Kink-shaming other fetishes


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Feb 19, 2010
There are plenty of fetishes out there that are shamed by the public. I guess the first one that comes to mind is pedophilia?

I'm wondering if having a ryona kink leads to you being more open to other people's fetishes, being less judgmental and all that. Balloon fetish is a thing, then there's also another kink where people like to hang themselves by their skin I think.

I suppose by far the biggest factor is, will these people bring their kinks into real life in a form that hurts other people? If not, then everyone is open game?


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Jan 18, 2019
Its interesting you mentioned balloon fetish. There is also a balloon phobia if I'm not mistaken. The common denominator there seems to be adrenaline. One is an increased excitement, the other is an increased fear.


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Dec 13, 2009
As a ryona lover, I feel like I am a bit more opened to other fetishes, or at least I try to understand why others would enjoy a certain fetish. I try to understand my own fetishes and Ryona and Exhibitionism seem to be my most frequent visits, I guess Chun Li and Kate Winslet's tits really shaped out how I've been. While Ryona is my favorite fetish, I can't get off at hurting people or even being forceful in sex. It feels wrong always.

I am still a bit bewildered when it comes to balloons, pregnant fetish, and even latex but I can't fault people for like that. I can understand liking the images of teenagers or lolita type girls who are clearly being exhibitionists and being confident with their bodies. Pedophilia disgusts me because sexual content should always be of consensual understanding. Rape fetish, fake voyeurism, ryona, that's all consensual, its all fantasy and I would never want any of the actresses or actors to be hurt physically or emotionally during the shooting.

Leaking nudes, taking creep shots, and pedophilia crosses a line.
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