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Guide: Modding Guild Wars 2

Discussion in 'Tools & Guides' started by shnoobins, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. shnoobins

    shnoobins Potential Patron

    May 3, 2012
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    I don't see there being a universal nude mod for GW2, because of how the textures are set up. So, I am going to try to give everyone the tools they need to accomplish this themselves.

    We're going to try to edit armor to make your character look nude. Now do note that this does not work with all armors (see here), it will take some trial & error.

    What you'll need:
    Guild Wars 2
    Photoshop (I'll see about a GIMP one once I familiarize myself with it.)
    NVIDIA Texture Tools
    Knowledge of how to extract resources

    Step 1.
    To make this simple, extract the texture named "51408" or "45787" under "Generic textures". Extract as a PNG.

    Step 2.
    Set up uMod to work with GW2. Note: All versions of uMod work with GW2, so far I've had the best experience with version 1.

    Step 3.
    Open uMod and login to Guild Wars 2. Put the armor on that you want to reskin.

    Step 4.
    Scan through the textures, and look for your characters texture (your character will turn green once you found it). Now save it.

    Step 5.
    Load your saved texture into Photoshop. Double left click your character's texture layer to unlock it, and name it to "character text"


    Step 6.
    Load the image 51408, or 45787 that you extracted earlier, into Photoshop, and drag it on top of your character's textures. Make sure they line up.


    Step 7.
    Rename the layer with the 51408 image to "nude text" (Just double click the layer name). Now hide that layer by clicking the icon of the eye next to it.


    Step 8.
    Zoom in on the nude part of your character texture, and use the "Rectangular Marque Tool," and select the nude portion of your character. To add to the selection, hold down shift while selecting the other half.


    Step 9.
    Now go to Select > Save Selection. Name it, "nude select."

    Step 10.
    Use the "Eyedropper Tool," and select the background color in the background of the nude portion. Then go to Select > Inverse, or press Shift+Ctrl+I.


    Step 11.
    Now unhide the layer "nude text," and press the delete key. Press Shift+Ctrl+I again, and select the "character text" layer. Press the delete key again.


    Step 12.
    Press Ctrl+D. Select the "nude text" layer, and go to Layer > Layer Mask > From Transparency.


    Step 13.
    Now go to "Channels," and select "nude select". Press "W" and click on the white section. Unhide "RGB," and hide "nude select."


    Step 14.
    Go back to layers, and select "nude text." Make sure the mask is selected (Black & Gray square next to it). Then go to "Edit > Fill..." and select "White."

    Step 15.
    Make a new layer by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N. Name the new layer "grayscale." Then go to "Edit > Fill..." and this time select "50% Gray."

    Step 16.
    Now set the blending mode to "Saturation," then press Ctrl+Shift+N. Name the new layer, "Color."


    Step 17.
    Press Shift+F5, and this time select "Color" from the menu. Mouse over to the color box on the left, and use the eyedropper tool to select it.


    Step 18.
    Now set the blending mode for "color" layer to "overlay."


    Now we're going to mask out the alpha channel to hide the armor. The lower portion (legs & boots) of the armor is on the upper right haft of the image, while the upper portion (arms & torso) is on the lower left of the image.

    Step 1.
    Select the peices of armor you want to hide. I find the "Quick Selection Tool" works well for this. Note: make sure you have the "character text" layer selected.


    Step 2.
    Now go to "Channels," and select the "Alpha channel."


    Step 3.
    Press Shift+F5, and select black. Press OK. Delete the "nude select" channel, and select the RBG channel.

    Step 4.
    Now the peice of armor won't show up in the game. Go to File > Save As, and "3D3/DDS." Do not change the name, and press save. Press "Yes" if it asks to overwrite.


    Step 5.
    Make your settings match these.


    Step 6.
    Open uMod, and loggin to Guild Wars 2. Alt+Tab, drag your newly created texture onto uMod, and press "Update" then Alt+Tab back to Guild Wars 2.

    Now your character should be naked.
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  2. grundle19

    grundle19 Guest

    Step 4.
    Scan through the textures, and look for your characters texture (your character will turn green once you found it). Now save it.

    There are A LOT, of textures. Can you be more specific on where to find our character's texture? Thanks.
  3. Daedalus

    Daedalus Content Creator

    Dec 9, 2014
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    Has there been any success with this 'mod'? Also, won't Anet be able to detect this or uMod running along GW2? Like a hackshield or something?
    I'm asking this because in the past, there was an exploit in the early version(s) of GW2 involving other racial armor than your toon's own. For instance, a human transmutes charr armor with his own human armor and equips it. The result was that the human toon was nude, but for all to see. Since this came to light the issue's been fixed.
    And is this mod stable? LIke it not crashing when loads of ppl are in the same location.