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Dec 15, 2009
here are three Janes!

Becky Tinker & Katey Riposte
GI Jane
29 and 34 years old
Tinker and Riposte are mercs for hire. They've fought all over the world for all kinds of causes, even doing a few gigs for S.N.E.K. some years back. Unlike many mercs, Tinker and Riposte have a reputation for a certain type of reliability—like an honest politician, once they're bought, they stay bought. They've never switched sides or walked away for a better payday.
Despite what people think, T&R aren't actually all that close; they have a good working relationship and they recognize that they make a great team, and they've even occasionally been lovers, but if it comes down to it they're both in this for the money.
Now, they're looking for something longer term, something that will give them some legitimacy (and maybe wipe out any pesky criminal records).
Tinker and Riposte are field soldiers, pure and simple. Tinker generally carries a squad weapon, while Riposte prefers something lighter and more generalized.
-Tinker and Riposte are aggressive, especially when working together. Someday they're going to bite off more than they can chew. They might go out like Butch and Sundance, but if one sees an opportunity to survive or succeed, they'll take it, even if it means leaving the other to die.

Faces (and everything else!) here: NSFW link

Becca Chevy
GI Jane
29 years old
Becca is a spy, sort of a James Bond type. She relies on her unassuming appearance to infiltrate unnoticed and catch enemies off-guard. She began her career in the CIA before joining the Janes.
Becca is annoyingly good at everything. She's skilled with small arms and is an excellent pistol shot; she's proficient in computers and electronics; she's a very good combat and tactical driver; and she's well-versed all sorts of high society interests such as wine, art, music, and so on. After a challenging mission, she likes to relax with a fine Cuban cigar.
-Becca frequently operates on her own, well beyond the reach of any timely backup. If captured, she would be an invaluable source of information, though breaking her will take a lot of time and effort. S.N.E.K. is extremely unlikely to ransom such a dangerous agent; once her usefulness is at an end, she would definitely be executed. As a well-respected and experienced agent, public execution to attack the Janes' morale is not out of the question.



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Mar 6, 2016
Another Jane or two from me, since nobody seems to be rushing to get theirs in.

June Everett
GI Jane
At 27, June has had a fair amount of combat experience in the Army. She never went into special forces, but due to her well-rounded performance was selected for GI Jane. She has a thick accent, marking her as clearly rural to most native English speakers. Non-native speakers just find her speech difficult to understand sometimes. She has short blonde hair in a typical military buzz cut, and she's very military, saluting her superiors and ensuring everyone under command her meets her standards. She's a tall 6'0, with a muscular build.

Priscilla Hanemann
GI Jane
The 33 year old is one of the older GI Jane members. Her expertise lies in the operation of vehicles rather than direct combat, as she was a pilot and driver for a national counter-terrorist unit and crisis response team before joining GI Jane. She's 5'6, and her hair's gone white quite early, giving her an air of experience. She keeps it in a ponytail. She has a sense of humor, and will sometimes make her passengers uncomfortable deliberately for her own amusement, but she's quite serious if anyone's in danger. She enjoys performing maintenance on the vehicles she uses herself, and refuses to let anyone modify the vehicles without at least her supervision.


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Aug 23, 2014
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Maricela begins petitioning Anaconda to let her interrogate all Janes in a search for the spy that she's certain exists.
Anaconda immediately agrees. She has no real reason to believe the notion, but also no real reason not to, and quite frankly isn't nice enough to care about the others getting shaken down a bit.

Henchgirl 29

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Oct 1, 2018
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Mission 4

The French Connection

The Jane unit has a new mission: A human trafficking auction area outside of a major city in France has been located. This area is believed to be the biggest slave market in Europe; if it’s taken down, the Jane team will undoubtedly gain a massive amount of intel on the global black market, as well as seizing millions in goods from organized crime!

For such a big mission, the Jane team is of course sending their best soldiers.
Anaconda is the mission commander, accompanied by Claire Waltz fresh off her PR tour, Dame Eva Cruz, and Maricela Borriquea. Of course, they also have the French Police as backup, but they’re hanging back while the Jane team infiltrates.

