nattie turns her over and locks in the famous hold, waking her up to a stabbing pain in her back as she's bent in half. AJ literally wakes up screaming.
Nikki squat down to get in AJ's face, but Paige's body is lying in the way. She scoffs and shoves it aside and out of the ring like an afterthought. Then she proceeds to again ask AJ if she's yet had enough.
"You done yet, AJ?" Nikki asks mockingly, comfortably staring her in the face as she screams in agony.
"No..! Never!" AJ cries, trying to fight her breaking back. Nattie grabs the ropes for leverage though and then bends AJ back even more, folding her beyond what most people are even capable of. AJ is broken so badly she suddenly starts screaming as loud as she can.
"AGGHHHHH!!!!" she cries. "I quit! I quit!!! I'll do whatever you want!!!!"
Natalya laughs but doesn't break the hold for another few seconds, letting AJ scream until she begins to pass out from the throbbing pain. Just before she loses consciousness, Nattie lets her out and raises her hands in victory, proudly dominant over little AJ.

Natalya leaves the ring with a giant smile as AJ twitches terribly on the canvas. Nikki gives her broken body a moment to recuperate, then stands calmly before her. She motions AJ to come kneel before her like a queen, and AJ obeys meekly likely a slave, eyes wide with fear and sorrow.
"Start at my feet" Nikki orders her. "Make your way up to my ass. You deserve to start at the bottom."
AJ hangs her head to look at Nikki's boots and lets out a defeated squeak. She slowly leans in with tears in her eyes and lays her lips on Nikki's foot, letting out a humiliated gasp as she does. She hesitates a moment in shame, but Nikki presses her foot closer to her face and makes her continue.
AJ slowly kisses her way up Nikki's powerful legs. Nikki turns around and lifts up her small tights a bit to expose more cheek, and she orders AJ to kiss it. AJ again sobs and hangs her head, but she obeys like a dog and plants a soft kiss on Nikki's ass. She then pulls away, gasping with disgust at herself.
"What are you doing?" Nikki asks with an evil smirk. "I didn't tell you to stop. Keep climbing my body."
AJ looks up with tearful puppy dog eyes. Nikki shows no sympathy though and she leans back in as Nikki turns back around, making AJ kiss her navel and up her toned stomach. Nikki lifts her up so she can reach her chest, and AJ reluctantly presses her lips against Nikki's soft breasts.
Nikki bursts out laughing and looks at the other women outside the ring. "I can't believe she just did that!" she exclaims. Before AJ can withdraw, Nikki grabs her head and holds her face against her big tits, smothering her in her cleavage. AJ struggles and flails her arms, but she passes out to the sound of the women's wicked laughter. Her disgraced body is finally let fall to the mat, giving Nikki her second fall of the match.

Nikki looks down on AJ almost with pity. The small thing is just so pathetic and frail under her heel. Nikki drags her limp carcass around just to illustrate a point to Paige, who's recovered and watching from ringside. She sadly gets back up on the apron, nearly tearing up herself at the sight of AJ being ragdolled around the ring.
"Looks like your friend didn't save you" Nikki taunts Paige. "You want to take another crack at it? Maybe you'll get lucky, Like, ungodly lucky. That's about the only way you could have a chance in hell of win-"
Nikki stops herself and hesitates. "Actually, even with all the luck in the world, you'd still lose. There's no hope for you. So why not come in here and take your punishment like the bitch that you are?"
Nikki drags AJ's limp body to the corner to forcefully tag her out, but Paige recoils in intimidation. She steps as far onto the corner as she can and begs Nikki not to tag her in.
"I-I don't want in" she pleads. "Just end this, please. You made your point."
"I've made my point when I say I have" Nikki says. She then reaches AJ's hand out and slaps Paige with it, tagging her in.
AJ is tossed aside and Paige sadly enters, going to her broken friend before anything. She hugs AJ out of fear for what will become of them, and she trembles as Nikki paces around her like a shark smelling blood.

Nikki grabs Paige's hair roughly and whispers fiercely in her ear. "You see what happened to your friend?" she sneers. "That's your fate too, bitch. Just admit what you are and we can get on with this."
Paige starts to cry as she is made to look at AJ's mangled body, but she shakes her head fervently. "N-No..." she whimpers. "I'm not your bitch... I'm not anyone's bitch..."

