1. G

    No permission to download?

    Why do I have permission to download some loader mods but not the loaders themselves? What do I need to do?
  2. A

    Animtools Doesn't Show Girl in Edit Mode

    The title pretty much says it all: whenever I open animtools in edit mode, the only character present is the male. Obviously, this is problematic for editing and creating new positions, and I'm at a loss as to what I can do to troubleshoot this. If it helps, here's a screenshot:
  3. Vallil

    [BDO]FAQ and troubleshooting, read before asking for help

    I decided to make this thread since there seems to be a lot of people constantly asking for help with fairly simple stuff and which have equally simple solutions, i'll also include a brief explanation of how mods work and so you can figure out stuff on your own. 1.Modding tools and how to use...
  4. Faceless

    So you've installed a mod... (READ ME!)

    So rather than work on anything productive, like my Masters defense or an actual mod, I decided to make this troubleshooting flowchart that no one will ever look at. Follow these steps before asking for help to expedite the process, because odds are you'll be asked to do them anyway. For...
  5. Furries

    "She" hardly ever speaks. "His" dialogue always plays.

    I'm creating custom dialogue where both he and she speak. However, no matter how many times I copy and paste "her" lines of dialogue into notepad, she never says a word, at least when it comes to the "pull_off" dialogue type. How do I make her speech appear more often? Here I've attached my...
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