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Aug 19, 2011
Guild Wars 2(PC)

Announced Release Date: August 28, 2012

Playable female races:

All races have playable female characters, although Humans and the Sylvari are the only noteworthy races for ryona.
The Norn race sounds like a man, and the other races are questionable.

Ryona: (Based on the Beta weekend event)
- The game does have face animations for pain expressions(however, some weapon types do not have pain expressions for some reason), and has a couple of different normal hit animations
- Some combat skills are really flashy.
- Each race has a unique voice, but unlike in Guild Wars 1, all the classes have the same voice of that race.
- Other ryona types in the game include, Knock Down attacks, Stuns. There is also underwater combat but nothing special about that other than another death animation and normal hit animations.
- Very limited death animation, the playable characters usually go into a "Fight for your Life" status when the character's hp turns 0, where if they successfully kill the enemy, they get resurrected. Otherwise, they just die and lay on the ground. If underwater, the "Fight for your Life" is a bit different, where the character has to swim up to the surface and grasp for air to revive.
- There are also female mobs in the game, where if you shock them and they die, they jump up into the air and shake from electrocution.

Ryona Videos: - most of the ryona in the game. - ranger npc in pvp area
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