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Warning: This mod may contain depictions of violent pornography (guro). If you are interested in the version without guro, aka the A version, feel free to let me know and I'll add it back.

Apocoh's Fight'N Rage Nude Mod (version V)

(intended for latest version on steam)

Hey there! This game has some excellent, brutal slave kinks in it by default and hints towards some very dark themes. So I figured I'd make it even kinkier and darker via nude modding. Hooray! As a result, fighting for your life and freedom butt naked as an escaped slave actually doesn't feel out of place to me.

Thank you for checking out my mod. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or see any errors. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day ^u^.







How to Install:
Extract all files.
Copy and replace all files in the data folder into the game's data folder (...\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\fightnrage\data).

(You can also easily find the game folder by opening steam, going to your library, making sure Fight'N Rage is installed, right clicking on Fight'N Rage in your list of games, mouse over "Manage", then click "Browse local files")

How to Uninstall:
Simply uninstall the game and reinstall it on steam.

What this mod does:
All of Gal's non-cat ear ribbon and headband outfits are topless, pantieless, or the tops are tight and show the impression of nipples
The shopkeeper is naked
Tracy is topless or nude
Some female npcs are topless or nude
Continue screen features Gal hentai made by Boxman
Some props are a bit kinkier
Version V adds a couple darker themes to certain npcs and props
Version V adds nipple piercings and chains to the shopkeeper

Modding Guide:
Steam Community :: Guide :: Fight N Rage: Basic Mod Guide

If there are any new updates, this mod may prevent the game from running. If this happens, simply follow the mod's uninstall instructions above and let me know if you'd like and I'll see if I can update it.
This game is pretty easy to mod.
I made this mod from scratch including all spritework.
Gal has four different sprite sheets, one for ears and no ribbon, ears and ribbon, ribbon and no ears, and no ears or ribbon. Each has a different size and sprite layout, so in order to use the nude ribbon and no ears sprites I have made on the other versions I would need to find and match all sprites in the entire sheet.
If you can show me in-game screenshots of all of the hidden changes I made in version V from the base game and are the first to do so, I will draw you a free art commission.

Change log:
Updated to work with steam BuildID 5574652 (October 18, 2020)

Updated to work with the September 22, 2020 patch

Updated to work with the September 10, 2020 patch (the Japanese language patch)

Updated to work with the July 25, 2020 patch [200725]

Updated to work with the Dec 15, 2019 patch

Started and finished modding Tracy
Finished modding all of Gal's non-cat ear ribbon/headband outfits
Finished modding all slave girls
Added darker elements for version V
Nipple piercings and chains for shopkeeper for version V
Added Gal hentai continue screen

Nude modded Gal's non-cat ear ribbon/headband outfits
Nude modded some slave girls
Nude modded hopkeeper
Modded some npcs and props


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Amazing work dude! Hats of to you!

Guess we know who to call for the nude Blaze mod for Streets of Rage 4 whenever that releases, heh.

btw have you considered making mods of other platformers?
This come comes to mind as it has a very voluptuous protagonist


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Amazing work dude! Hats of to you!
Thanks T tigers ! I'm glad you like it ^w^
I can mod things but I am by no means a wizard. If I were to mod something like Streets of Rage 4 or The Vagrant, I would need to hand draw each frame of animation which would take much more time than replacing pixels with different colors then touching it up like I did with this mod. I would probably only do that for a game I really really liked. However, The Vagrant is made with the Unreal Engine which means it is certainly modable. Some of the animations look like they reuse certain frames which means it would be a little less work, but there's also the question of nude modding the CGs. I don't really have any plans on modding specific games at the moment, though I do have a couple other old mods to post. I would like to try to try focus on making my own games instead.


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bruh u got featured in oneangrygamer heh
(dunno if posting article links is allowed)
Posting article links is not forbidden by our site rules. Link to site rules is in my siggie.
Very respectfully,
fleet (global moderator)


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I updated this mod with more than twice as much content ^w^. See the change log above. I think I feel satisfied with how it is now. I had a blast making it.


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A abaddon it looks like the mod and game is still working normally for me. It may be an issue with how you installed the mod, or maybe something to do with the game installing differently on your pc than mine. Let me know if you have any specific questions with the process and I'll try to help ^^.


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It's lovely but the newest update for the game broke it. It gives an error at launch and I'm forced to uninstall the mod (verify game files) if I want to play the game.:frown:
It seems that there is a check for modified files. I tried replacing only single dat-files but the game always retrurns an "oops,crashbug"-error.:oops:
Any chance for an updated mod?:smile: