Hair Request for Sophie Living with Gamergirl and Hipstergirl


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Jun 5, 2012
This one would be tricky to implement as a dynamic hairstyle. It includes a few shading gradients, which tend to create visible/ugly seams whenever parts of the hair begin to rotate. Also, she's a comic-strip character; her hair is supposed to look great in still images but it doesn't really make sense as a 3d shape (which is important when you're trying to plan out layer interactions) and it doesn't behave consistently (e.g. forelock at the shoulder). We don't have any "action shots" which depict the character running, falling, etc -- such images would provide the animator with hints regarding the thickness and bounciness of the hair. Finally, the shadow pattern changes significantly with her posture; this is very hard to implement in SDT.

Just in case anyone wants to adapt it into a static SWF import, here are some higher resolution reference images (click for full):

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