The plan is simple: Break in there, subdue as many traffickers as possible, let the police charge in, release all the victims to French custody (Where they will be granted asylum), and gather as much evidence as possible to bring this human smuggling ring down for good!

The team has been outfitted with some new equipment to help: Truly-silent pistols using subsonic rubber bullets, shotguns with electrified taser rounds, stun knives, and next-generation protective stealth armor!.. Which, for some reason, appears to be a form-fitting catsuit.

The whole team decked out, they prepare to deploy. They need to stay as quiet as possible, otherwise the traffickers might end up killing the victims to hide evidence. The auction site is in an abandoned WW2 era supply depot, never properly decommissioned because it was a little too out of the way to bother. From gathered intel, the auctions themselves occur in an old hanger for transport planes, cleaned out and given a stage and chairs. The victims are held in the ammo dump, an underground bunker with a cement roof, long since overgrown and covered with grass.

The Janes will split into two teams to tackle this mission, Claire and Eva taking the hanger to catch any buyers in the act, Anaconda and Maricela going to the ammo dump to free the product.

Anaconda has a bad feeling about this, as there aren’t too many posted guards around for such a supposedly big operation… Still, according to intel, keeping a low profile is what’s helped make this site so successful. The Jane team cut a hole in the rusted fence surrounding the base, splitting off to the two mission targets. There are lights on in the hanger, and the entrance to the bunker has been cleared of brush, so it’s obvious this place is in use.

Anaconda and Maricela cut open the padlock and start to enter the dark, eerily silent bunker, descending a long staircase to the ammo dump.They encounter an airtight bulkhead door, slowly turning the handle until they manage to pull the rusty door open, to reveal..!
Nothing. It’s just dark in there, nobody else in sight. Before they can report that the intel was wrong, the door slams behind them, locking them inside!
When they try to alert the other team about the trap, they get static - they’re too far underground for radio communications!

Claire and Eva go to the hanger, trying to take a look inside; unfortunately, all the windows are blocked. They can see light on the inside, so they decide to kick down the back door!

This was a mistake.

Both of the agents find themselves staring down a large group of mercenaries, all guns leveled at them! They’re not fools, so they surrender, letting the large team of women tie them up and take their weapons. They are, however, confident that team 2 will accomplish their side of the mission!

Anaconda and Maricela are in a bad situation - if they stay here, they’ll run out of air; the vent system has long degraded, and it’s clear this building was never used to house people; Hell, aside from trapping them, it probably hasn't been used at all since the French surrender…

Wait, that’s it!
This supply depot was hidden away, and probably wasn't discovered by the Germans during the war. Meaning in one of these rooms, there may still be some explosives lying around!

Jane team



They discover a cache of old thermite grenades - the type used to disable armored vehicles! With them, they burn open the door handle, rushing up the stairs to back up the other team!

When they get up there, they see a truck driving off! They can’t find the other team anywhere, but do find their equipment - catsuits included -, in the now-abandoned aircraft hangar!
They also need to deal with the fact that this was a setup - either the intel was falsified, or they knew the Jane team were coming!

Final Result

It was a trap!

Claire Waltz and Dame Eva Cruz have been captured by the trafficking cartel!

Additionally, it seems that the Jane’s intel line has been compromised!

About a week after the mission, a video is released on the internet, showing Claire and Eva being interrogated, each refusal to answer being met with a beating or activation of the shockpads being used to restrain them! It goes on for nearly two hours until the girls have passed out, and ends with an ultimatum: The Jane team is to stop investigating the cartel effective immediately, otherwise their most famous agents will be sold as sex slaves! The video immediately goes viral as Claire and Eva are the face of the organization, leading to wide media speculation as to the Jane Team’s response!

One thing is clear: They won’t take this lying down!​
Poor Claire and Eva, I hope they get rescued soon:

The mission began, as usual. 4 Janes split into two teams in an abandoned WW2 supply depot. Claire and Eva were dressed in a skin-tight black outfit, Eva choosing to show a little more skin than the nerdy British girl.

