Hitman 2016


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Oct 4, 2013
So the new Hitman is out, well, the first part, does anyone have it? Seems a good source of Ryona...if someone has it and want to do a request, I have one ready!


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Oct 4, 2013
Not sure but I remember something about one of the levels having runway models. They may be good targets for ryona.
I already have the target and the idea of Ryona I just don't have the game hahaha so I was asking if someone has it and wants to do some Ryona stuff and my request.


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Dec 27, 2016
I Hate this hitman, poor death animations and very few female models.

Hitman Absolution is better, still not good enough.

(The only female models on the game are some dancers at the bar, 3 more on the dressing room, and the 7 saints) The rest of the game is full of male npc.

A mod for absolution to put more female models on the game would be awesome. Unfortunately, it is an abandoned game :/


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Jun 24, 2012
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some videos from HITMAN(tm) 2018.

*NOTE!!! there is no light ryona here, these videos contain only killings of females, mostly by shooting.

IMHO, this game isn't very interesting in hard-ryona aspect. Hitman-5 Absolution was really better. In new engine they have even removed tits giggling! Also, I suspect, lighting is optimized for HDR, thus there is a significant lacking of dynamic range in videos. But still... better that than nothing.

females in videos:

1) some bystanding sun-overburnt gal. Chased with shootings under feet, knocked down by cheeseburger, shot
2) Dalia Margolis - ex-model, the target. Stabbed by scissors + various shootings, including silencers and submachine guns
3) some female guest of the "arc society". Machinegunned in front of arctic waves.
4) some female member of "arc society". Stabbed by screwdriver and by catana, shot by silenced MAC10.
5) Sophia Washington - corrupt black "laracroft", the target. Hardly beaten by apple, shot by various machine guns.

some screencaps from videos:

Of course, there are more females in the game, both targets and bystanders, and there are more killing methods. Those in videos are just a few examples.

folder with videos (21 items, 423 MB total size):
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