Marge and teenage lisa vs peter and chriss griffin


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Mar 7, 2018




Marge and her teenage daughter were on their shopping trips when they met with peter griffin and his son chris. "Oh look mom its our off-brand versions ".lisa said not hiding her contempt. Peter did not take that lightly, he was about to throw a punch when he realised it was a shopping mall and people are watching. Marge also arrogantly said "what happened tough guy come on fight we can take you anywhere anytime"chris was raring to go but peter brought him back while glaring at the two leaving.
Marge and lisa was disappointed they could not fight but they finished shopping and left but just when they neared an abandoned factory they were stopped by the car of the griffins. Peter and chris got off with an evil smile. "You guys wanted a fight lets fight in there" peter pointed to the factory. Marge and lisa got off with an angry and somewhat sultry smile. "Its been some time since we last fought together right mom, i am itching to fight them lets go"lisa said as she pulled marge to the fight.
Peter and chris stripped to their boxers while lisa and marge also stripped to their underwears both of them wanted to keep their clothes clean.
Lisa licked her lips and said "i take that fat boy mom take old guy"
Peter and chris both got mad while marge also got to fighting stance.
Lisa began with flying kick to chris face while marge tackled peter to ground.
Chris got his nose broke and got so angry he slapped her like a bear.lisa felt world go round as she found out the stupid strength, while marge scissored peters head and was punching his abs. Chris punched lisa in her stomach so hard she spit saliva on floor but it wasn't over chris followed with punches to belly like a machinegun. Lisa was thinking "oh no they are not like millhouse and his dad i need to fight dirty"she mustered all her strength and hit him in crotch. chris roared loudly as he fell to ground lisa followed without losing time and caught him in an arm bar. Marge saw this and said "atta girl" but then her faced connected with peters knee shen went dizzy for a second when peter split her legs with brute strength from his face. Then he kicked hard at the exposed womenhood causing marge to squeel. Lisa was worried about her mom but chris pulled his arm up with stupid strength and whacked her on the ground. Father and son got up and said "you want to play dirty lets play dirty".
Lisa was about to get up when chris kicked her in the pussy, she squeeled like a pig and fell again but chris follwed by a butt drop that took all wind from her but chriss didn't stop as he rammed her head on the ground. Marge was in the same position as peter was punching her boobs and belly and occassionally knees to cunt. Both mother and daughter saw stars when peter put marge in a tombstone position while chris saw this and he sat with his knee on lisa's hand so thay his crotch was on her face while pulling both her legs apart peter. brought marge to lisa and tombstoned her on lisa's cunt. Lisa's anger now turned into sobs same as marge. But chris and peter was just starting lisa was made to stand and chris pulled both her hands behind her and made her bend over frontwards lisa knew what was coming and begged "no no no" but chris rammed his thick member into her cunt lisa cried out" ohh its sooo biggg"powerfull slams came from chris as he fucked her. Marge was put in the same position before lisa and peter started fucking her with powerfull motions. Orgasms of orgasms hit mother daughter pair as their eyes rolled over marge was calling homer's name at start but she started sayong, "don't stop please keep going.. aah aah".
Marge and lisa was both broken thet now served only two people finally after having their fill the griffins left not caring about them any more....
After an hour they both took off as they became conscious of what had happened.they drove home bawling their eyes about their defeat and humiliation. They tried to hide it at home but bart and homer found out. The father son pair was fuming they decided to return the favor as they took off to lois' favourite mall


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Sep 3, 2019
Awsome story cant wait to see what happens when the simpson men meet the griffin girls!
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