Both Jane's were extremely excited to begin field operations once more. Due to their successful mission a couple of months back the two had had some extended vacation time, both running separate PR campaigns for the organization. However, field work is what they signed up for, and they were both glad to finally get back into the action.

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 1.04.14 AM.png

They chatted for a little bit, though they didn't have a whole lot in common, there was time to burn and silence to fill. After some small talk they ran over the scenario a couple of times, enter the facility and subdue the traffickers. A sneak attack, what could be easier. More minutes passed and it was finally time to make their move.

Claire and Eva worked their way to the back of the hanger where the traffickers were hiding. Though there was no vantage point to see inside, they had the upper hand, or so they thought. Finally reaching the back door Claire counted down from three on her left hand as Eva kicked in the door with her powerful thighs.

Both girls ran into the facility, preparing to subdue a bunch of unarmed traffickers. However, after their eyes adjusted to the bright lights inside, they realized this was not the case. Claire and Eva stood face to face with around 20 mercenaries all armed with machine guns pointed directly at the janes.

"Drop your weapons," Snarled a husky voice from behind the wall of guns.

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 4.02.07 AM.png

The girls hesitantly obliged.

Defenseless and defeated both Claire and Eva were stripped, bound, and gagged. Eva receiving a bit more of a punishment in fear that the larger girl might be able to overpower the enemy troops.

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 8.04.58 PM.png

Claire was mortified, who knew what awaited her. The ginger girl sobbed quietly as she was manhandled into a large truck with her colleague.

By the time Backup arrived, it was too late, not only had the Janes lost two members, they had lost two of the best.

They had been tricked and there were two questions on hand: where were Claire and Eva and who fed the traffickers information about the sneak attack?


About a week later, the Janes received a partial answer to one of those questions.

Videos of both Claire and Eva appeared on the internet. Providing insight into what had happened to each girl after the incident.

Eva's video started off with the muscular guard bound on the floor of a small holding cell. They asked her questions for around an hour, using a pricom shock pad to try and muster information out of her. However, the messy haired girl held her tongue and as such was punished. After the interrogation, her mouth was gagged and the rope binding her legs was attached to another which was hoisted upwards causing the buff girl to be hung upside down, her head a few feet from the floor.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 12.15.22 PM.png

The video closed as the hanging Eva was shocked for a couple of minutes, a longer shock than anyone would ever want to endure, Eva, unfortunately, did not have a choice.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 12.16.44 PM.png Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 12.18.41 PM.png Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 12.20.03 PM.png

The last seconds entailed Eva unconscious, twitching unceremoniously, still suspended above the ground....

Claire's video was a bit more exciting,

She was held in a similar cell, however, only her arms were tied behind her back.

The first half hour of the video entailed the near naked guard being beaten to a pulp whilst she was interrogated. Claire wasn't as good at holding her tongue as Eva. However, since she hadn't been with the Janes as long, she didn't have a whole lot to tell them. Eventually, the interrogator left. And the camera hung on the bespectacled guard beaten and bruised.

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 3.20.39 PM.png

10 minutes passed of Claire alone, groaning in pain. Although many would think that this is where the clip would have ended, it was far from the truth:

The sound of the door opening emanated from the audio of the clip.

"WAKE UP SLUT!" yelled a voice from off camera as the British girl was shocked for quick five seconds.

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 3.25.24 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 3.27.19 PM.png

"I'm awake!!!!" Claire groaned

"Good!" The voice was slow, sly, and malicious, "Claire, you've been doing the whole PR thing for some time now is that correct?"


"That's right, good girl, some would even say you're the face of the Janes."

Claire nodded nervously.

"Well, don't get us wrong, we really do appreciate the information you've given us. But, well, there's just a golden opportunity here that we can't pass up,"

"W-what are you talking about?!" Claire asked nervously.

"Let's just get right to the point, shall we... By tarnishing your name, we tarnish the Jane's name,"


The door opened again, moments an arm with a very long metallic dildo appeared in frame.

