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Overgrowth (Furry Game in development!)

Discussion in 'Games' started by VoreQ, May 12, 2011.

  1. VoreQ

    VoreQ Ryonani Teamster

    Sep 8, 2010
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    Hey all!

    if you're into furries read on! if you're not then this probably won't interest you :)

    "Overgrowth is a 3d action-adventure game for Mac, Windows, and Linux, coming soon from the independent game studio, Wolfire Games. It is the spiritual successor to Lugaru."

    the game will let you play as "many" (when its finished) different species with gender options, but mostly bunnies!
    it has grab and throw moves aswell as an incredible physics engine that makes havok engine look like pong!

    theres no release date yet but apparently if you pre order you can access the alpha!

    Overgrowth's Web Page
    Concept art of Bunny Priestess
    sample video of ragdoll physics and some fighting!
    hints of a massive enemy!

    so it looks like it has some potential! both for people who like to play the preds or the preys!
    also bear in mind this is alpha! so its will probably change quite alot before its released ^_^