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Just a new dialogue for you tsundere lovers out there :D

Discussion in 'Dialogue' started by Jaysus the masochist, May 23, 2012.

  1. Well I was lurking around. And well. ( heh, lots of wells) I couldn't find a sincere tsundere dialogue, but if there is, i probably wasn't lurking around long enough( A few months-ish) So after konashion's update a few days, weeks back, i tried out the new dialogue editor. So i made a account just to show you my results

    For those who don't know what a tsundere is, a tsundere is a person who shows affection to someone in a negatively way.
    NOT to be confused with "The Bitch", who is literally a straight up hating bitch who doesn't want anything to do with you but hate you. A.K.A "The Bitch'

    In the world of anime fans, the tsundere is a totally, totally, TOTALLY, moe(Cute) or sexy character, so while using the dialogue, its advise ( Not by me, pfft What the heck would I know) to use or create a sexy character.

    My dialogues consist mostly of tsundere stuff to say, you know, those moe moments you see from an anime, also some dialogues drift away from being tsundere for awhile but ends up going back to tsundere right away.

    This is one of the dialogues after you cum in her eye
    cum_in_eye"[ANGRY_MOOD]Ow... was that suppose to be revenge for everything I've done? You do know i can bend your dick just like i bent your arm.... your lucky i won't...... [LOOK_DOWN]N-N-Not that i like doing this to you..."

    Heres one where she wakes up after fainting from your dick (Not as tsundere as my other dialogue)
    wake:"[CLOSE_EYES][HAPPY_MOOD]Oooooh, I had a weird dream, that i was deepthroating the person i'm deeply in love with........[OPEN_EYES][LOOK_UP][ANGRY_MOOD] Wha- What are you doing here, it wasn't a dream....... was it..[HAPPY_MOOD]"

    Have fun you little perverts. Ha who am I kidding, so will I ;)

    Also I put a blank dialogue attachment, I have no idea why.... Maybe because i was so stupid i couldn't find the "Clear" dialogue button.

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    Jan 13, 2012
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    Pretty good dialogue for your typical Tsundere character