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 3.31.06 PM.png

Claire yelped her eyes filled with fear and anger,

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 3.33.13 PM.png

"oh hell no! I am not letting you stick that thing inside of meeeaeeaiiiiiiaiaiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.."

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 4.00.37 PM.png

As she finished her sentence her gorgeous body was pumped full of white-hot electricity, 15 seconds later it stopped.

Claire took a few breaths coughing a little bit her body wracked from all of the voltage that had just coursed through her,

"I'm sorry I don't know if I heard you correctly? Do you want to be penetrated, you dumb Jane whore?"

The voice from off camera came was iced with malice.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 11.05.42 AM.png

"arrrghh, I... I g-guess" Claire spoke in a shy small sounding voice.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 11.09.44 AM.png

Her body shook as the operator behind the camera turned on her shock pad once again,

"I'm going to need a little more enthusiasm from you, you slut!"

Claire, looked up her eyes watering as she looked past the camera where there was presumably a script the operator was holding,


"P-please fuck me, hard, m-my b-body is, all yours." The Jane broke down crying.

However, that didn't stop the operator from approaching the naked girl with a very large dildo which they attached to an industrial looking machine that was pointed towards redhead's crotch.

The final 30 minutes of the video consisted of Claire having her brains fucked out as the machine continued to ram her at an increasingly accelerated pace.


Embarrassingly the guard had orgasmed multiple times and as the video came to a close her eyes remained crossed moaning and drooling as she garbled indiscernible nonsense.


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Oct 3, 2018
Yeah so I'm actually still alive. Busy month. Also, I lied, next up is gonna be a SNEK mission or two then probably a Jane mission rather than another clash. This is gonna turn into a bit more of a story arc. The deadline i'm gonna miss is around this Thursday.


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Oct 3, 2018
Prison Break
Snek has attained some interesting intel: There’s a black site off the coast of Florida where various criminal elements are held, including their own operatives Helena Brinker and Vivian Hellstrop!

Seeing an opportunity to further embarrass G.I. Jane after two of their operatives were very publicly captured and humiliated, Snek decided to send a small strike team to retrieve their old units! Thankfully, the Jane team doesn’t actually handle this site, so they should face minimal resistance if they approach this right. Most of the international community is in a tizzy over the organization that just declared war on the Jane team, so security on classified projects like this is low.

To lead the mission, Snek chose the experienced mercenary Galina Klinskikh. Backing her up from afar will be Snow, Lilly Chen will be with her to hack security systems, and Lena Fournier will be on fire support.

Though the latter two are currently being hazed by being forced into wearing humiliating uniforms, Snek is confident that this team will work out for the best.

The team infiltrates by water at night; thankfully, the prison is right in a bay. Using a submersible right below the surface, they avoid visual detection and land just below the cliff the prison is based on. From there, it’s a hike around the mountain, as directly climbing it is an excellent way to get sniped.

Once the prison is back in sight, Snow sets up on a nearby hill, covering for the infiltration team.
First off, the snipers need to go, and quietly.

Snek: 11

Guards: 4
Finally having a chance to show off her skills, Snow quickly silences all the guard towers as Galina’s team gets close. A few more shots to take out the door guards, and Snek is in.

From there, Lily is told to hack into the systems. Though she’s just an IT worker, the rather outdated base system isn’t too much trouble to crack with some privilege escalation bugs. It’s here that the crux of Snek’s plan is activated: Lily opens up every cell in the prison, starting a major riot!

In the chaos, Galina and Lena take the chance to sneak through the facility, trying to retrieve their units from the riot! It’s not quite easy though, as both prisoners and guards are after them!



They manage to slip through mostly unscathed, though Lena can’t exactly keep the straps she calls a top in place while beating on some crazed woman. Soon enough, they enter cell block D, where Vivian is supposed to be held, to find… Absolutely no chaos. Despite the doors being open, none of the women inside are trying to escape. In fact, most seem… dazed? As if they don’t know quite where they are. Things only get more confusing once they find their girl: The once-violent Vivian is wearing an apron and little else, calmly baking from an oven in her cell. She doesn’t resist when the grab her, though she does hold on to a kitchen knife as they all travel to find Helena. Before they leave, however, they pick up some notes from a guards desk titled “Psychological condition and rehabilitation experiment log”.

