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If anyone with the Cheat engine Camera mod for any version of Guilty Gear Xrd would like to share their screenshots, feel free to here. Anything from the characters attacks to ryona. Pantyshots, cleavage, the works. Post them here. There needs to be a place for this stuff since there just aren't many online so help the internet out by building up a gallery we can all enjoy. Everyone is welcome. Share as much as you like. Here are a couple of mine to help get started. Download the Zip.file below to have the mod yourself.
Camera Mod Instructions:

1. Start CheatEngine by double clicking the (GuiltyGearXrd) cheat engine file in the folder. (You may need to download CheatEngine first)

2. Start Guilty Gear, then click on the computer icon in the top left of Cheat Engine's interface and open Guilty Gear in it

3. Click Advanced Options in the bottom left corner and right click the options in the code list, selecting "Replace with code that does nothing." Note: you may get an error if you try multiple lines at once. You'll just have to do it one-by-one in that case.

4. Manually edit the values in Cheat Engine's main interface by double clicking and typing what you want, or use the hotkeys (can be changed with Ctrl+H after highlighting one of the addresses)

The hotkeys while in-game.
Ctrl+numpad6 -> Camera X + 20
Ctrl+numpad4 -> Camera X - 20
Ctrl+numpad9 -> Camera X + 2
Ctrl+numpad7 -> Camera X - 2
Ctrl+numpad8 -> Camera Y + 20
Ctrl+numpad2 -> Camera Y - 20
Ctrl+numpad5 -> Camera Y + 2
Ctrl+numpad1 -> Camera Z + 20
Ctrl+numpad3 -> Camera Z - 20
Ctrl+z+numpad6 -> Camera X Rotates +11.25 degrees
Ctrl+z+numpad4 -> Camera X Rotates -11.25 degrees
Ctrl+z+numpad8 -> Camera Y Rotates +11.25 degrees
Ctrl+z+numpad2 -> Camera Y Rotates -11.25 degrees
Ctrl+z+numpad9 -> Camera Z Rotates +11.25 degrees
Ctrl+z+numpad7 -> Camera Z Rotates -11.25 degrees
Adding alt to any of these will multiply movement by 20 to make the camera move faster and change rotation to 90 degrees.


  • GGXrdRev2.1 Camera Mod v1.06 - 03-25-18.rar
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For anyone wondering how to share your screenshots, read this.

Simply go to Imgur Once there, drag and drop your picture anywhere on the webpage. Boom, done. You don't need to do anything else on the page and you don't need to sign into anything. You'll be completely anonymous as well. Next, right click the image and select "open in new tab" and copy the link address in the url. Or you can right-click the picture and select copy link address. Once you have the link copied, reply on the thread and select the image icon on the toolbar above the text box. (The icon next to the smiley face) Paste your link in the image url box and insert. Finished. Hope this helped.


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Nice. I never got to learning how to use Cheat Engine. Can we have more screenshots of Ram? :smile:
I found more recently. They aren't as good as the first two imo. Hoping someone can share better ones of this outfit.
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I found these:

Not made by me, the source is on the page I linked.

Here's a nice shot of Ram aaaaaand really wish someone could do that skirt flip on Ram from behind =P

Hacking Ram's seifuku over her regular outfit during actual fights would be awesome, but from what I get it's pretty much impossible. =/




Source: 【画像】GGXrd「ギルティギア イグザードレベレーター」パンツがしっかり描き込まれていることが判明!PCチートカメラパワー
Ah yes, I'm aware of these pictures, they're pretty old but really good. Hopefully someone can just share more pictures of ram in that outfit, and I can relate with wanting to see a better shot of her from behind too
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Thanks for the good work!
Say, is it possible to use this camera mod in cutscenes?
It's possible but very difficult to find out how. I have been working on figuring it out lately, sorry to disappoint. It may be easier to do in instant kills or intros but I'm not sure on that either.


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Well, I was hoping on getting some good shots on Ram in uniform XD
But don't worry about it, great work so far.


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Well, I was hoping on getting some good shots on Ram in uniform XD
But don't worry about it, great work so far.
I want that too lol. That uniform is the main reason I'm trying to figure out how to use the mod in the story mode.


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More pics by me.


  • Screenshot 2018-02-20 18.53.14.png
    Screenshot 2018-02-20 18.53.14.png
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  • Screenshot 2018-02-20 18.54.47.png
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  • Screenshot 2018-02-20 19.44.39.png
    Screenshot 2018-02-20 19.44.39.png
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  • Screenshot 2018-02-20 19.50.46.png
    Screenshot 2018-02-20 19.50.46.png
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  • Screenshot 2018-02-20 19.50.48.png
    Screenshot 2018-02-20 19.50.48.png
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    Screenshot 2018-02-22 06.44.37.png
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  • Screenshot 2018-02-22 06.45.30.png
    Screenshot 2018-02-22 06.45.30.png
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  • Screenshot 2018-02-22 06.52.22.png
    Screenshot 2018-02-22 06.52.22.png
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  • Screenshot 2018-02-22 06.53.00.png
    Screenshot 2018-02-22 06.53.00.png
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  • Screenshot 2018-02-22 06.54.49.png
    Screenshot 2018-02-22 06.54.49.png
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  • Screenshot 2018-02-22 06.56.25.png
    Screenshot 2018-02-22 06.56.25.png
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  • Screenshot 2018-02-22 06.57.08.png
    Screenshot 2018-02-22 06.57.08.png
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  • Screenshot 2018-02-22 06.57.42.png
    Screenshot 2018-02-22 06.57.42.png
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