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Jun 5, 2012
What is Super Deepthroat?
Super Deepthroat (SDT) is a Flash game which simulates a specific girl performing fellatio on a nondescript guy. The game uses a stylized anime presentation with simple graphics. Its visual appeal lies mainly in the many subtle animation touches which are evident in the characters' movements and interactions. Such details cannot be effectively presented in screenshots, so you are encouraged to download it and try it out - it's free, the game files are fairly small, and it doesn't require installation.


The game is controlled with the mouse. Movements of the mouse pointer cause the characters to move within the scene - bringing them into contact, initiating penetration, controlling speed and depth of thrusts, and pulling off (or resting) -- all according to the actions of the player. The girl has a simple personality and AI which can cause her to resist the player's actions. Such resistance may be considered as a rudimentary form of "difficulty" or as an element of role-playing. If you find the resistance irritating then it can be suppressed. It is also possible to fully automate the gameplay input, in order to create a hands-off experience.

Almost every aspect of the game can be modded: the characters' gender and appearance, the setting, the narrative, the sexual position(s), the simulation parameters, physics rules, and audio. Modders have created a large set of custom hairstyle and costume SWF files, allowing the player to setup fantasies involving well-known female characters. The male participant can be similarly modified, although the set of available mods is much smaller.

Modders have also used the simple SDT user interface and gameplay mechanics to deliver substantial storylines. These begin with simple fantasy scenarios and casual-sex encounters - and extend all the way up to extensive "campaigns" which feature multiple girls, conversation trees, simulated psychology variables, relationship-status tracking, and autosave logic so that your progress can be preserved between gameplay sessions.

Where do I get the game?
New users are encouraged to start off with the Loader bundle. sby's thread contains the --- Sby Loader Pack(s): --- which is similar to @ModGuy's Loader bundle but includes a larger set of pre-packaged mods. @ModGuy's version is great if you want to start simple and gradually build up your own collection of mods; @sby's version is great if you'd like the ability to switch to doggystyle position within the first minute of gameplay.

The "vanilla" game may be the only option for users on specialized platforms (such as tablets and smartphones). Users playing the game in a desktop environment are encouraged to use the Loader instead, because it gives you access to much more content. @Konashion wrote a great game, and modders have done some impressive work to improve and extend it.

How do I launch the game?
If you're using the vanilla game (not recommended), then it is packaged as a self-contained EXE. Just double-click the file to run it.

If you're using the Loader (recommended) then the key file is Loader.swf. You'll need to extract the Loader archive (don't try to run it from within the zip file) because Loader.swf needs to access various other files which are included within the archive.

You probably have a Flash plugin installed in your web browser already, so you may be able play the game by dragging and dropping the Loader.swf file onto your web browser window. However, browsers are gradually restricting the file-access capabilities of Flash applications, or dropping support for Flash altogether. If you play the game in your browser then you may lose access to major features (such as the ability to load external mod files). Therefore, we generally recommend that users download the standalone Flash Player projector application from the Adobe website. Your experience may vary, but the standalone player seems to provide slightly better performance. Advanced users can download the "content debugger" version if they wish to assist with troubleshooting (note: this application is more-or-less mandatory for aspiring modders because it helps you to identify errors in your ActionScript code).

If you're new to the Loader, then please be aware that mods are loaded sequentially, that mod-loading occurs after the actual gameplay has begun, and that the initialization time is non-trivial (usually a few seconds, but it can reach several minutes on a heavily-modded instance). Opening the game menus during this period can interrupt mod loading. You are advised to simply leave the game alone until loading is complete (i.e. the scrolling text in the top-right corner goes away). It's okay to minimize the game (or Alt-Tab away) and do something else during this interval. Once you're familiar with the game, you can disable some of the standard mods in order to reduce the startup delay (but most users tend to add more mods to startup - to include their favorite fetishes and characters).

Where do I go from here?
The following is a list of suggested activities for learning how to use the game, and some general guidelines for good forum behavior. If you'd prefer a more guided walkthrough (with screenshots), then please take a look at Huitznahua's newbie guide.

  • As a Guest on the forum, you'll be able to see all of the SDT content and download any mods which you might run across.
  • However: you'll be unable to ask questions, share your opinions, interact with modders, watch threads, or make suggestions for new mods.
    • These activities are important to the SDT community, so I encourage you to Register an account before proceeding.
  • After registering your account, please feel free to create a thread in the Greeting Room | Undertow.
    • It's not mandatory, but if you explain a bit about your background and interests then you may be contacted by longtime members who can guide you towards specific threads or mods.

