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help with loader

Discussion in 'Help' started by Albert Hofmann, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. I loaded everything an unzipped the files, but when i click the loader if it trys to play through windows media it says i need the newest flash player. I made sure i had the latest version and reloaded it and the same thing still happens. I switched to try and open it with just flashplayer, but when i click anything the mouse changes for a second like it's going to load it then nothing happens
  2. Doomknight

    Doomknight Guest

    If you are on windows, then:

    1) Right Click on Loader.swf
    2) Click on "Open With"
    3) Select "Choose Default Program"
    4) Find where you installed the Standalone Flash Player.
    5) Select the Flash Player.
    6) Now the game should open with the Flash Player instead of Media Center.