Lilly’s not having the best time in the office she’s taken over thanks to the riot: A group of prisoners has managed to burst out the front door, and confusing her for a guard, are trying to break in!

Snek: 13



Thankfully, Snow still has her back, and Lilly manages to escape out the front after setting the servers to wipe themselves! She’s hardly comfortable, however, as a riot is going on around her while she leaves!

Galina, Lena, and Vivian move through the prison, encountering some more rioters on their way to H-Block, where Helena is kept!



They have less luck than before: Lena is clocked on the head by a baton, knocking the frenchwoman out! While she’s down, the crazed woman from before tries to kidnap her! All the violence around, however, seems to have triggered something in Vivian: Using her knife, she manages to save Lena while Galina clears out the remaining guards!

Helena’s block is much more normal; here meaning the prisoners are actually trying to escape and aren’t being brainwashed into some shitty waifus. Helena is at the side of the pack, trying to find a way to escape and is just overjoyed when she sees the various members of Snek. It’s not long before she groups up with them, but now they have a new issue: How to escape though all the rioters!



The few guards that remain hole themselves up in various closets and security doors, some even resorting to locking themselves in the cells, while the prisoners completely overtake them! In the Chaos, Galina’s team manages to exfiltrate, grouping up with Snow and Lilly before rappelling down to their submersible and escaping the island!


Snek Wins!

Vivian and Helena are back on the team.

After reviewing the notes, Helena notices that they’ve made use of techniques not unlike what was used on Nabirye and Cualli to try and quell her violent instincts. It was working, at least until things got stabby, and now they have a very confused and somewhat scared girl who is admittedly pretty damn good at cooking, even if she does stare at the knives a bit too long.

Though she did pioneer these techniques, she claims she doesn’t know how to reverse them, and chances are Vivian will have to regain her sense of self on her own. Within the notebook was a DVD displaying some of the sessions involving Vivian, showing her decent into waifudom.

Vivian herself is terribly confused. She’s just supposed to be a good wife to someone, what’s all this about? Why did stabbing feel right? Why is she so angry? Why is blood so pretty?

Somehow, she’s become even less sane than before. She’ll probably get better once she stabs enough people.

Lena probably has a concussion, and is carried by Galina back to the submersible. That girl who tried to take her did a number on what little clothes she has, so the now-nude girl is loaded in the back while Lilly and Galina pilot the sub.

Lilly is freaking the fuck out. She came rather close to death and committed a LOT of crimes in a very short period of time, though she managed to erase the camera footage thanks to someone’s decision to not air-gap the different servers and leaving them all on the same network.

Galina got quite a payday out of this mission, and also a lot of infamy. Not too many women can single-handedly liberate and entire prison.

Snow, on the other hand, wonders why Helena looks and sounds a little different from the last time they worked together. Helena explains it as being damage from the brutal beating she received at the corporate headquarters, requiring plastic surgery, as well as damage from the tear gas and pepper spray. This is entirely plausible, so Snow doesn't think about it.

Snek managed to garner a lot of goodwill from various criminal elements for breaking friends, agents, and friends of friends from almost every organization out there out of that pit. The island quickly becomes a haven of criminal activity as all these groups extract their people and deal with one another, though the US army is deployed shortly afterwards to calm things down. They don’t recapture many, though, and Snek is once again considered a Threatening Organization rather than a producer of softcore porn.

In fact, Snek has garnered so much goodwill that one group gives them some good info free of charge: The identity of the mole that’s been leaking information to the Jane Team!​


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Oct 3, 2018
Somehow I made a deadline i set for myself. So that happened. Next up is another SNEK mission, followed by a Jane mission then a clash.


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Oct 3, 2018
I didn't actually think of designing prison guard uniforms... Or generic Snek and Jane uniforms for that manner. Frankly, I don't have an eye for design myself.


