Martial Champion


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Jan 18, 2010
Martial Champion [Arcade]

Published : 1993
Genre : Fighting
Ryona rating : 1/5

  • Two female characters out of a roster of ten characters and one boss.
  • Very big sprites but not good animation.
  • Blood flies after most hits.
  • Limited moveset per character.

Female Characters:
  • Racheal is an American fighter, dressed roughly as as a kunoichi, who likes to use strong moves like a Shadow Elbow Hit.
  • Chaos (known as Titi in the Japanese version) is an Egyptian princess who specialises in aerial attacks.



Ryonani Teamster
Dec 20, 2011
Racheal's continue screen portrait is pretty nice.

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Yes! I always loved doing this. I would just rush through matches to see this. She looks so vulnerable. Is it just me or is her name spelled rather oddly? I always thought so.

This title suffers from having pretty girls with poor ryona surrounding it. It's always disppointing when that happens. That KO screen is a welcome treat, though.
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