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Not very original game idea

Discussion in 'Game Development' started by TheFetishBeast, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Okay, so this is quite a bit of a long shot due to several reasons that I'll go over as I speak.

    For the past several weeks I have been very much into thriller themes, watching videos on youtube about scary games and that stuff. Only two days or so ago I suddenly said to myself 'I'm going to write a story with a thriller theme and an anthro in it'. Personally I really like it so far and I really like the idea but there are a couple things I cannot deny.
    1: This story is way too much inspired by the well-known Amnesia - The dark descent.
    2: Though this was intended it doesn't have much Ryona in it, all it really has is an anthro.
    3, and most important: This story would come out WAY better as a game.
    For these reasons it makes it a bit hard for me to continue (even though I will), mostly because of the third reason. It really struck me today that this story would actually make a great game (In my opinion). The problem, of course, is that it would turn out much like Amnesia (Although maybe more like Penumbra, created by the same developers as Amnesia). Even though that I still would like to make a game out of this. But there is a specific problem to that as well... I like to make games, I've been using a program known as Game Maker for a while now and although I could use to learn a lot more I just might be able to make a game out of it... in 2D... This game idea should not be made in 2D, it should definitely be made in 3D and I am not capable of working with 3D. And that's why I'm posting this. I was hoping that I might find someone or some people who would be able to, quite frankly, make this game for me (And anyone else interested in the idea of course) since I simply cannot handle or program or do anything with 3D (Lord knows how much I'd love to learn). Now, before I continue asking if anyone would like to do this let's talk about the game idea itself.

    First of all, as mentioned, it's way too much inspired by Amnesia - The dark descent. You're basically in this creepy place completely unarmed trying to find your way out as you hide from a monster. But of course, there are a few differences. I'll be numbering them.
    Number 1, There's an anthro: As mentioned before, this game has an anthro in it seeing as I just love anthros. Honestly, it doesn't need an anthro but hey, I'm TheFetishBeast, I want it ^_^ .
    Number 2, It's invisible: In Amnesia - the dark descent you were being chased by what appears to be deformed humans who have lost their minds or somethingIn this game however there's only one monster (Have I seen that before?) and it's invisible. You can hear it as it walks by, you can see where it steps but the monster itself is invisible. Much like that fishy thingy in Amnesia except... it's on ground... and runs...
    Number 3, You're not alone: I know that you're just going to want to shoot me for this but in this game there'll be a sidecharacter who you'll have to protect and who'll be escaping with you. Much like Ashley from Resident Evil 4 you know, always bitching about, just getting in the way ending you up just wanting to shoot her. But think about it, having another character that you have to protect in a game where you can't even protect yourself, wouldn't that add more tension and thrill to it? Like, say that you're hiding from that monster but your friend is in another area nearby hiding as well. Not only do you have to worry about the monster finding you but also your partner. Say you see the monster from your hiding spot but it doesn't see you and soon enough it starts walking towards your partner's location. If you were to be alone at this moment you'd be thinking 'Please don't find me, please don't find me, please don- AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!' but with a partner like this you'd instead be thinking 'Please don't find her, please don't find her, please don- DAMMIT!!'. On top of it, what if you don't even know where your partner is? After the monster's gone you're also going to have to find her without being spotted by the monster. In my opinion, having a partner is going to make the game more tense. By the way, the anthro's the partner.
    Number 4, No autosave: I'm not saying that the autosave in Amnesia is a bad thing but it makes the game too easy. Everytime the monster kills you it disappears and you restart nearby. This gives you a great chance to make your way through again without the monster even appearing. Personally I hardly count dying as a failure in Amnesia or even a setback. Sometimes dying might even be the better option. Without an autosave the likeliness of this happening decreases and it will give you more of a reason not to be spotted by the monster.
    Number 5, No health: So yeah, this one hardly has any point because if you get hit by a monster in Amnesia you're likely to die but in this game it's guaranteed. If the monster catches you then you lose, it's game over and back to the main menu (Or last save point).
    Number 6, No sanity gauge: Quite obviously this part is not in this game because that's a thing specific for Amnesia. You won't become insane or anything for being in the dark or seeing unsettling things but there will still be screamers and all that stuff.
    Number 7, Love gauge: This may sound silly to you but this is one of the reasons why there's a partner. Your partner has a gauge that shows you how much she likes you. The more she likes you the more it goes up while the more she dislikes you the more it goes down going from levels like Stranger (Starting point) to Acquaintance, Friend, Lover, Hateful, Dispicible and whatever else one can come up with. Depending on the love gauge it will have effect on the story and how the partner responds to you and your actions. Most importantly it will determine if you get a good or bad ending. Now, I hope to make this a bit hard though. In many RPGs where you can make people love you and all it's often pretty easy to reach that level of love. All you have to do is talk to them, give them presents, maybe date them in some games and respond to their questions and all how they want you to respond, all that kind of stuff. In this game however you can't do that. The two of you are stuck in a creepy place trying to escape, there are no presents to give, there's no time or place to go on dates, you can't hold a normal conversation, the only thing you can talk about is that creepy thing you can't even see that's constantly chasing you. So, how do you make her like you? By protecting her. How do you protect her? By using yourself as bait. Most importantly, console her when she's sad. How do you make her dislike you then? By leaving her behind. Now, the thing is, she's the kind of partner that you can't leave behind. If you go too far away she'll suddenly pop up behind you again. The difference is that this activates a sequence where she'll start chewing you out for leaving her behind and if you don't respond properly she'll get upset. The more frequently this happens the more the love gauge will decrease.
    These are pretty much the things that differ from Amnesia. Basically, you have a partner and there's no sanity gauge, that's pretty the only change. Other than that it has pretty much the same engine, first-person view, carry around items, basic inventory, open doors and all the other things that Amnesia can do, find keys and other tools to open locks, break down a weak wall and solve other puzzles to proceed. Like I said, it's way too much like Amnesia but I really don't know how else for it to be designed. Amnesia is a great game for high tension in a thriller game so naturally I was inspired even if it is too much.

    That's pretty much how I want the game to be, minus the story which is the only part that I have (Even if just partially). So, is there anyone or any people out there who have the skills to make a game like this even if ever so simply made? Personally I don't care what methods are used if you use programs like Unity or Game Maker or even make an Amnesia Custom Story, it doesn't matter. I'm not after this really huge and supreme game or anything. Sadly I don't know how much I can help out with it other than the story and the game idea itself. So, anyone wanna give it a shot in my place? I sure hope someone does. Of course, your ideas are welcome too. I mean, asking for this much I can't claim it as my game so...

    Anyway, I think that's all I can say. I sure hope someone's interested.