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Oct 3, 2018
Yeah so I've been rather busy lately. I'm gonna try to get the next mission up Wednesday, but if I miss that I won't really have another chance until at least Monday.


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Oct 3, 2018
Oh wow I've been away longer than I intended. Sometimes it be like that. Anyway, here's the new Snek mission, a clash is coming next whenever I figure out how I want to do it, hopefully I don't leave this thread dead for this long in the future. This one came out with a lot more rolls than I've been doing lately because I had no idea how to write this like some of my earlier posts in this thread. It'll probably become less frequent as I get back into the swing of things.

Mole Hunt​
Thanks to the goodwill they've gained from the breakout, a drug cartel has gifted Snek with the identity of their mole:

An oil executive named Kimberly Hastings!

Kimberly got in Snek’s good graces by being an early donor to the organization; Likely a plant to track them. Unfortunately, she’s not staying on any Snek-owned sites, instead living in her own corporate headquarters. They need to get at her fast: if she gets any sign that they know she’s their mole, she’ll drop off the face of the earth! She has several options to accomplish this with; She could buy a new identity, enter witness protection, or bunker down in a guarded facility! With little time to act, Snek gathers a team as fast as they can, bringing Vivian and Stingrette off of WoW. Backing them up will be Lainey, who's been benched since she pissed off her superior by calling her a slut.

The hastily gathered team rushes onto a chopper to get to the headquarters, determined to capture or kill their target!

Snek radio ahead that they'll be a chopper headed to the building, trying to prevent Hastings from leaving. The question now is, will she buy it...

Snek: 6

Hastings: 18
No such luck. Hastings immediately knows something's up, and locks down the building! A security team dispatches to the roof to stop Snek from getting to her, armed to the teeth with pepper spray and rubber bullets!

Of course, Hastings didn't just play along on the radio; the strike team is more than aware of what they're walking into!

Snek: Nat 20

Hastings: 15
Snek charges in, giving Lainey a machinegun to cover their ingress! Once they get close Stingrette jumps out of the helicopter, guns blazing, landing right behind the guard formation! The roof is cleaned out in a manner of seconds, letting Vixen and the helicopter land in peace. The trio advance into the building, where Vixen has a good idea: A lazy executive probably isn't that fast on the stairs; thus, they should destroy the elevators. A few grenades in the elevator shafts solves that problem quickly. Now they just needed to breach the guards before Hastings got away.

Snek: 19

Hastings: 12
Thankfully, the guards are easy to handle. They seem to be from some paramilitary organization that supposedly comes from the regular army, but it sure doesn't show. It's not long before the strike team has them in a full retreat! Of course, Hastings has better personal security, something the strike team realizes once they come face-to-face with her!

Snek: 15

Hastings: 15
The strike team is equally matched with the bodyguards! They manage to suppress the group enough to prevent them from advancing with Hastings, but they can't get close enough to capture her. Stingrette tries to jump over their defenses, only to be intercepted with a facefull of rubber bullets! Lainey retaliates with a hail of regular metal bullets, taking a few of the guards down, but it's still not enough! Eventually the two remaining members of Snek decide to charge in before enemy backup arrives, either taking Hastings down or die trying!

Snek: 19

Hastings: 7
The pair of them mow down the guards during their charge, with Vixen shooting Hastings in the ankle as she tries to escape! They don't have time to rest, however, as more guards are coming up the stairs to intercept them!With Vixen securing the target and Lainey grabbing the limp Stingrette, they move back to the roof to escape…

Snek: 17

Hastings: 15
Snek manages to stay one step ahead of the guards, escaping with both their target and their fallen teammate!


Snek Wins!

With their mole captured, they can rest easy... at least until Hastings says something about 'another mole' during interrogation. It seems the Jane team was planning to extract her anyways, as they had a new asset in Snek and thought it was too risky to keep her involved. Snek is back to square one regarding their intel leak if she's telling the truth…

On the plus side, they did perform a daring daylight raid of an oil headquarters and took an executive hostage, so they're once again a force to be feared in the media's eyes. This and the prison break have made the fashion show a distant memory.