  • Browse through the popular Resources, a few Artist Alley threads, and the first few pages of the Imports board.
  • If you find a thread with someone's name on it, then it will usually be a "megapost" which includes most of that person's work to-date.
    • These threads will often contain matched sets of content - full hairstyle and clothing imports for specific characters, or hairstyles for many different characters belonging to a particular TV show or anime series.
    • If you find something that piques your interest then it's a good idea to scroll through the remainder of that person's work.
  • When you find a post which contains useful content, click the Like button. Show your appreciation for the work that our members have done over the years.
  • If you've downloaded a Resource which you find useful, you can leave a Rating (or even a full Review).
    • You can also leave a negative Rating if you find a file which is very error-prone, disruptive to gameplay, or impossible to use. This may seem unkind to the mod's author, but it informs them about errors and gives them an opportunity to improve their work. If the author is inactive or unwilling to offer a fix, then a negative review can at least warn other users to avoid the file.
  • If you see a thread which seems to be actively updated, or one belonging to an aspiring artist whose work you want to follow, click the Watch Thread button.
    • Posting in a thread will automatically cause you to Watch it, but we'd prefer not to see a lot of clutter on the forums.
    • If you can offer a substantial and thoughtful message (whether it involves feedback, criticism, suggestions, or praise) then go ahead and post it. If it's a simple "Love your hairs. Thanks!" then please use the Like and Watch Thread buttons instead.

  • Now that you have a collection of content (hopefully including a few of your favorite characters), launch the game.
    • Move the mouse around and get a feel for the control scheme.
    • Try moving the mouse pointer while holding down the left mouse button (LMB).
    • Now try moving it around while holding the Shift key.
    • Press the YUIOP keys for quick access to the game menus.
  • Mess around with the game's GUI and explore the menus.
    • Load one of the pregenerated characters and figure out how adjust the color of her eyes.
    • Now add freckles. Make her taller. Put a shirt on her, and then fiddle with the color sliders to make the shirt partially transparent.
  • If you started with sby's bundle, then you should have the animtools mod already installed.
    • Press F2 and choose one of the available text files. The game will shift the characters into a new orientation.
    • Note that you still have access to all of the customization stuff that we discussed previously (such as clothing colors).
  • Now try to bring in some of the custom content that you downloaded previously.
    • See what happens when you try to load several SWF files back-to-back: some elements will combine together, but some will override and replace each other.
    • Try to fiddle with the color sliders in the game's GUI - some (but not all) clothing mods will allow you to adjust their color and opacity.
  • At this point, your game window probably contains a confusing mishmash of different stuff.
    • You can load one of the built-in characters in order to eliminate most of the clutter.
    • Clicking the Reset button will restore the game to its default state - it will even cancel out any custom sex position and arrange the characters into the standard fellatio scene.
  • Once you're comfortable with the basics, set up a challenge for yourself.
    • Choose one of the hairstyles that you've downloaded, and try to adjust all of the built-in configuration options (skin tone, clothing options, etc) to produce an ersatz facsimile of the character's canonical appearance and costume.
    • Manual customization work is not always needed. You can find "charCode" information on the forum (submitted by other forum members) which will adjust the appearance and personality settings to match those of a well-known character. Such information can often be found alongside the hairstyle or clothing mods for the character.

  • If you find an interesting thread which is marked with a Tag, then try clicking on that Tag. You might discover related material which fits your desires.
  • Play around with the Search tool.
    • Look for one of your favourite TV shows, or for a current top-ten anime series, or for a weird cartoon from your childhood.
    • Many of these searches will yield no results. That's okay; keep trying.
    • Most of your search hits will probably fall on the Request board. This means that someone has asked for the material to be included in the game, but that SDT modders have not yet created it.
  • As you browse through these search results, you'll begin to understand the flexibility of the game - by seeing the breadth of Requests which previous cohorts of players considered reasonable.
    • You'll also see that there are a lot of ideas which failed or stalled - due to poor communication, excessive demands, or the simple fact that demand for custom mods hugely exceeds supply.
  • Some of your search hits may fall outside of the actual SDT boards. That's great!
    • The Undertow forums are home to several different forum communities which were merged onto a single platform in late 2015.
    • If you search for "boxing gloves" then you may not find an SDT mod. But instead you might find hundreds of like-minded people who share your interest in female fisticuffs. Perhaps they can be recruited to support your goal of a creating a boxing-girls mod for SDT. Or perhaps they can point you towards other games and videos which you'll enjoy.