Nikki sighs and whispers harshly again. "You're going to wish you just gave up, you stupid little failure."
She pushes Paige down by her dark locks, then drags her back up aggressively. She lifts Paige's body over her shoulders, then cracks her down in the rack attack, breaking her body as badly as her friend's.
Nikki does the same to AJ, finishing her off once more with a rack attack to her twisted up body. The two girls are decimated together, and Nikki hurls them from the ring in a fit of impatience.

Nikki paces for a moment, letting off steam and tells the other women to return Paige and AJ to her. Natalya has gone home for the day, but Eva and Rosa push the friends' bodies back into the ring and even hop in too. Together, the two join Nikki in adding the finishing touches to the humiliating affair.
"Do we get to play now?" Rosa asks eagerly.
"Yeah, fuck it" Nikki decides. "Time to make these bitches our bitches."
Nikki grabs AJ by her top and violently twists it off, revealing a simple black bra underneath. She also undoes her belt, leaving her in just her tattered denim shorts and bra. Nikki hands the items to Rosa and Eva.
"Tie Paige up in the corner with these. Make her watch this."
The two do so and Paige's weakened body is tied up using AJ's top and belt. She's trapped and slowly awakens to see AJ lying on her stomach before her and Nikki standing above, only now she's equipped with a long dark strapon.
Nikki squats down behind AJ and teases the KO'd girl by rubbing the dildo along her shorts, earning weakened moans from her lips. Nikki bites her lip and looks to Paige as she plays around with AJ, taunting what's to come.
"Don't..." Paige begs as she tries to squirm free. Rosa and Eva are nearby to ensure she can't interfere though even if she could break free. The poor girl is helpless and can do nothing but watch as Nikki tears down AJ's shorts, leans over close against her, and whispers loudly in her ear so Paige can hear too.
"I'm going to fuck your brains out, AJ. You'd better get Paige to help you or you're fucked. Literally."

Nikki penetrates AJ hard and suddenly, jolting her awake to an unpleasant sensation. AJ cries out and reaches for Paige, but Nikki presses her palms against her shoulders to stop her from crawling. AJ can't move and neither can Paige. Nikki freely slides in and out of her as she pleases, keeping little AJ pinned against the mat as she sobs and gasps with each and every thrust.
"Stop..! Stop..!" AJ pleads as Nikki pulls out only to enter her again. "Please..! I'm your bitch! I'm your bitch, I'm your bitch! Just stop..! Ohhh....."
Nikki slows down and pulls out, then leans in close against AJ, pressing her warmth against the small girl's back. She whispers in her ear while glaring up at Paige, who's crying in the corner. "Sorry, bitch" Nikki whispers. "You can't quit. You're not the legal wrestler."
Nikki slides back inside AJ, this time in a different hole. The small girl gasps in pain and shock, springing up from the sudden violation, then collapses to the mat in a heap. Nikki keeps up the pace though, fucking AJ's brains out.
"Bring Paige over here" Nikki decides. "Let her join the fun."
Eva and Rosa untie Paige and toss her sad self to the mat. Nikki grabs AJ by the hips and flops her on top of Paige, draping her over her belly. Eva and Rosa hold Paige down by her hands and feet while Nikki prepares to re-enter AJ right on top of Paige.
"Don't!" AJ begs with a tearful cry. "Please no more! Don't fuck me anymore..."
Nikki fakes a pouty face and lifts AJ to all fours overtop Paige. "Aw, poor thing..." she sighs sadly. "I thought you were tough. Can't you take it?"
AJ shakes her head sadly. "I can't take anymore... Please stop... Please, please, please stop. You're better than me, all right? You beat my title reign and surpassed me in every way... You're a better woman than me. Just please stop fucking me..."
Nikki rears back with laughter as AJ breaks down in tears. Rosa moves in front of her, holding one leg over Paige to keep her down, and grabs AJ by her cheeks. She holds her steady and leans in, planting a wet, sloppy kiss on her as she cries. Rosa continues to make out with her as she feels along her body and unhooks her bra, dropping it onto Paige's belly below. She starts to fondle AJ's boobs, making the girl cringe and cry even more.
Nikki even re-enters AJ from behind as Rosa plays with her. AJ's moans are muffled by Rosa, but they get louder and louder until Rosa finally breaks away to just enjoy the show. AJ can't hold out anymore and cums all over Paige, then collapses on top of her friend. Breathing heavily, she's defeated at long last and dragged aside, finished in every way possible.

