More Zelda mods for Him.


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Jan 1, 2016
Hello modders.

I´ve been looking mods, and I would like more options of mods for the game, especially a Goron or a Zora, there is one of Link in the forum, but maybe can be more. Thanks for everyone.

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Jun 5, 2012
Please take a look at the request rules. Vague or open-ended requests aren't ideal. You're not supposed to express general interest in a topic; you're supposed to be asking for a specific item (or set of items) to be created. And you're supposed to provide usable reference images. Your initial images do include a few side views, but they lack anime-style coloring or shading.

Also: please don't attach reference images. I've moved your files to imgur.

The Legend of Zelda is a hugely popular franchise. There are millions of fanart images available. You should be able to find a few really good side-view images which fit the SDT art style. If you want to be really helpful (and ensure that the mods get created) then you could vector-trace the images; modders can then focus on the Flash work.

especially a Goron or a Zora
Male body mods for these two are technically feasible, assuming that you can provide suitable reference shots. You should explain whether you expect head mods (which are normally excluded because they're out-of-frame by default). If you expect custom penis mods for these races then you should say so and provide reference images.

If you want a Ganon mod then you should say so explicitly, describe your requirements, and provide a few reference images.

there is one of Link in the forum
It is very difficult to search for the name "Link", because the noun is ambiguous.

I know that there are Link hairstyles for HER; a few can be found in the archive. Synonymous created a Link costume for HIM based on (I think) the Twilight Princess version of the character. If you've run across any other Link body/costume mods then I would encourage you to include hyperlinks in your first post. Other Legend of Zelda fans will probably visit this thread, and they'll be pleased to discover such material.


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Jan 1, 2016
Hello, what`s up?

I been search references and I don´t found nothing convinces me. So I try to do it, here is a progress, It is good? Could be good? Thanks.
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