  • You're welcome to browse and search the forums as much as you like. Before you begin to post replies (or new threads), I'll ask that you glance through the Sticky posts of the board that you're about to post in.
    • Many of the Stickies contain Rules that we expect you to follow.
    • The Requesting Rules are the longest by far, but that's because the Request board sees a lot of activity. (i.e. newcomers tend to post a lot of crap in it)
    • You're also required to abide by the general website rules. Please read through those if you didn't already do so during user registration.
  • Please try to get a general feel for the forums.
    • The forums have existed since 2011, and some of the content that you find will be outdated - it may be incompatible with newer mods, or it may not work at all. Some of the discussion may pertain to deprecated features, or to bugs which were resolved years ago.
    • You may discover an artist whose work you adore, but then realize that this person left in 2013 and hasn't returned. You're welcome to use the Like button in such cases, but please try not to necro-bump an ancient thread unless you have something really worthwhile to add.
    • Some download links may be broken. Please contact a moderator; we'll try to recover the assets and provide a working link.
    • We expect you to follow the current website rules. You may find some older threads in which users were criticized for discussing loli content; such negativity is no longer allowed. The same policy applies to BBW, incest, furry, transgender, ryona, rape, sexy ghosts, and pretty much any fetish. You don't have to like it, but you're expected to be civil to the people who do.
  • Please understand that SDT modding is a volunteer activity.
    • Help inquiries tend to be answered within a few hours, but Requests for new content may linger for weeks or months -- especially if the Request was badly written.
    • Please don't get upset if modders and artists seem to be ignoring your posts. Remember that they're real people with real lives. They may be busy; they may tired; they may just not be interested in the character or kink that you're proposing.
    • You may offer a bounty for the completion of a project, or attempt to commission an SDT artist or modder directly. Please adhere to the website rules in all matters involving compensation. Commissions are rare in SDT modding, and if you are new to the website then some people may not trust you to actually pay. Proceed with tact.

Get Involved
  • If you find a Request thread that you like, you can try to push it forwards and help it to become a working mod.
    • The recommended forms of contribution are described the final section of the Requesting Rules document.
    • If you find a Request thread which has been exiled due to poor quality, then you can "rescue" it by submitting usable Reference Images.
  • If you have an interest in fiction then you can try to write Dialogues.
    • This can be done to "flesh out" a character whose hairstyle and costume has already been created, or it can create a brand-new scenario with original characters and themes.
    • This work relies on both creativity (writing) and technical skill (markup and scripting). Even if you don't have the complete skillset, you can still help out!
    • You may be able to write monologues or conversations - which other forum members can then markup and compile into working dialogue files.
    • You may be able to add markup to raw text provided by an author, thereby turning it into a prototype dialogue file.
    • You may be able to proofread raw text (or working dialogue files) written by others.
    • You may be able to playtest dialogues, offering feedback on playability, bugs, character motives, inter-mod compatibility, and so forth.
  • If you have an interest or aptitude in coding then you may be able to undertake Loader Modding projects.
    • Get in touch with one of our code modders (@sby, @ModGuy inactive, stuntcock stuntcock ) and they'll try to walk you through an introductory project.
    • You can also browse through the Loader Requests board to see a few of the projects which have been proposed by forum members.
    • You're welcome to undertake these projects on your own initiative. Senior modders can offer mentorship support, but if you're already experienced (or if you're an eager autodidact) then you certainly don't need to wait for anyone's permission.
  • You can click the seeking feedback tag to find novice artists and modders.
    • These guys are just starting out in SDT modding, and they would appreciate any constructive criticism that you can provide.
    • Feedback is vital! It shows them that the community is interested in their work, and it identifies specific opportunities for improvement.
  • If you have patience and free time, then you may be able to assist various ongoing projects via vector tracing.
    • This can also be a pathway towards greater involvement in collaborative modding projects. It's also a way to familiarize yourself with tools and techniques -- in preparation for solo modding efforts.
    • Click the vector tracing tag or contact stuntcock stuntcock for more information.
  • If you'd like to get involved in SDT modding but you're not sure where your interests lie, then check out the Tutorial board.
    • In the coming months, I'll try to organize a mentorship program for new modders. For now, you'll need to dig through the available information on your own.
  • If you watch a lot of anime then you may be able to put a name to some of our unidentified characters from unidentified series.
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