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Nun VS Tentacles [bit ero game]

Discussion in 'Games' started by azurezero, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. azurezero

    azurezero Guest

    small game developed for the purpose of paying my rent, need to make £608 before july 15th :evanwhateverlinethi

    ^ click me for demo ^

    Action defense game, you defend the church from the waves of incoming slimes and elite demons, using the holy magic available to you. feature game over rape. I made this on the advice of members of the hentai community at ulmf.org

    it's just a small game, it has 4 different ending scenes with their own unique sprite rape and cg. the game contains

    5 waves of increasingly difficulty including the battle with the final boss, the demon lord Ravager
    3 sex sprite animations
    4 HCG

    [Starting up]
    click new game, this sends you to a skill select screen, you can click the two boxes to switch between them (right click to test them), hit enter when ready

    wasd to move, mouse to activate skills.

    left click- basic projectile attack, no cooldown.

    middle button- can only use when your purple superbar turns pink (when full)
    summons a binary star that slowly increases in range while spinning, killing enemies helps recharge the bar faster.

    right click- summons a massive ball that has a knockback effect, cooldown should be 8 seconds if i got my coding right.

    each ability will be highlighted on the mouse ui when the skill can be used
    the basic projectile is the only attack that can be aimed and heads towards the spot the cursor was when it was made.

    the full game is now available for purchase through paypal and gumroad

    people wanting to purchase via paypal should go here
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    Mar 28, 2010
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    demo file not found =(
  3. azurezero

    azurezero Guest