1. Beggar Fox

    Karin (Naruto Shippuden) Outfit Pack 1.0

    Reasonable attempt to replicate the scene between Karin and Sasuke in Orochimaru's hideout. Note: clothes are third-party productions and are credited at the end of this post. * The feet are made up of extra socks with the color of the skin. I didn't find any pantyhose that showed her feet...
  2. Jade1503

    Naruto: Kunoichi Wrestling Fun

    Sauna Fight: Sakura Haruno vs Karin Sakura sighed with relief as she stretched in the sauna that was located in one the smaller village outside of Konoha. Sakura had just finished a S-Rank mission and needed something to relax. After delivering her report to Tsunade, Sakura thought that some...
  3. El Grillo

    Karin Static Hair 1.0

  4. C

    Street Fighter V New Stage KOs Done On Swimsuit Chun Li, Karin, and Cammy

  5. Mineur

    Karin Static Hair 1.0

  6. Jade1503

    Naruto: Sakura vs Hinata

    Under Konoha was an underground cave, massive in space and torches sticking out from the walls. The walls and floors were paved with stone and there were two massive doors at each side. In the middle of the ring was a ring with ropes surrounding a mat. The cave was brightly lighted as the...
  7. Z

    We need Cammy to get dominated by Karin

    Perfect for how Karin is by pummeling Cammy in a fight.
  8. sandman_2010

    Fumio Usui Static Hair 2.0

  9. Mineur

    Karin Static Hair 1.0

  10. Mineur

    Karin Static Hair 1.0