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| title=Heavenly Sword
| console=PS3
| publishDate=2007
| genre=Action-adventure, Hack and slash
| ryonaRating=3/5
| gameInfo1=Heavenly Sword had a fairly lengthy development cycle starting in 2002 and was originally intended as a multiplatform release.
| gameInfo2=There are a number of celebrity voices, including Anna Torv as Nariko, the main protagonist, and Andy Serkis as King Bohan, the main antagonist.
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| ryonaItem1=There are female ninja type enemies that can engage Nariko in a QTE, resulting in being thrown if she fails.
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| gameplayNotes=The game is very similar to the God of War series in terms of gameplay. There are also several stages of the game that are similar to minigames where you take control of a mortar cannon or go into a first person mode to kill enemies as Kai. You play as Nariko or Kai at designated sections of the game. Nariko engages in melee combat while Kai uses a special crossbow weapon and cannot fight face to face. There are a number of QTE scenes in the game interacting with common enemies, environments, and bosses. Failing to complete a QTE often leads to the loss of a combat advantage, sustaining heavy damage, or death.
| femaleChar1=Nariko: The red-head main character of the story. She was supposed to be the male heir to wield the Heavenly Sword who would save his clan from the Raven Lord. Her mother dies during her birth and her father initially intended to kill her shortly after birth, but instead raises her to be a warrior.
| femaleChar2=Kai: a supporting character you play as during certain parts of the game.
| femaleChar3=General Whiptail: A fish/woman that is the third boss in the game.
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