Additionally, the competence they've been showing has gotten another group to make them an offer...​

Now if you'll all excuse me, I have to catch up on a shitload of posts in other threads. And I don't have any designs for Kimberly because I'm an uncreative bastard other than the idea that she's a southern belle type character who made her money in Texas oil fields, though I wasn't able to work that into the story. If anyone wants to make a model for her it'll be canon, I'm just shit at visual designs. I have a vague idea of where I want to go with the story, but it'll involve a few crossovers and some collusion with some others in this thread.

you can tell if I know what the hell i'm doing by the amount of rolls vs. the amount of text, the more rolls and less text the less thought out this is


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Mar 6, 2016
Galina, emboldened by her recent successes financially, makes a big decision. After only a few more missions, she'll retire in a nice, non-extradition country, and live the rest of her life in luxury.
But before then, she has to keep a bit lower profile than in her last mission, since she doesn't want to be abducted by semi-legal police actions. So from now on, she'll be wearing a nondescript black balaclava on missions.

Snow is warming up to Galina after the prison break, and while Mole Hunt is going on she challenges Galina to a sparring match. If Galina wins or draws, she'll win Snow's respect, and become Snow's partner. If Galina loses, Snow gets to kill her then and there.
Galina, sizing up her thin, lithe opponent, tilts her head for a moment before she agrees.
The fight mostly consists of the two circling each other, waiting for an opening, occasionally making a probing jab. Snow is the first to commit herself, and she lands a solid blow right on Galina's solar plexus. It doesn't seem to do much.
It is at this moment that Snow realizes that it probably wasn't a great idea for her, a sniper, to challenge someone like Galina, with her street fighting experience, to a fistfight.
Galina grabs Snow's arm with one hand, and starts punching and kicking the Polish woman. Snow does her best to defend, but is fairly quickly overwhelmed by the number and strength of Galina's hits. She fails to block a single kick, and then experiences an avalanche of failures that ends with her curled up on the floor while she's pummeled by Galina, paying her back for the initial beating she'd received.

After a while, another SNEK pulls her off the Pole, and, faintly smirking, Galina offers her hand to Snow.
Snow whimpers and spits out a little blood, probably the result of one of Galina's hits to her cheek, and so Galina picks her up and princess-carries her to a bed, so she can rest and heal. Galina's smiling, amused, the whole time.

Over the next few days, Galina helps Snow recover, and Snow has genuinely warmed up to Galina. Of course, both Snow's recovery and her increased affection for Galina were probably affected by the many alcoholic drinks she and Galina shared in the night following their match, though in opposite ways.
Snow now considers Galina 'a good Russian' and a friend, while Galina considers her a friend. They'll probably grow closer over the coming weeks.


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Oct 3, 2018
I'm gonna try to get something up this friday or satarday. I'm running a little low on ideas, so any input is welcome.


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Oct 3, 2018
I'm gonna try NOT to disappear for a month next time I say I'm working on something. I actually do have the opening done right now but I've been so busy lately that it might take a little while to get posted.


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Oct 3, 2018

The Jane Team is a strange organization: While it's constructed and funded by international alliance, it still charges for certain services and rents out to high-ranking politicians and executives. The idea is to compete the recent surge of female-dominated mercenary companies with an officially sanctioned one, unaffiliated with terrorism. This semi for-profit setup means that the Jane team, like most companies, does indeed have investors.

And those investors need to be happy with the Jane team’s performance.

Lately, the Jane team has not been keeping them happy. After the capture of their two superstar soldiers, a massive prison break occurred freeing some of their most famous captures. There's been nothing but bad press, with anchors who have never held a gun acting like they know what's best. To add insult to injury they've been playing Claire's interrogation on repeat, lamenting how soon she broke as if they would have done any better.

All this is weighing on their investors, who are starting to wonder if this was ever a good idea to begin with. To ease their fears, a meeting has been called to give them a sales pitch and remind them of the many successes the group's had so far.

