Need help with Soul Calibur VI and 3ds Max


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Jan 1, 2019
Hey all, I'm having some trouble getting 3dsmax to cooperate with creating Soul Calibur 6 mods. I have everything set to centimeters, and everything appears to import into ue correctly, however in game the mesh is way too large and appears all distorted. The work around I've found is exporting to fbx and then opening the file in Blender, setting the armature scale to 1.000, apply the transformations, and then back to .100, apply the transformations, and then export to fbx again. This has its own problems, namely being that any newly created bones (say, for physics) are shrunk when going from 3dsmax to Blender, so I'm trying to just go from 3dsmax to UE to Soul Calibur without a hitch, and I must be doing something wrong or importing at the wrong scale or something? Tl;Dr What is the general process for 3dsmax > UE > Soul Calibur 6?
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