Kink-shaming other fetishes


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Feb 19, 2010
There are plenty of fetishes out there that are shamed by the public. I guess the first one that comes to mind is pedophilia?

I'm wondering if having a ryona kink leads to you being more open to other people's fetishes, being less judgmental and all that. Balloon fetish is a thing, then there's also another kink where people like to hang themselves by their skin I think.

I suppose by far the biggest factor is, will these people bring their kinks into real life in a form that hurts other people? If not, then everyone is open game?


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Jan 18, 2019
Its interesting you mentioned balloon fetish. There is also a balloon phobia if I'm not mistaken. The common denominator there seems to be adrenaline. One is an increased excitement, the other is an increased fear.
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