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Sep 26, 2011
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First crack at a dialogue worth posting, tell me what you think!
bs backstory etc: She's your slave but shes pretty accepting of it. Thats about it.
dialogue_name:"Willing slave"
intro:"Welcome back master."
intro:"Here to punish me again?"
intro:"I promise i'll do my best this time."
intro:"I'm starting to think you enjoy punishing me."
intro:"You just can't get enough of me can you?"
intro:"Can i be your favorite?"
general:"Im beginning to like your little visits..."
general:"I think this time i'll try to take the whole thing."
general:"I barely consider this punishment anymore..."
general:"I love your cock master."
general:"I want to make master feel good."
general:"Does master want me to take it deeper?"
resistance:"Mmm i can feel it going deeper."
resistance:"Oh, im just getting started master."
resistance:"Does it feel good master?"
resistance:"I love how you taste."
resistance:"Does this make me your favorite?"
resistance:"I can go deeper, i promise."
first_throat:"Wow, you're huge master."
first_throat:"I might have bitten off more than i can chew..."
first_throat:"Do you like this part?"
first_throat:"I can feel it starting to go in my throat."
first_throat:"It's hard not to gag... but i'll try."
first_throat:"It almost went all the way in!"
first_dt:"Oh my god! It went all the way in!"
first_dt:"I wasn't sure i could do that!"
first_dt:"I didn't think it would go all the way in..."
pull_off:"I don't know if i can hold it that long."
pull_off:"This is hard, but i wont stop!"
pull_off:"It feels soo good in my throat master!"
pull_off:"It's hard to breath."
pull_off:"I want to hold it longer, help me?"
pull_off:"That was soo deep..."
held:"You want me to stay down longer?"
held:"Is this punishment for something?"
held:"Have i been a bad slave?"
held:"If it's going to make master cum..."
held:"Do i have to hold it so long?"
held:"I guess choking me gets you off..."
vigorous:"Yes! Punish me master!"
vigorous:"Use my face for your fuck hole master!"
vigorous:"So rough... You must like me."
vigorous:"How does my throat feel?"
vigorous:"I want master to cum. Treat me like a whore."
vigorous:"Please keep fucking my throat master, i'm soo turned on."
pre_cum:"This is my favorite part."
pre_cum:"Do i get my reward now?"
pre_cum:"I can see it in your eye, you want to cum all over me."
pre_cum:"Yes master! Cum on your slave!"
pre_cum:"So where's this going? My mouth? Or my face?"
pre_cum:"Dont make me beg for it... I will."
cum_on_face:"Do i look sexy for you master?"
cum_on_face:"It feels soo warm on my face."
cum_on_face:"Cum all over me... I feel naughty."
cum_on_face:"I bet i look like a dirty little slut don't i?"
cum_on_face:"Master's cum all over me... It feels so right."
cum_on_face:"Are you pleased with your little cum whore?"
cum_in_mouth:"Mmm a mouthful of master's cum, may i swallow?"
cum_in_mouth:"It tastes so sweet."
cum_in_mouth:"I want to swallow it master please let me, please!"
cum_in_mouth:"A mouth full of cum from my master, so delicious."
cum_in_mouth:"Yum! Wanna see it?"
cum_in_mouth:"Soo much... Master must have been saving it."
cum_in_throat:"That had to feel good!"
cum_in_throat:"You came right down my throat!"
cum_in_throat:"Does this make master like me?"
cum_in_throat:"I could feel you squirting it down my throat..."
cum_in_throat:"That was hot, thank you master!"
cum_in_throat:"Does master like cumming down my throat?"
cum_in_eye:"Ugh this punishment makes it hard to see."
cum_in_eye:"Why did you have to get it in my eye?"
cum_in_nose:"I think it went up my nose."
cum_in_nose:"Weird... It's in my nose."
cum_in_nose:"I accidentally snorted some of your cum..."
swallow:"Yummy! All gone!"
swallow:"I love swallowing master's cum!"
swallow:"Does this make master proud of me?"
swallow:"All gone! I swallowed it!"
swallow:"It tastes soo good i drank it, thank you master!"
swallow:"Do you like it when i swallow your cum master?"
drool:"Whoops! I'm sorry master!"
drool:"How does your cum look all over my tits?"
drool:"I couldn't swallow it. Please let me try again!"
drool:"I'm soo sorry master! Please don't punish me!"
drool:"I'll do better next time master, i swear!"
drool:"I dribbled it all over my tits, guess you'll have to punish me."
wake:"What happened? Did i fail you master?"
wake:"I'm sorry master, i couldn't take it so long."
wake:"My throat hurts... Did you keep going after i passed out?"
wake:"I fainted! As long as master is enjoying himself..."
wake:"I don't know what i did to deserve this punishment..."
wake:"Does master like fucking my face when im passed out?"
finish1:"That was fun, can we do it again please?"
finish2:"Twice isn't enough? Good, i want to please you."
finish3:"Third time's the charm... Wait, you want more?"
finish4:"Such incredible stamina... I love sucking you master!"
finish5:"Yes. YES! Give me more master!"
finish6:"Use me for your cum dumpster! I Want you to blow it all over me!"
finish7:"Never stop fucking my face! I wanna be your dirty little cum slut forever!"
finish0ther:"Fuck yea! Keep going!"

i like that theres enough variety in it so you can use it more than once without feeling bored right away. but meh, lemme know what you think!
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