Mr.BoobLover's Imports (Update 6/6/11)


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Feb 18, 2011
Scyth118 said:
Mr._Hentai said:
Jade and Viper! :o HOT! Awesome Mr.BoobLover. Kudos yet again. ;D Can't wait to see whom you do next. :)
He does anyone and everyone who asks ;)

And it's damn good.

Thanks guys :)

It's always nice to hear what others think about my hair mods. It influences me to make MOAR!!! ;D


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Oct 10, 2011
how can i get these into the game the way they are shown in the pictures do i need to put in everything that is underneath each picture to get it exactly like your pictures??


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Feb 16, 2011
You load the .png in the modding tab, then you copy paste that code into the skin code section and click Load.


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Feb 3, 2013
The Country of Texas
hmecklen said:
These are awesome! Thanks
Wow, thread revival, and in the Graveyard to boot.

You sure you know how to use a forum? I can understand you reviving a thread for a user that still uses the forum some, but the Graveyard is a dead (pun unintended) giveaway that MrBoobLover will not know you posted.


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Jul 10, 2014
Hoy MrBoobLover
Just wanted to let you know that every one of your "Hairs I'd love to complete someday", sans Mirage from Incredibles, have been done by gustanddust, in this post. Don't get me wrong, I love your stuff and your dedication, and if you wanna give it your own spin go for it. I'm just here to let you know.
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