Fire Emblem Lyndis Hair and Outfit


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Aug 30, 2016
EDIT: Filled. See third post for link.

Hello guys,
This is my second try at this so I hope I get this right.
I'd like to request the hair and outfit for Lyndis (Lyn) from Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword.
  • The boots, scabbards, and gloves are not needed, and the collar is not necessary.
  • The slitted dress can be piled up on the ground like in one of the pictures
  • Making it an swf file would save a lot of hassle for people trying to load it easily.
  • On the subject of hairstyles, I would like a newer version of the hair that's longer and dynamic. (Static is fine though)
  • For breast size, I would ask for Slider Support, though slightly above medium breast size and default body size would be okay also.
Thanks a bunch! Here are some references.

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Jun 5, 2012
Hi Actionguy Actionguy . Welcome to the Undertow forum.

Your request is unlikely to be fulfilled in its current form. Please read the Request Rules and then try again. You don't need to post a new thread; just can simply edit your post once you've gathered the necessary material.
  • we need side views of the relevant items
    • whenever possible, please provide anime-styles illustrations instead of videogame screenshots
  • you should explain which of the clothing elements you actually want
    • the fur collar is absent from several of your images - is it necessary?
    • the scabbards won't fit properly when the character is kneeling down - can they be omitted?
    • there are many boot and glove mods already in existence - can you find an acceptable match, or do you require new items to fulfill this request?
  • you should explain how the costume would fit
    • the chest fitting is usually the most labor-intensive task, so you should either choose a specific breast size or explicitly ask for slider support
    • the slitted dress will be difficult to fit into a kneeling scene. There are many options: shorten the fabric significantly, pile it on the floor, let it clip through the floor, etc. Ideally, you should provide a reference image (which doesn't need to be side-view) so that we can understand how you expect the fabric to fit/fold/shrink/whatever.
  • there's already a Lyn hairstyle in the Archive, so you should explain what's wrong with it (i.e. identify some flaws which the new mod should try to avoid)
    • if you expect the new hairstyle to be dynamic then you must say so explicitly
    • for future requests, please remember to Search for existing material before posting your thread. If you find that something already exists, consider sending a "thank you" message to the artist.
  • you should host your reference images offsite instead of attaching them
    • there's a "Remote Upload Images" option near the bottom of the page, which can automatically submit files to imgur and then include them in your post. You don't even need to mess around with BBCode.
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