That's what was in the briefing, at least. Waffle, Maricela, and June are presented with a slightly different reality: they're gonna be acting as bunny girl waitresses to various executives and dignitaries while they get a sales pitch!

Pricilla Hanemann has it easy compared to them - she’s the one giving the pitch. Despite this, she's by far the most annoyed: When she went to grab a bunny suit with the others, they said she was too old! She's still grumbling in the dressing room about it while the others put on the camouflage-printed fetish wear.

At least they all get to keep their weapons - something or other about maintaining an air of professionalism even when a dozen people can see their entire ass.


Most criminals are opportunists, waiting for a good mark to show up that they can rob or kidnap without incident. Some can be coaxed into a high risk job with high rewards, but many are content

The Tars are not most criminals. Holding the idea that crime is virtuous in the right scenario, they're dead-set on fixing the state of the world. Their current target: A group of billionaire captains of industry that are killing the ground for profit! Naming themselves after the tar they think the executives use to make gas, they plan to take revenge for mother nature! Only Melissa contested the idea that regular tar makes gasoline, but no one listens to her anyways.

Through tracking of flight plans and hotel bookings, they've realized a big meeting is going down soon - Whatever the agenda, they intend to make it their debut! They'll run in, fire a few shots into the air, and force the executives to sign a contract to stop killing the ground! No one gets hurt AND the world is saved! No, the thought hasn't occurred to them that such a contract won't be legally binding. No, they haven't thought that there might be security. No, they don't have a plan beyond "wave guns in faces until we get what we want.'' Surely nothing can go wrong with this.


The meeting is going well. After introductions and a bit of wine, the investors are all enjoying the video of the fashion show. The Tars are on the outside of the conference room, waiting to burst in - they pretended to be themed escorts, easily getting access to the hotel. On three, they open the side door, sneaking up behind Maricela...

Once the Latina feels the knife against her throat, she stiffens. Caroline takes this as a victory, to find herself on the ground seconds later, a pistol pointed at her stomach!

Before she can get off the ground, Maricela fires, putting two rounds through the now-screaming terrorist! Maricela kicks her lights out to shut her up before turning to engage the rest!

Alerted by the gunfire, Waffle, June, and Pricilla jump into action, turning the lights up and firing on the intruders!

The wannabe terrorists panic, ditching everything to scatter! They didn’t come here to get shot, after all! They're easy pickings, with the Jane team shooting out legs and arms left and right. Melissa in particular finds herself running into a wall, taking herself out. In a matter of seconds, nine injured girls are moaning and screaming on the floor!

The executives finally process what's happened, and are starting to panic, only for Pricilla's smooth voice to calm them. The danger is over, we'll find out who sent them, please return to your hotel rooms. The girls are kept alive for interrogation, something Waffle looks forward to quite a bit.



The impromptu demonstration of their skills was the best thing the Jane team could have asked for! All the investors present pledged to re-invest, and several are floating replacing their own guards with Janes. After all, what idiot guard would honestly believe a bunch of young girls in fetish gear were hired by such upstanding men?

The Tars have gotten a hard dose of reality - most of them have permanent injuries, destroying a few athletic scholarships. Their contract has been posted online and is being ridiculed worldwide, with stipulations such as "I will only ever bike to my destination" and "I will donate 60% of my wealth to Emu preservation funds". Caroline and Melissa have been taken into Jane custody for interrogation, while the rest are going into the national prison system.


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Oct 3, 2018
Finally back on my bullshit. This one is a little short as I've been out for a while now. Figured I'd try to do one of the "stupid zako" groups that are popular, and came up with the Tars. And yes, I'm aware that Tar Sand is used in the production of Gasoline, but that's different from regular tar.
I only bothered to name two of them, mostly because I didn't want to spend too much time developing them since I'm three months late with this update. Melissa is the one in the center holding the contract, and Caroline is the big buff girl with the knife.


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Aug 10, 2014
Love the new chapter! This world is like a big jackass episode but with girls. Interesting that regular people just enjoy the violence so much.
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