Left behind with the cackling hyenas, Paige begins to cry for her friend and out of fear of what's still in store for her. Nikki drags Paige up to her knees and pushes the strapon in her face, ordering her to suck AJ's fluids off it. Paige resists as best she can, but Rosa and Eva help force her mouth open and make her suck the thing clean.
Paige breaks down in tears, an utter mess, and Nikki pushes her down onto all fours just like AJ just was. Nikki is about to undo Paige's belt when the pathetic girl starts to beg for mercy.
"No, please, Nikki..." she pleads between terrified sobs. "Stop..."
Nikki laughs with delight. "Would you rather Eva do this?" she asks Paige. "At least you've been fucked by her before, so it's a little more comfortable for you, right?"
Paige hangs her head in shame as tears stream down her face. The women all laugh at her and Eva kneels down to her front side, forcing her head up to look her in the eye. "Is that right, Paige?" she asks mockingly. "Did you enjoy me so much you want me to fuck you again?"
"No..." Paige pleads pitifully. Eva fakes an offended expression and backs off. Rosa takes her place at once with excitement.
"I guess she'd rather have me!" Rosa exclaims happily.
"No..!" Paige shouts in a panic. "No, no, no..!"
Between her words, Rosa locks lips with the girl and sticks her tongue down her throat. Paige gags in disgust, but Rosa passionately kisses her and moves down her neck. Paige sobs and sobs as Rosa plays around and Eva laughs from behind her.
Nikki doesn't let herself be left out either though, and she unhooks Paige's bra and then pulls down her tights. Paige's sobs grow louder as Nikki strokes the strapon along her exposed pussy, then inches its way inside.
"Ahhh!" Paige gasps. "No..! Fuck..! No, no, no!"
Nikki rides Paige hard as Rosa molests her simultaneously. "Hey, Eva' Nikki calls out, "Start filming this bitch! I want this on record just like you did!"
Eva does just that and pulls out her phone to capture Paige's humiliation. Paige is hammered from every angle and position, always aware of the camera capturing her shame and every reaction. Rosa and Nikki even trade places at one point, and Rosa has her way with Paige just like she always wanted. Rosa rides Paige's face in her tight leather pants to get herself off, then gets her fingers wet inside Paige's body.
Paige is degraded to a moaning mess as Rosa and Nikki have their fun. After a while, Nikki lets up and grabs Paige hard by her hair.
"You my bitch yet?" Nikki asks her. "My little helpless slave?"
Without waiting for a response, Nikki shoves her strapon deep into Paige's ass, making her cry out harder than ever before. Eva captures the moment on film as Rosa laughs at the sight.
"Ohhhhh..." Paige groans loudly with a mixture of intense pain, pleasure, and terrible, terrible humiliated terror. "Ohhhhhhh...! Fuck!" she finally cries out "I'm your bitch, I'm your bitch, I'm your bitch!"
"Whose bitch are you?!" Nikki screams at her.
"Yours! I'm Nikki's bitch! I'm Nikki's bitch..!"
Paige lets herself go and has a powerful, vibrating orgasm with Nikki still up her ass. She collapses at last, losing the match and her pride.

Nikki pulls out and sighs with contentment, sweating buckets herself after the intense ordeal. She looks down at her handiwork with a smirk, both AJ and Paige lying naked in disheveled heaps before her. Rosa runs her fingers along Paige's juicy lips as Eva films the two in all their shame.
"These two are done" Nikki declares. "I won these bitches. They're my slaves now and they're going to do whatever I want. And you know what? Since I'm not a bitch like them, I'll even lone them out. Anytime you guys want to have a go at them, you're free to fuck their brains out all over again."
Rosa and Eva grin happily at the idea as Nikki continues. "If they disobey at all" she says, "I'll show our footage to the whole world. We'll leak it online."
Nikki stands up triumphant and casts one final look down on her new properties. She leans in close overtop Paige and slaps her gently on the cheek, enough to ensure she's awake and listening. Paige groans weakly and barely sees Nikki standing over her naked body.
"You should've quit when you had the chance" Nikki tells her.

Nikki gives Paige one last light slap and struts put of the ring, followed by Eva and Rosa, who hungrily look the two girls over one more time. Paige is left to cry all on her own as AJ is still out of it, and it falls to her to tell the broken girl the bad news. Because of Paige's pathetic return to the ring, they've both become slaves to anyone Nikki decides to loan them out to.
And there's no way out for them. They're both fucked for life.

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