1. Datman

    Guilty Gear Xrd Camera Mod Public Gallery

    (SCREENSHOT AND GIF REQUESTS ARE CLOSED) If anyone with the Cheat engine Camera mod for any version of Guilty Gear Xrd would like to share their screenshots, feel free to here. Anything from the characters attacks to ryona. Pantyshots, cleavage, the works. Post them here. There needs to be a...
  2. NiteGuardian

    The Dead or Alive Corner (Video Game)

    Ok guys, here it is! What I hope will become a Dead or Alive mega-thread, with all kinds of interesting Pictures and Videos shared, I will be adding stuff semi-regularly myself and keeping it alive, but I ask you all to join in too! What you CAN post openly in this Topic: - Screenshots from any...
  3. Rudgar

    This is a bit embarassing ... but ... how can I make screenshots?

    Ahoy! You may laugh at me now as much as you want, but ... I figured out that I can create easily thumbnail screenshots by hitting enter. these thumbnails are just perfect to show a character's head when placed in the character folder. But ... ... is there also a built in way to take...
  4. Iago

    Post your SDT screenshots

    Well, I think it's about time to resurrect this thread. I believe I'm not the only one to miss the old one (even if it consisted most of the time in seeing what Deadreaver had come up with that week XD). When the subject has come up before I read one of the moderators suggesting opening this...
  5. SyntaxTerror

    How to take screenshots easily with ShareX

    Hello As a "Content Creator" (well, it is what is written under my name <<< :tongue:), I have to make examples of the mods I am creating, and taking screenshots, cropping and uploading them becomes a little boring after a while. I just found a wonderfull tool to do this: ShareX. This is a...
  6. Dream Angel

    Adult screenshots Black Desert Online

    Wandering on the topics related to the Black Desert, I see in a lot of different themes screenshots. Let's make one topic, such as "Screenshots Black Desert" and introduce a rule to sign under any screenshots mod`s use.


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